I am obsessed with photography.

Four weeks ago I had never even heard of Picasa or aperture or balance or shutter release or ISO (remember….I even had to enlist the help of an expert arrow maker)

But now….

                …..now those are words that make my heart sing. 

In the interest of full disclosure, I do not take most of the photographs on my blog.  They are taken by someone who knows far more about photography than perhaps I ever will.

But I am learning.

I’ll keep you posted.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to bake bread and take incredible pictures all at the same time.

In the meantime, I would like to welcome the super-talented Aimee from “It’s Overflowing” who truly is a talented photographer.

But rather than rest on her laurels and simply take fabulous photos…..she wanted to teach others.

So she took the “Imagine the Impossibilities” challenge…..and…..

……well…..I’ll leave the rest to Aimee……..

Hi, I’m Aimee and I blog at It’s Overflowing!

First of all, let me thank Karianne from Thistlewood Farms profusely for inviting me to participate in and contribute to this inspiring series!  As I look ahead in 2012, I want this to be a year that I look back on with great satisfaction because I pursued life to the fullest and refused to be inhibited by anything!  A year full of Sparks {my word of 2012}!  After hearing about Karianne’s challenge of “Imagining the Impossibilities” and the support that joining this group of sweet girlfriends would offer me, I knew exactly which challenge I needed to face! 

I guess before I go any further, I should introduce myself,  I’m a homeschool mommy with three sweet B’s!  My sweet hubby, aka Stud, and I are in the middle of completely remodeling our original 1950s ranch-style home!  Along with organizing, decorating, thrifting and cooking, I have decided it is time to take on learning how to photograph in a manual setting!  My hubby, aka Stud, is a great photographer and understands all the ins and outs.  I’ve stuck to the position of assistant up until this point because I’m naturally gifted in composition {positioning the subject and camera to get super cute shots}.  I’ve decided that it’s time I sit down and actually listen to what Stud’s been trying to teach me all along!  My impossibility for this challenge is to learn how to set my DSLR camera so I can take beautiful pictures and share that new-found knowledge with my sweet bloggy friends!!

For starters, I knew I needed to feel comfortable with the parts of a SLR camera!  It’s so intimidating to learn from a camera book.  The words are printed so small and there are tons of words they all seem to jumble together on a page!  I spent some time looking at my camera, camera book and double checking lots with Stud!  I came up with a simple ‘Parts of a Camera’ diagram and wrote Bloggy Photography Course 1 {Overview} in common day English!  This class is perfect for those like me who want to learn how to take great pictures, but are lacking the time and confidence to give it a try!  Basically, I want to relay to my readers lots on the “how to” of photography and leave out lots of the “why!”  Having this diagram at hand has empowered me to take my learning to the next level! 

Last Friday, I took a HUGE step towards imagining the impossible!  I took my camera off of auto setting and experimented with aperture.  I took notes as I learned and shared them with my bloggy friends at Bloggy Photography Course 2 {Aperture}.  It was so much fun and is really boosting my confidence!   {I even wrote a sappy note on my fb page because I felt all overwhelmed with giddiness!}  I am excited to spend this week studying hard, and preparing to share more about my new discoveries with you at Photography Friday.  Of course, in SUPER simple verbage!!!  I think this challenge is so GREAT and am thankful that Karianne and her bestest bloggy friends are including each of us in their series, Imagining the Impossibilities!  It has been fun to see the challenges that each of you are facing!  Totally inspiring for me!!!

At It’s Overflowing, life is full of DIY house projects, designing, decorating, photography, crafting, cooking, baking, organizing, teaching, learning, and thrifting!  With all that each day entails, we’re striving to keep things simple around here, so we continue LOVING every moment!  I love having my friends over for visits!   Come on over, curl up in a comfy chair and make yourself at home…I’ll share a little more with you each day. I hope you’ll visit often!

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