WordPress gave me a gold star. 

I think they generally have very low expectations of me and are giving me the gold star to spur me on.  When I published my first post, they cheered and told me “Congratulations…. you have published your first post!” in large letters on the side of the dashboard.  I think they thought I needed a little encouragement.

When I published my second post, Wordpress felt like it should give me a goal.  “Five posts,” WordPress said.  “You can do it!!”

I couldn’t let WordPress down.  So I diligently worked and wrote and worked and wrote some more and after a hurculean effort I wrote my five posts.  What do you think they will do now? 

I truly believe personal congratulations are in order, WordPress. 

I think you know my e-mail 🙂

Enough about WordPress….onto Christmas decorations in the dining room.On one side of the room is the tree ….

On the other side of the room is the hutch filled with my version of White Christmas. 

There’s Mary and Joseph and a Christmas tree and a sleigh and

…..two pumpkins??

 Really?  Really. 

Nothing like trying to be fancy and holding your head up proudly, only to be brought low by two pumpkins. 

WordPress….I’m sorry.  I’m not really representing well.

Let’s just concentrate on the sweet nativity and forget, “Hark the Pumpkin Angels Sing.” Here’s a close-up of the tree.

I tucked little silver platters into the branches to give it some sparkle. 

Okay….truthfully…..the platters were sitting on the table from the fall display and we had company about to arrive….so I tucked them in the tree so I would look creative, not messy.  This last statement sums up a lot of thistlewood farm decorating.

Here’s a close-up of the dining room table centerpiece.

And tiny little ornaments….

tucked under glass with “Merry Christmas” wishes.

So Merry Christmas from the dining room, WordPress.

And I’m truly sorry about the pumpkins. 

I hope it doesn’t affect my gold star rating.

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