Top Five Things a Decorator Might Say

I am many things.

I am a thrifter, a painter, a glitterer, a sander and a trash spotter.

I am a mother of four, a wife, a friend, a maid, a restaurant take-out orderer, and a chauffeur.

I am many things,

but I am not a professional decorator. 

Not even close.

As a matter of fact, I shudder at what a professional decorator would say if they ever visited my home. 

So, in honor of professional decorators everywhere, I decided to come up with a list….

A list of the top five things a decorator might say if they ever dropped by for a visit. 

Drumroll please…..

5.  Are those pumpkins next to your nativity scene?

4.  Is that vinyl on those plates?  Really.  That is so 2010.

3.  Last time I checked silver trays belong on the side table, not on trees.

2.  Lowe’s called and they want their drop cloths back from your windows.

and the number one thing a decorator might say if they visited my house……

1.  You got that bench out of the trash? 

Seriously….what’s next….old windows you turn into chalkboards?

Professional decorators everywhere, I salute you.

Just please don’t stop by for a visit.

38 thoughts on “Top Five Things a Decorator Might Say

  1. The one mistake made by so many decorators is not capturing the spirits of the people that make the home.

    Your home shows us who you and your family are. And, I love it all.♥

  2. Are you kidding me? ANYone that has such an awesome dining room can not POSSIBLY say they aren’t a decorator. (I just pinned it, by the way, and am asking Mr. Sweet/Santa baby if there’s room in his sleigh for some drapes like that).

  3. I am not a professional decorator either and I myself have dropcloth drapes in my house! Ha! I read somewhere that there is a new look coming to homes and it is the look that exemplifies what you yourself did. It’s a “breaking the rules” type of look, or “thinking outside the box” look. People are bored (or at least I am) with the same ol, same ol. The things that make a home more interesting are the ones like you just showed in your own home. I don’t condemn you. I commend you! Thanks for all the great inspiration!

  4. Breaking the rules is what gives a home personality. I have my Christmas tree sitting on top of a firescreen I turned into a table, an old loaf pan used as a stable for one of my nativity sets…….Well, you get the picture. Your home is beautiful, and loaded with character. Quite a few designers get ideas from blogland BTW.

  5. Love this post. Oh my, at the things a decorator would say at our house.

    I, personally, think your style is great…pumpkins and all.

    Merry Christmas.

  6. Hi Kari,
    Your home is beautiful, and I love your style and you got loads of style…
    I think your Kitchen could go up against any of them out there, it is so gorgeous!!
    Don’t forget the master suite, one of a kind…
    Anything goes now and days, it is all about what you want our of your home and how you live there as a family…thank goodness!
    It’s about making your own mark…
    I have always done my own thing, it is what I’m most comfortable with.
    All the Best,

  7. Wow, you must have met some horrible professional decorators! : ) I have dropcloths on my list to use as panels in my sunroom. Two years ago I used napkins with monograms to dress up plastic white plates from Target and worst of all, I found a dresser on the side of the road someone was getting rid of and it was my most fun transformation all year! I also salute professional decorators, but the ones who follow the rules you listed would get a salute of a different kind!

  8. Or some may say:
    5. OH…. pumpkins. I have a small bat. How would you suggest I incorporate this into my nativity set.
    4. WOW, bet I could get some funky font on clearance.
    3. SUPER, I can get two uses from the tray before I have to clean and polosh it.
    2. Cool, I have blue drop cloths. Dining room walls, here comes new paint.
    1. OR,,.please go trash colecting with me. Have you taken up dumpster diving yet?

    Seriously, you have done a fabulous job of making a wonderful house a beautiful HOME.

  9. We all know that your home is gorgeous, and I wouldn’t concern myself at all with what a “professional” would say, lol.
    My hubby had a “small mansion” as I refer to it before we married. It was a big house with over 5000 square ft, and he also had a “professional” interior decorator that had decorated everything. That house was soooooo ugly, had no personality what so ever (it did have pretty hardwood floors), it was so cold and sterile, very un-inviting, and did not feel like a home at all. So, let the professionals think what they may! When he sold it, I told him to make a package deal, and sell everything in it because I didn’t want anything from it. I would choose your lovely home (or mine) and its furnishings any day over something that has no character, and does not feel like a home.
    Merry Christmas!

  10. I love all of your “decorating don’ts”. I can’t even imagine living in a home that someone decorated!

    BJ from Sweet Nothings sent me a pillow once that had a saying on it…”If you obey all of the rules, you miss out on the fun.”

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Kari,
    Not only are you a talented designer, you could have a successful career as a VERY funny comedian! Girl, you totally crack me up!! Rules, what rules? Our rules are doing what we love, and you my girl, have made a spectacular home that’s warm, cozy and gorgeous!
    Merry Christmas

  12. -giggles- Just have those fancy interior decorators pass by, my Dear. Makes more room for us, who just love all your cute touches. 🙂

    “Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childish days; that can recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth; and transport the sailor and the traveller, thousands of miles away, back to his own fire-side and his quiet home!”
    ~~Charles Dickens,
    “The Pickwick Papers”, 1836

  13. I love this post! It is all of your personality and creativity that makes your beautiful house…a home! Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment on the Ideas House! Merry Christmas!

  14. I can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t find your home just stunning! Even a fancy pants rule following decorator : )
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog! Have a warm and wonderful Christmas!

  15. I’ll defend my drop cloth curtains to the end and your vinyl letters! (And everything in between.) I don’t think that professional decorators say those kinds of things anymore. They’re too busy reading blogs like yours.

  16. Your home is stunning and has a ton more appeal and character than any of the formally decorated homes I’ve ever seen. I’ve made curtains out of bedsheets…drop clothes would be a step-up for me!
    You commented on my blog about doing a tutorial about the wreath I made…and I have done one about making a similar wreath from book pages and un-dyed coffee filters. ( I never put links in my comments, but I didn’t want you to have to search if you were looking for it. I’ve had a couple questions about this one, so maybe I’ll do a post showing how I dyed the coffee filters :).
    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas…looking forward to reading more of your posts (I signed up for wordpress just so I could follow your blog)

  17. I just adore your decorating…and you know what ….if decorators don’t like it then I wouldn’t want them in my home anyway!

    Merry Christmas and lots of JOY to you and yours!

  18. Wow! you have such a beautiful home, it does look professional to me,and thanks for the idea of painting the bench I have one that is stained walnut and have thought about taking it out, but after seeing your bench painted I will now keep it and paint it.
    Wishing you and your family a most blessed and joyous Christmas.

  19. Love your home and I didn’t even notice the pumpkins at first until you mentioned them. What a beautiful home you have and it sure looks like a decorator did it. I love the way you made the dropcloth drapes look like professionally made drapes with them tied back the way they are. Love your house and can’t wait to see more.

    Have a wonderful holiday.

  20. Sometimes a professional decorator makes a house look beautiful, but what they fail to do is make it a home. You have a beautiful home and should be very proud of it and yourself for doing such a great job.

  21. Hi,

    I am probably your newest follower and fan. I love your welcoming home AND your wonderful sense of humour!

    I treated myself to the services of a decorator many moons ago. My hubby protested right from the start that he thought I underestimated myself and that I’d be throwing my money away. He was certainly right about the latter – or was it just me?! I decided to bring the professional design plan to my office so that my co-workers could give me their thoughts (before I ditched it all). I never applied even a lick of paint from the designer colour palette. Ever since, I’ve gone with my gut feeling about most things and have learned to trust myself just a teeny bit more…I am gleaming tons of inspiration from your haven. Your home wears a big smile. It says, “I’m happy”…

    BTW, thanks for taking time out of your busy day with your family to stop by my little blog with such nice words! I’m truly honoured! 🙂

    Happy and Healthy New Year.

    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

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