Ask and You Shall Receive

So it has already been established…..

I’m not the best at adding arrows to my pictures.  I can draw an imaginary arrow, but real arrows on pictures…..I leave that to the experts.

Enter Andrea from A Cottage Market …..

She is a creative genius, an incredibly positive fellow blogger, and a talented writer.

She can embellish bags.

She can make fabulous spinach bread.

She can make the cutest glitter bird ornament.

But most importantly she has offered to be the official arrow creator for this blog.  Any time there is an arrow to be produced or created she is on the task.

I cannot emphasize enough, the importance of having an official arrow creator on staff.

Thank you Andrea. 

You are a rockstar.

On behalf of arrowless blogs everywhere, I salute you.

21 thoughts on “Ask and You Shall Receive

  1. awwwww shucks!!!!!! i have never had such a high honor! i accept my position in life as official arrow creator for Thistlewoodfarms!!! : ) does that mean i can come and cook in that FABULOUS kitchen! : ) LOL!!!!! thank you for the kind words! sending you tons of hugs and nothing but the best life has to offer!!! see you later…enjoy!
    (miss stacey — you are too kind : )

  2. Whooooooa!! Such a coooool Arrow!

    Wonderful that you have an Arrow-Making-Expert on duty now! 🙂

    But she’d better be careful. She might just get *over-whelmed* with requests. ,-)

    “…Wonderful white Winter! We must clap our hands at you: You are old, and we are cold, and there is nothing else to do. You and I are glad, when the snow comes flying down, And ice-drops fair leap out of the air to hang on the branches brown! Wonderful white Winter!

  3. One can never underestimate the value of friend with mad arrow making skills (among others)!
    So glad you stopped by 24C…it’s funny, because I had just discovered *you* on Mod Vintage! This meeting was meant to be!
    Your pantry is beautiful, as is the rest of your home…I’m looking forwrd to discovering much more of Thistlewood Farm!
    xo J~

  4. I am lovin’ your Andrea Arrow…indeed, I truly do…BUT…that TO. DIE. FOR. KITCHEN. has my FULL attention…NOT to mention what that Andrea Arrow is pointing at. Just the coolest BUTLERS PANTRY in the whole of Blogland, without a doubt.
    I can not wait to see it in it’s full glory with a posting ALL IT’S OWN.
    Your kitchen is really beautiful…and so homey….and warm. I do love it.
    xo bj

  5. hmmmm…now I am remembering that, maybe last week, I THOUGHT I did see a posting about the butlers pantry…but when I got here, it was gone…..hope you try it again. 🙂

  6. How wonderful for you, but I was hoping that you were about to tell us that you had learned how to make arrows and then show us how to do it. I am also a “non-arrow maker blogger”. And I will remain so.
    Have a great week, Cindy

  7. It’s always nice when you get what you want! Even better to have someone you like helping you out. Can’t wait to see what your arrows will be pointing to that you want to show us!

  8. Arrow schmarrow (Sorry Andrea) Your arrow is top notch as they go and I’ll need to talk to you later about your arrow skills for MY blog *winks* BUT….That kitchen is fabulous! I’m green…actually a little chartreuse (Need to stay fashionable whilst being green *winks*) with envy! Vanna

  9. Wow! Your space is truly amazing!Thanx for stopping by and your lovely comment. You have a fabulous sense of style as well! I look forward to looking around some more!

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