Putting the Possible in Impossible

I DID IT!  Yesssireee!  I did it! I can’t believe I made my “impossible” a “possible.” Remember when you were in fourth grade and they were picking teams for dodgeball and you were always picked last and then you grew over the summer and then the team captain who never realy liked you picked you……first! RememberContinue reading “Putting the Possible in Impossible”

Ouch! That Hurt!

Blogging can be thrilling and exciting and surprising and scary. Yes.  Scary. There are thousands of us. Painters and sanders and thrifters and upholsterers and junkers and crafters. Thousands. Most of us aren’t professionals.  Most of us don’t have degrees in painting or sanding or thrifting or junking or crafting. We are simply doing what we love…..what weContinue reading “Ouch! That Hurt!”

It’s Only a Phase

There are days I think I am in the running for the “Mom of the Year.” I am quite impressed with myself sometimes. So much so that on really good days I imagine….                                              ….as I leisurely stroll through the aisles of Wal-mart dressed to the nines, with my obedient, well-behaved, neat-as-a-pin children skipping and (of course)Continue reading “It’s Only a Phase”

Mini Impossible

important announcement:  management has decided to post a successful mini-impossibility to distract from the lack of progress on the bread making “impossibility.” Mini Impossible:  How to display medals and awards (1)  Buy an herb-drying rack at an exorbitant price at an antique store. (2)  Pat yourself on the back at being ahead of the curve in the herb-dryingContinue reading “Mini Impossible”

Out of Sight and Out of Smell

According to a recent survey of 2000 people, the stinkiest smell in the universe was the smell of wet dog. Hmmmm.  Wet dog.  Stinkiest smell ever. Really. Have they ever smelled the socks of a teenage boy and an almost teenage boy? I think not. Because if they had…..trust me….wet dog would never even have toppedContinue reading “Out of Sight and Out of Smell”

It’s About Time

ATTENTION ALL BOOK CLUB MEMBERS I apologize profusely…. …..that this greeted you when you stopped by. I know it’s January 18. I know December has come and gone. I know Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. I know the neighbors are talking. Seriously. I know. I also know you were thinking….. “What is the statute ofContinue reading “It’s About Time”

I’ve Got My ISO on You

I am obsessed with photography. Four weeks ago I had never even heard of Picasa or aperture or balance or shutter release or ISO (remember….I even had to enlist the help of an expert arrow maker) But now….                 …..now those are words that make my heart sing.  In the interest of full disclosure, IContinue reading “I’ve Got My ISO on You”

United We Stand

impossibilities    noun   pl. 1.  the quality or state of being impossible 2.  something impossible But then again, everyone has their own definition of “impossibilities.”  For example, some might consider turning this: into this…. …..an “Impossibility.” Others might define…. ….turning this…. …into this as an “Impossibility.” Still others might define it as…. ….turning this…..….into this. ButContinue reading “United We Stand”