Goals in 2012. 

They are all over the blogworld.

All the goal talk started me thinking.

Should I have a goal in 2012? 

Looking for general goal inspiration, I came across this quote by Doug Larson:

“Some of the world’s greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible.”

Now I don’t know who Doug Larson is, but he is brilliant.  How many time have I said, “I can’t.”  “There’s no way.”  “That’s impossible.”


I mean….there might be some impossible things….world peace looks a little impossible right now.  And I don’t think anyone is going to create an SUV that gets 75 miles to the gallon…

               ….but the rest.  All of those impossibles just might be possible.

So in 2012 I decided, along with five of my best blogfriends, to take the “Imagine the Impossiblities” challenge.

We are challenging each other to do something we thought we couldn’t do.  Something we thought was impossible.  Something that we needed help and advice and encouragement….lots of encouragement. 

This is the year….. this is the time…..this is it!

                         I am going to accomplish my “Impossible.”

 (insert audible clapping and cheers)

That’s great you say. 

So what is it?

What is your impossible?

I am almost embarrassed to say it.  For many of you it is so easy.  You have done this many, many times. 

Not me.  No way.  No how.

You see, I am a terrible cook.  Not just an ordinary cook, not just an under-average cook…..but a truly terrible, terrible cook.

If we had time and I had a really good cup of coffee….oh the stories I could tell you.  Stories about “hotdog pot pie” and pancakes that I made like chocolate chip cookies with blue dough goo centers.  Stories about the time I tried to make white beans (yikes) and overly chewable potato soup.  Stories about the time I made roast and took it to gardening club to see if it was done and they told me it was gardening club, not cooking club.

These are necessary facts.  Important to the task at hand because….

courtesy of cinnamonspiceandeverythingnice

                                …..my “Impossible” is:  Making Homemade Bread.

Now probably not like these rolls made by the incomparable Reeni of Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice….

….but I commit here and now, in front of those who I hold near and dear, that I will produce one loaf of homemade bread complete with family testimonials by the end of January.

It’s at this point I can tell those of you who know me to pick your jaw up off the floor.

I’m serious. 

Please don’t laugh. 

You heard me. 

Homemade bread.  The kind you make with yeast (I think).

And I state here on this day, January 9, 2012, I take a solemn vow that

I will do it.

Another inspirational bread photo by Erica from Cooking for Seven

Now here’s the part where you come in…..you knew I would eventually get around to you 🙂

We want you to be a part of this.

Join us.

Take the “Imagine the Impossibilities” challenge.

(1)  Post your “Impossible” in the comments section.

For example:

* Take on a new project

* Organize a closet

* Use a new type of finish

* Paint stripes or stencil or crackle or silver leaf or a new paint color

* Cook a new recipe

* Sew a pillow or curtain or table cloth or runner

* Start a new nutirition plan

* Visit a new place

Whatever your “impossible” you can do it! 

(2)  Grab an “Impossible” button from the sidebar.

(3) Follow along each week as we all post about our progress and feature some “impossible projects.” 

(4) Join us on January 31, for a giant linky party at all six blogs so we can all share our “impossibles.” 

I will be posting my “Impossible” along with my blog support group:

Kelly from Eclectically Vintage— purging and organizing 16 years worth of “stuff”
Linda from It All Started With Paint— painting a vaulted ceiling
Stacey from A Sort of Fairytale— sewing a purse
Andrea from The Cottage Market — organizing a craft room
Karah – The Space Between— making a gallery wall using only one screw in the wall

Together we can do it.  We can accomplish what we have only dreamed of before.

So start thinking! 

It’s 2012.

What’s your “Impossible”?