Welcome to the kitchen.

Now….I wish I could tell you that there were yummy smells coming from that freshly scrubbed oven.


Just a lot of “hot dog pot pie.” 

With four children there is always plenty of activity going on in the kitchen…..    

……plenty of glitter and tiny scraps of paper and dried glue and a few cheerios stuck to the floor.

And a complete and utter absence of any gourmet cooking.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I don’t have anything against gourmet cooking.

I would love it if Giada from the cooking channel and I were best friends.

I just don’t think it’s in the cards.

So for now, I won’t concentrate on what’s cooking in the kitchen.

I’m just going to work on making it pretty.

I’m going to be content with tiny village scenes with oddly under-sized churches and tiny grapevine wreaths (although not so tiny when compared with the churches).

And concentrate on my displays for the hutch in the kitchen with white plates and white platters and a cloche tucked in with plenty of milk glass.

And that iron piece over the hutch that came off of an old house.

Now I’ve got to go.

You see, the academic team is on its way.

And soon they will descend on the kitchen to celebrate their win and eat  tiny little puffed pastries and homemade pumpkin pie cookie cake from Kroger 😉

And really…..who doesn’t love a cookie cake?

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