What do you think Betsy Ross would have thought of the white Christmas tree?


In 1776 would the white Christmas tree have been all the rage?  I mean, I

know they were fighting the revolution and all, but what would they have thought

of this new take on the traditional Christmas tree?

Would Betsy put down her needle and the stars and stripes to embrace a white Christmas tree? 

What if the white tree were covered in red velvet HO HO HO’s and red oraments and red crocheted Christmas garland, with tiny red stools tucked under it’s glistening white branches?

What if the white Christmas tree was next to a fireplace decked out with red


….next to a mantle with a glitter covered snowscape with 25 tiny advent candles….

….next to white chippy plates spelling out the sentiment of the season.

Or would Betsy have preferred the traditional green tree…..cut down on the farm….drawn by a horse drawn sleigh.

But something tells me that Betsy would have approved of my new look….the bright, white shining branches decked with red ornaments and festooned with red garland.

For after all….

….we all know she was a big fan of the….(get ready for it)

…..red, white, and blue 🙂 


Merry Christmas!