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I love silver for collecting.

I love silver in a white urn.

I love silver with dinner…..but most of all….

I love silver for wearing.

Each year at Christmas we have a homemade gift exchange.  This year I gave my family necklaces created from vintage silver spoons.  We simply detached the spoon from the handle, sanded it down and stamped it.

There were many entries this year, including a burlap pillow adorned with tiny, tea-stained cottonballs and a nativity set created out of acorns.

It was a grueling and arduous contest, but in the end….

                                                                          …..I declared myself the winner.


There was no contest.

Who could top a necklace that started out life as a piece of vintage flatware?

So when the tissue and ribbons and wrapping paper were cleared away….I just knew somewhere there would be a mirror ball trophy calling my name…..

….if I could only get the nativity set and the pillow to agree.

PS  If you have any questions about how I made these, feel free to e-mail me at thistlewoodfarms@yahoo.com.

PPS  Here’s the link to the pinterest inspiration.

PPPS  I am partying at the Pinterest Party with Katie and Sherry and Erin and Cassie.  We are pinning it up 🙂