Mini Impossible

important announcement:  management has decided to post a successful mini-impossibility to distract from the lack of progress on the bread making “impossibility.”

Mini Impossible:  How to display medals and awards

(1)  Buy an herb-drying rack at an exorbitant price at an antique store.

(2)  Pat yourself on the back at being ahead of the curve in the herb-drying rack trend.

(3)  Discover that you have no place to hang aforementioned herb-drying rack and try to sell at yard sale.

(4)  Realize that the herb-drying rack trend has yet to take off in the state of Kentucky when no one purchases rack at yard sale.

(5)  Wait 4 months and put out herb-drying rack at another yard sale.

(6)  Cringe when, surprisingly, yet again, no one buys the incredibly trendy herb-drying rack at the yard sale.

(7)  Place herb-drying rack in attic.

(8)  Wait one year.

(9)  Plan a party and realize that you have a blank space over television in playroom.

(10)  Go to attic for inspiration.  Spy neglected herb-drying rack and immediately re-purpose as medal and award display.

(11)  Pat yourself on the back on your ingenuity as children cheer and guests marvel at your incredibly unique award/medal display.

(12)  Post herb-drying/medal award display as your “mini impossibility” and return to the arduous task of trying to figure out how to bake homemade bread. 🙂

And now for those of you following along…..I would like to give you an update on some of our “impossibility” participants.  You see, unlike me, there are a host of bloggers who have been making incredible progress with their “impossible.”

They are inspiring and creative and determined and overwhelmingly optimistic.  They have embraced the challenge and emerged successful.  Please stop by to cheer them as they near the finish line.

At thissortaoldlife check out their bathroom remodel.  Great step-by-step instructions on their progress! 

Laura over at Top This Top That is re-doing on her game room.  She has already re-painted and is posting updates this week!

Laura from Whimsical Perspective is tackling her kitchen.  Check out the before pictures of the floor.

Jaime from The Bullock 5 is building a fireplace wall.  She has made great progress….the wall is in place.

Laura (I guess you have to be named Laura to participate in this challenge) from SweetPeasSamplings is stitching up a storm.  She is super-talented and creative with her needle and thread.  Stop by to check out her stockings!

Congratulations one and all on a job well done!

Remember to stop by and link up your “impossible” on January 31 at each of these incredibly inspiring blogs:

A Cottage Market

Ecelectically Vintage

It All Started With Paint

A Sort of a Fairytale

The Space Between

PS  If these ladies have inspired you and you want to participate in our challenge click here. 

PSS  I’m linking up here, here and here.

61 thoughts on “Mini Impossible

  1. haha… make me laugh ! Who actually dries their own herbs anyway ? lol I hope you left yourself a space for the medal you will receive when you bake that wonderful crusty loaf of bread (herb infused of course !)
    (That herb drying rack would look so pretty with bunches of hydrangea’s hanging from it over an outdoor table) x

  2. I am so glad the perfect wall finally appeared in the light for you! I just love your whit in your posts. That herb drying rack is amazing there and love how it displays the ribbons and metals.

    Have a great week!

  3. Well, your mini impossibility does look awesome. It has found a new purpose in life. There nothing like being unable to sell something at your garage sale that can inspire repurpose quite so well.

    I thought I smelled bread baking.♥

  4. There seems to have been some divine intervention as to that herb rack not selling. As there certainly was a purpose for it!..Fantastic idea!!!..Isn’t it great to have those epiphanies from time to time!..The ribbon awards are great and they match the room!

  5. Why can’t I have been at that yard sale – I would have snatched that baby up! Love it and the fact that even though you tried your best to rid yourself of that beauty, it kept coming back! Persistent little drying rack! Great use. Now – start baking!

  6. I love your witty posts! What a fun space and great way to display all of your kiddos’ medals !! They are lucky to have such a fun space to call their own!

  7. What’s the bumper sticker say? I think it’s “not all who wander are lost.” I find that detours are an important part of the process for me, almost all the time. The bread will come 🙂

    Thanks for the link to our project. I know we won’t finish be the end of January, but we’re getting there. Knowing that we have to post progress every week is helping!

  8. I must read your posts more carefully, I was sure that you had made that loaf of bread the other day when you posted a photo of an amazing looking loaf. As for your herb drying rack, wonderful save. When the kids are done with it you might want to consider using it to hang quilts. Or a display of vintage linens. Humm. I do enjoy reading your posts. Have a great day! Joyous Wishes, Linda

  9. Oh Hon, I’m sorry you are having difficulty with your bread-making *impossibility.* -pout- -sigh- -sob-

    But your mini-*impossibility* here, is a wonderful stand-in, for progress on the *bread front.*

    Best of luck Dear! I hope you are not choking on all that flour which must be flying around in your kitchen, and etc. …………. Mmmmm, you didn’t need that, did you? ………….. No. …………. Sorry for bringing up the topic of a kitchen, enveloped in a cloud of flour. ………… Really sorry. ………………


    ‘And what are you reading, Miss-?’
    ‘Oh! it is only a novel!’ replies
    the young lady …
    with affected indifference.

    ~Jane Austen

  10. ha! had I been at your yardsale I would have snapped up that rack. It’s exactly what I was looking for to display my necklaces on at my little booth. But I love your idea. And to think we just did a mundane ol’ shadow box for all those ribbons from my boy’s high school days. 🙂 Have a wonderful week K

  11. First of all, let me just say how much I loved how you wrote this post! So funny! I love how you used that rack above the tv with the colorful medals. Very original! Just think of all the people kicking themselves for not buying it after seeing what you were able to do with it. Ha!

  12. So I really don’t know if I am keeping up with my challenge… maybe I am at my pace! Oh that herb drying rack has been waiting on the bench getting ready for it’s debut on the field. And now it is a star in your boy’s room. Great idea! One of the things on my list is to turn our extra bedroom into the man/boy room. Something like that would be perfect to display the boy’s awards and the big boys air force awards~
    Have a great Monday!!

  13. 13. See this “pinned” and think wow!!! (Because I am going to pin it…love it!) Going to do this with an old crib side I found in our attic! 🙂 You are a genius!

  14. Now I have to figure out how to build an herb drying rack! I have been trying to figure out a way to display the stacks and stacks of ribbons my son has for a while and this is actually a brilliant solution. Watch out Home Depot, here I come. Or more accurately – here comes my sweet husband whom I will bribe to make this for me. ❈

  15. I was just setting my daughters horse back riding ribbons out and thinking to self that they look a little outta place where I hung them. Maybe I should saunter on down to Kentucky to pick me up a deal at a garage sale =) I’ve been wanting to join the impossibility challenge, but have yet to decide on my challenge. You see, I’m due to have our 3rd daughter in March, so times a tickin, and partial bedrest has not been my friend. Perhaps I shall link up: give birth without epidural? Nah, on second thought, I quite enjoy a good epidural and don’t think I’m ready to give that one up yet =)

  16. Excellent! I seriously think Country Living is going to STEAL this idea for their July 4th magazine…if they haven’t already!

    Lovin’ it.

    Question…are we to link up at any point in January or do we wait until Jan 31st?

  17. Hilarious post and brilliant idea! My boys are very involved in 4-H as well (beef, dairy, rabbit and tractor so far) and our 14 year old has so many ribbons. We need to find someone selling their herb rack at a garage sale 😉 For now they fill two long pieces of twine strung above his headboard.

  18. That is sooooo cool Kari! Like some of your other commenters already said, I would have snatched that rack up if I’d seen it at your yard sale. That might have lead to a fight with some of the other contenders for the rack – could have gotten ugly – maybe it’s a good thing it waited safely in the attic to be repurposed as a display for medals and ribbons!

  19. Wow that is so cool, looks fabulous how cleaver of you to figure out a use for it……..see you knew you bought it for a good reason you just didn’t realise what that reason was till now………..

  20. I knew that i havent seen that in a LONG time. You are so brilliant I love what you did with. Im also glad you took a pic because(it will last longer lol) next time I’m over it might not even have ribbons on it but perhaps dried herbs. rotfl!!!!

  21. Okay so I totally wish I had happened upon your yard sale so I could have snatched up this herb-drying rack. Though I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have known what it was without a little help.

    Very cool transformation. I bet you can think of a hundred things to display on it now that it is up.

    Now the bread… 🙂 Seriously worst case scenario = lump of hard or doughy flour. You can do it!

  22. well, well, well…so YOU’RE the one who bought that expensive herb drying rack!
    i spied one in the amana colonies while on an antiquing trip with the hubby, but couldn’t pay the crazay!!! price! 🙂

    now i need your help to figure out what to do with the mustard yellow primitive shoe rack i bought eons ago that still sits on the floor in my bedroom.
    any thoughts?

    i don’t have cool awards.
    happy monday, sweetie!

  23. Karianne,
    First, I *love* your distraction…a mini-impossibility!
    I love the rack, and would have bought it at either of your garage sales. If I was in Kentucky. Which I probably wasn’t. Wait. I was there in 2007 and this summer. Darn. I missed out on a great herb drying rack – lol!

    What you did with the awards is visually striking. I’ll be Pinteresting it.

    We did a mini-impossibility of distraction ourselves.
    (While our new Jimmy John’s kitchen is now 98% done…I can’t find the progress photos. Seriously. Searched everywhere. Really cool shots on how we did the “faux tile” – they went *poof!*

    So, to distract, we talked about how we chose the paint colors – “10 Easy Step to Finding the Perfect Paint Color (Our Jimmy John’s Kitchen Redesign – Part 2 –

    I’m not a huge bread baker, but I have made some simple recipes.
    Here’s one. Hope it helps.

    All the best,
    ~ Dana

  24. Would you like to make an easy homemade bread from scratch that you wouldn’t even have to knead? Check out the book, “My Bread”, by Jim Lahey. It is a “Revolutionary no work, no knead method.” You won’t believe how incredibly easy this method is and how delicious it tastes, like from a bakery! Blessings from Bama!

  25. I feel your pain about the bread! While I’ve never tackled bread myself I have never had success with yeast for pretzels! I love what you turned the spice rack into though! That is beautiful!

    I was originally planning on creating a very “Imagine the Impossibilities” challenge post on that very aspect of baking pretzels however life always seems to get in the way and actually threw me a much more “Impossibly Possible” challenge! Along with it came the need to renovate our whole home in only 9 months! Feel free to check out my first post on the subject as I unveil the surprise and the journey that goes along with it!

  26. What a fabulous idea! I’ve got a box full of ribbons from back in my 4H days and there they’ve languished for years! LOVE the drying rack display!

  27. That is genius. We’ve got stacks of swimming ribbons piled all around the house cuz I don’t know what the bleep to do with them… Awesome.

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