Do you ever have a curbside conversation?

You know what I mean….

….you are driving to some undisclosed location….

….minding your own business…..and suddenly…..

….you hear your name.

Trash:  “hey….pssssst…….I’m talking to you.  I know I look like an old window, but, I need to go home with you and become a chalkboard.”

Me:  “How did you know that I needed a gigantic, over-sized chalkboard in my family room?”

Trash:  “Ma’am  (the trash called me ma’am because I only stop and speak to very polite trash) …..I knew a trash spotter when I saw one.”

Me:  “You had me at …..pssst.”

So that’s the story of how a very large, oversized window left behind on someone’s curb became a chalkboard.  And hung on the wall in a very busy family’s living room to keep track of all of their comings and goings (and host an occasional chalk picture or two). 

Now on the other side of the room there hangs an old chippy tile from a yard sale that was calling my name, too.  Are you noticing a pattern here?

That well-spoken yardsale find hangs over pinecone trees and white trees tucked into metal buckets with burlap tags I made.

That’s next to a very simple Merry Christmas banner I made from cardstock, my favorite Christmas font and ribbon.

So that’s it folks. 

That’s the story of how an old vintage window came to reign supreme in a family room filled with yard sale finds.

Note to self:  Never turn your nose up at a curbside conversation.