Can I Sit Next to You?

I wanted to say thank you. Humbly, sincerely, and from the bottom of my heart. Writing a blog can be a little scary sometimes.  It’s like walking up to the popular table and hoping that someone will invite you to sit down.  You walk up to the table and you stand there trying to makeContinue reading “Can I Sit Next to You?”

Curbside Conversation

Do you ever have a curbside conversation? You know what I mean…. ….you are driving to some undisclosed location…. ….minding your own business…..and suddenly….. ….you hear your name. Trash:  “hey….pssssst…….I’m talking to you.  I know I look like an old window, but, I need to go home with you and become a chalkboard.” Me:  “HowContinue reading “Curbside Conversation”

I Heard the Bells

On Christmas Day in 1864, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” to symbolize the country’s tumultuous feelings about the American Civil War.  The war raged on as he penned these lines about the conflict and the uncertain times ahead.  I love the beauty and simplicity heard in these simple stanzas:     I heard the bellsContinue reading “I Heard the Bells”

.Who Doesn’t Love a Cookie Cake?

Welcome to the kitchen. Now….I wish I could tell you that there were yummy smells coming from that freshly scrubbed oven. Negative. Just a lot of “hot dog pot pie.”  With four children there is always plenty of activity going on in the kitchen…..     ……plenty of glitter and tiny scraps of paper and dried glueContinue reading “.Who Doesn’t Love a Cookie Cake?”