What Would Betsy Do?

What do you think Betsy Ross would have thought of the white Christmas tree?


In 1776 would the white Christmas tree have been all the rage?  I mean, I

know they were fighting the revolution and all, but what would they have thought

of this new take on the traditional Christmas tree?

Would Betsy put down her needle and the stars and stripes to embrace a white Christmas tree? 

What if the white tree were covered in red velvet HO HO HO’s and red oraments and red crocheted Christmas garland, with tiny red stools tucked under it’s glistening white branches?

What if the white Christmas tree was next to a fireplace decked out with red


….next to a mantle with a glitter covered snowscape with 25 tiny advent candles….

….next to white chippy plates spelling out the sentiment of the season.

Or would Betsy have preferred the traditional green tree…..cut down on the farm….drawn by a horse drawn sleigh.

But something tells me that Betsy would have approved of my new look….the bright, white shining branches decked with red ornaments and festooned with red garland.

For after all….

….we all know she was a big fan of the….(get ready for it)

…..red, white, and blue 🙂 


Merry Christmas!

37 thoughts on “What Would Betsy Do?

  1. Ok, I know I am suppose to be looking at the white Christmas tree, and it is pretty, but I just can’t help but notice the rest of the room. I love this room! This is so pretty. Do you mind if I ask the colors of your walls? And I LOVE those chairs!! I am sitting here drooling!

  2. Well, this Betsy approves! I love it all! The tree is fabulous and I love the other Christmas items in your room. Your Master bedroom is magazine ready! It’s perfect! I need you to come help me too! Debbie and I are both in Georgia, so it would be easy! Merry Christmas! I

  3. hahaaahhhaaa…you silly silly girl…of COURSE she would have loved this all. Who wouldn’t..? It is beautiful enuf to be in a movie. !!!!
    xoxo BJ

  4. Kari,
    I’m sure Betsy would have been jealous she didn’t think of having a white tree first!
    It’s lovely dressed in red! Your mantle looks wonderful, love the decorations. You are a lucky girl to have such a fabulous master suite to retire to, so serene and peaceful!
    Merry Christmas

  5. Betsy would totally love the look. I bet she was a sassy broad who was always on the cutting edge of fashion. Even though she looks mean and drab in all the photos of her. They just must not have had flattering lighting back then. This room is GORGE, btw. Perfection.

  6. Love this decor! Your talent is why I just awarded your blog with the Liebster award. This is an award for up and coming blogs. Visit mrshinesclass.wordpress.com to find out more about your new award!

  7. I do not know if Betsy would approve but I sure do. The house is so beautiful and decorated for Christmas. Thanks for sharing. LOVE IT

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhh my goodness, but this room is beeeeeeeeeeeautiful! -happy sigh- Takes my breath away. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..

    And ol’ Betsy, bet she would have embraced it. Even if she did *have* to sneak a teeeny, tiny blue bow on there, somewhere. -giggles-

    “Close by the jolly fire I sit
    To warm my frozen bones a bit.

    ~~Robt. Louis Stevenson

  9. What a fabulous room to wake up in! You are a very lucky gal and I’m loving your color scheme and your pretty white tree. What a beautiful blog that I may have missed had you not stopped by to visit mine. ~Lili

  10. Betsy Ross was a very creative lady, so there’s a good chance she would have been a fan of the white tree surrounded by all of the clear red and your own beautiful take on Christmas!
    Your bedroom is gorgeous, I LOVE everything in it.

  11. Oh my goodness – your style and decor are amazing! I just shared this post on my facebook page – I hope that is okay! Truly – stunning! Laura at findinghomeonline.com

  12. Your bedroom is gorgeous! I think Betsy would approve! I’m your newest follower! Thanks for dropping by my blog today.
    Merry Christmas!

  13. Hey! I came by from Restore Interiors and had myself a little look around. What a gorgeous home you have…and a beautiful design style! So glad I stopped in and will be finding your join button when I’m done here. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  14. Betsy wouldn’t have known what a Christmas tree was….wrong century. But if she saw that room she would have thought she’d died and gone to heaven!

  15. So glad I found your bedroom. GORGEOUS! Yes, I think Betsy would approve. She is a descendent of mine and I know she loves red and white like I do and of course some blue.

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