Ouch! That Hurt!

Blogging can be thrilling and exciting and surprising and scary.

Yes.  Scary.

There are thousands of us.

Painters and sanders and thrifters and upholsterers and junkers and crafters.


Most of us aren’t professionals.  Most of us don’t have degrees in painting or sanding or thrifting or junking or crafting.

We are simply doing what we love…..what we were born to do.

And we put it out there….

                              …..on our blog….

                                          …..for all the world to see.

And sometimes the world loves us.  The world embraces us with open arms, flung wide.  Sometimes the world says…..I love your craft, your painted chair, your upholstered headboard, your distressed bookshelf,  your newly chosen paint color.

And sometimes…..

                              …….sometimes the world doesn’t agree.

My bathroom was recently featured on another blog.

It was a pretty big blog.

And the world saw it…..

                                   ……and found it wanting.

Here’s a sampling of the comments:

“I would have removed/changed the wallpaper and that’s it. The after is generic, boring, bland, safe, martha stewart crap. I can’t fathom why someone would take classy timeless rich stained woodwork and paint it white to look like the cheap vinyl paneling they sell at home depot…..”

“I love wainscoting and plan on having some painted white in my own bathroom soon. However, it should be painted when installed new made from cheap pine, NOT when it has such rich beautiful character and patina as in the before picture. The old stuff made with good wood and stained is such a rarity now. What a waste to paint that and also the rest of the room does feel ho-hum cookie cutter like everything else we see now.”

“Love the white chair rail and even the blue above, but that girly frou-frou all over is not chic. Back to the drawing board.”

And my personal favorite….


“It’s a perfectly lovely “before” that could have been easily accessorized, I think.”


That stung.

The comments were harsh.  Truthful in someways….but harsh, nonetheless.

So what do you do with this feedback?

Where do you go from here? 

Simply put, what do you do when you, as a blogger, encounter criticism?

Do you stop creating?  Do you let it into your soul?  Do you cry a silent cry that you were rejected?  Do you lash out at a cold sea of faceless, nameless critics? 

Or do you chose to go on?


I create and blog because it is simply who I am.  No degrees.  No professional title.  Not for others.  Not to impress.  Just for me.

My house is me.

My blog is me.

My bathroom is me.

And world, I’m moving on because the thing is……

                                                         ……I really like me.





183 thoughts on “Ouch! That Hurt!

  1. Oh my goodness!!! I just got your post through my email and had to respond immediately! I just went through this yesterday for the first time… I got the meanest comment ever and I’m still trying to get over it. It literally made me cry and I lost a night sleep over it. I can’t believe that others have the capability of that kind of meanness…
    But…after mulling it for a day and reading Young House Love’s recent blog post over dealing with criticism, I decided the same thing… It’s my blog and it’s who I am.
    Btw, you are beyond fabulous and don’t ever, ever change! I adore your blog sooooo much-keep going and brush off those naysayers!


  2. YOU GO GIRL!! Your home is absolutely beautiful and you have done a “spectaculous” job in creating a home FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!..I can only wish my spaces looked as great as yours…Criticism, well that comes with the territory I guess. But with some awful critics over the “WWW”, I call them “snipers”..they shoot from behind their computers and run..

    I soo love your bathroom, buuuut..you should have “junked it up” some, so it wouldn’t be so PERFECT!..sorry, just had to be a “sniper”

  3. Who was it?? Let me at ’em! They didn’t listen to Mama-If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I know another blogger, she was featured on a big blog and the same thing happened. I think there are people out there that troll blogs just to try to bring us down. But it’s not going to work. We stand together, happy go lucky, non pros just making our spaces good enough for us and we will remain unmoved by such ridiculous comments.
    Have a great weekend, and know they are probable miserable somewhere, just looking for someone else to put down.
    🙂 Keep smiling,

  4. I would move on too. I read somewhere once, that no matter who you are, you will have fans and critics alike. Go to Amazon.com look up one of your favorite authors and read the reviews. Someone famous that you love….others love too and others don’t. Ever have a President that you thought was THE BEST? Did the rest of the world? Some did…some didn’t.

    Fans and critics…we all have them both.

    BTW – I am a fan of yours 🙂

  5. Good attitude! The thing is…it’s your home. If it makes YOU happy, that’s all that matters! I look at lots of blogs / projects. If I don’t particularly like a project or it’s just not my style, I don’t feel the need to bring someone down with my negative feelings. Sorry these folks did. I enjoy looking at your projects.

    P.S. I would have painted the wood too!

  6. Not sure why people have to be so cruel with their comments. Do they think we don’t read them? I love your bathroom and many others do as well. You have an amazing talent and I’m very inspired by your lovely home. Just brush it off and please, please, please keep sharing.

  7. I love your bathroom and am in the process of changing mine to look like it! Some people need to realize this is your home and you do what you like and what suits your lifestyle. Pay no heed to the naysayers….they need to play somewhere else!

  8. I love your attitude! You entire home is lovely! I love every inch we have seen so far! I can’t imagine leaving a hurtful comment on anyone’s blog! If it’s not my style, I can still find something positive to say or don’t comment! Well, if you would just send me this bathroom that will solve your problem! LOL! 🙂 It’s gorgeous!

  9. i was taught, if you don’t have something nice to say, shut up! that said, there will always be those who have more gall than manners…your room is so lovely–all of your hard work made this beautiful room– yours:) i wouldn’t change a thing!

    LOVE your tub–we just bought one and i can’t wait to put it in:)

  10. Oh, my goodness. I can’t believe people said such harsh things. I love the makeover. It is updated and fresh whereas the other was dark and dreary.
    Yes, just move on.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Obviously, that person has never had to endure many, many years of dark wainscotting. I had the same thing in my kitchen for years. One gets REALLY tired of it. It’s not that you don’t love the look, but that you become weary of the look and are due a change.
    Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
    King James Version (KJV)
    Ecclesiastes 3
    To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A
    time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
    A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

  12. I like you too. I not only like you, I love you and your wonderful home. It is you and that is what is important. More of us need to be JUST who we are and to love others for who they are. Your boldness in decorating YOUR way is very refreshing.

    Keep on keeping on!!!!!

  13. I love the makeover on your bathroom! It looks so fresh and bright. I hope you have time to light some candles, take a nice long bubble bath in that beautiful tub and restore your spirit and soul. Awesome makeover!!!

  14. as my dad would say ” what a bunch of ignoramoses!” Never can understand why people feel their negative opinions matter.

  15. They are just showing their ignorance by saying mean hurtful things. DELETE comments of that type and after feeling the ‘ouch’ let it roll off your back. We all would have been hurt by such a rude person’s comments. You do wonderful work!!! If it pleases you and yours….that’s all that matters. I myself think it’s 1000% better than the before bathroom!!!!!

  16. Are you kidding me? That goes way beyond ouch and branches out into just plain tacky. Your bathroom is fabulous and I remember being so jealous when I saw it. Isn’t it nice that you don’t have to have those mean people in your life, because there are lots of us who love you.

  17. I cannot believe they did not see the Love you put into your home!
    I saw it the 1st time I visited.
    Keep making a lovely home for your family & PLEASE keep sharing for those of us that appreciate special places!

  18. I always wonder what is going on in rude commentators lives that make them say and do those things. I’d love to see their bathrooms, because you’ve set the bar so high. I blog for me, not for anyone else. I love your style, your ideas and your blog. Keep up the good work!

  19. turn the other cheek and press on, friend!
    we need your inspiration!
    God created us all unique with different styles and tastes and He loves you just. the. way. you. are.
    so do i and countless others.


    now wrap up that beauty of a shell toilet seat and send it to your biggest critic!

    Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; Matt 5:44

    have a wonderful weekend, karianne!

  20. Your feature on that blog is what brought me to your blog in the first place. I thought your bathroom was lovely, fresh, uncluttered and spacious. I’m not the biggest fan of blue, but that doesn’t stop me from seeing the beauty of the room itself. Some people are going to love it, some people, not so much……..but that doesn’t speak to who or what you are, it simply means that it may not be someone else’s style. It amazes me that someone would be so blunt and disrespectful to anyone about anything they post on their blogs. Our blogs are a representation of who we are, and how we live. If someone doesn’t like a thing or two that we say or do, it would be best to keep mum. Those kind of comments are hurtful indeed, but they speak more about the kind of person those commenters are than anything else they refer to, in my opinion anyway.

    Summed up, your bathroom is fabulous, and I love your blog. I will be back again, and again. Shake off those comments. You handled it with a great post about accepting who we are. Good job for sure!

  21. Our homes are a reflection of ourselves, our needs, our creativity, our aesthetic. Although everyone is entitled to their opinion, I operate under the mantra “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything.” Unless asked, of course, and then there are always more diplomatic ways to give one’s opinion. It’s easy (for some) to spout criticism when they don’t have to look you in the eye to do it.

    My personal opinion? Your bathroom is delightfully fresh and simple, free of the bondage of dark wainscoting. 🙂 Just my 2 cents… don’t go changin’.
    xo Heidi

  22. GOOD FOR YOU!!! I struggle with the same concept in many areas of my life. It is something I constantly am reminding myself of…please myself…do it for me…it doesn’t matter what other people think. I think we should always value other peoples opinion, but always remember it is what you want and what you like. Everybody doesn’t have the same taste, style, or eyes. We all see things differently. My Mother-in-law loves southwest decor….I hate it! But when she asks my opinion I come at it from her side and look at and visualize how it would look if I did like it. Otherwise I wouldn’t have any positive criticism! Keep painting!

  23. l love the look of the bathroom. It has a fresh welcoming look, which may sound weird to say about a bathroom but it does. I would paint over the wood paneling also it was dark and outdated. I think the thing that people forget is that you have to live there not them. Please keep sharing your ideas and home updates. It gives people like me courage to do what I want with my space even if its not what would get the popular vote.

  24. I do not have my own blog, but I love to read all the decorating blogs out there, just like yours. ! I am addicted to all of them ! Let me just say – you have to completely ignore the cruel comments that people make. Who makes that person making the cruel comment right ? Who makes them the ‘decorator’ ? It’s just one opinion ! I have found, as I’ve gotten older, ( 55 y/o yikes !!) that there are mean spirited people out there who just cannot say anything nice, or feel good for other peoples success. IGNORE THEM ALL !! For every mean , cruel person (and aren’t they always the ones to comment ! ) there are 100 people that love what you’re doing and just don’t bother to say so ! Your post has taught me to start making good comments when I see something I like – which is about 97% of the time…..IGNORE THE NASTY ONES !!

  25. I love your bathroom and I love your awesome blog!!! The colors in your bathroom are beautiful. It looks so inviting with the new colors. Don’t let them get to you. I am an elementary teacher, and I have found through the years (many years LOL) that there is always one parent that is never happy. No matter how hard you work, they find something to gripe about. We probably wouldn’t like their bathrooms either! 🙂

  26. P.S. OH ! Almost forgot to say – I LOVE your new bathroom ! Fresh, updated, clean and very stylish….the ‘before’ was dark and dated…..

  27. Wow! First of all I love what you did! I love the brightness, the clean feeling, it’s fresh. Secondly, if someone has an opinion that is just mean keep it to yourself. Thirdly, I hope that those with nasty comments have a bathroom emergency and need to go.immediately and the only bathroom left is yours! Sorry, can’t use it…it’s too whatever. keep blogging and sharing and creating!

  28. WOW. i have had negative comments before and they sting, yes. but the good outweigh the bad. i loooved the bathroom. but who cares if i love it- it’s your bathroom. do YOU love it? the answer is yes and that is what matters.
    and beyond that, the people who leave negative comments (in my opinion) usually have some kind of chip on their shoulder or crappy life and they need to cut someone else down to feel better about themselves, so really all you can do id feel sorry for them because you are in a happier place than them mentally.

  29. seriously?? can you even imagine pausing after a seeing a reno that you didn’t appreciate and then thinking, “gee, i think this person–and the world–will benefit from my opinion” and then TAKING THE TIME to actually write that @#*%????

    arrogance. ego. insecurity.

    that’s what comes to mind when i read comments like those… then i wonder what their bathrooms looks like. oh, and what they share on their blog.

    what? really? they don’t take the CHANCE and put it out there? they don’t have a blog and expose their painstaking efforts to the world? oh, i see how this works for people like that.

    they simply hide behind the keyboard and sit in judgement of others.

    these not opinions worth your time…your momentary pause, even.

    btw, i REALLY like YOU! a lot!

  30. Another person’s opinion is exactly that, theirs. Do not let biting words of others let you doubt yourself. For every negative word there should be twice as many positive words to wash it away. You should not be afraid to change an item because it may be an antique. You have to make your home a comfortable place for you and your family even if that means painting the woodwork. I am a little bias, I tend to paint everything white, oh and that definitely brings on lots of criticism. I am keeping the white and I say bring it on.

  31. Oh my,such nasty comments & likely from fellow bloggers. Jealousy, me thinks!! Reminds me of snotty high school kids stuff! I’m not a blogger, just a very new subscriber to your site & am really enjoying it. There is a way to disagree in a tactful manner. By the way, I really disliked the dark before panneling in the bathroom & love the way you lightened it up. It looks so much better now. GOOD JOB!! DON’T LET THE “CATS” GET YOU DOWN!!

  32. The others have said it so well already, but I must add that I too love your bathroom. It is fresh and you obviously put a lot of thought into it. You own your bathroom and the wainscot too. It is your home, not a museum. Our comment sections, and that of the big blogger, have delete comment features.Thank you for inspiring me with your lovely bathroom.

  33. I’m sorry that people were so critical. I know they have their personal style and it differs from yours, but they didn’t have to be so harsh in their comments. I personally LOVE white woodwork, it makes everything looks so clean and fresh!!! Your bathroom is so beautiful! I am inspired as I am in the process of remodeling my bathroom.
    There will always be the haters, but just know that it’s your style and your home and if YOU like it, then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks!

  34. Hmm….that is why it is your bathroom not theirs. 🙂 They don’t have to “go” there! 🙂 Mean is not helpful nor constructive….delete and know it is THEIR problem. 😦 In the blog world, it is SO easy to hid behind ANONYMOUS. Your attitude and your bathroom are both beautiful! ❤

  35. See? See! So much love out there for you. Me included. You really stirred up a reaction with this post. Some of my faves …

    Shirley @ Housepitality Designs calling the haters “snipers” — must steal that …

    Love Mary’s idea of sending that hideous shell toilet seat cover to the biggest critic …

    And Heidi @ Decor & More describing your bathroom as “free of the bondage of dark wainscoting” …

    You have such awesome fans. (Me included 🙂


  36. People can be so cruel. I don’t have a blog but enjoy reading and following along with everyone’s adventures. I thought your bathroom was beautiful. But what’s more important is that you were very happy with it. I’m sure that not everything these people do in their homes is to everyone’s liking either. Most people have the courtesy and manners not to tell them. Enjoy your bathroom and don’t pay attention to petty people.

  37. Your bath, home and blog are lovely, you are lovely! Don’t let the meanies get to you. Criticism always hurts, no matter who you are! Keep your head up and don’t allow them to steal your joy. I speak blessings over you!

  38. I read on someones elses blog, that once you get your first negative comment, you know that you’ve hit it big. By that, I mean it seems that only blogs that have a lot of readers get the negativity that sometimes comes along with it. I have yet to receive a negative comment on my little ole blog, but would be so upset if I did. You’re handling it great, and just remember how many people love your work and writing, and come here every day with excitment to see what you have to say. Don’t listen to those meaners (as my daughter would call them). Listen to the 99.9% of others who LOVE what you do!

  39. Just this minute found your blog, and can’t believe anyone, let alone more than one anyone, would leave such nasty comments. Wow, I absolutely love everything you did in this bathroom. If it were mine, I would just go in there repeatedly and stare at the loveliness. Looking forward to exploring your blog further! 🙂

  40. Your first rude comment – remember when I got mine! Of course, when I went to email her back, her email didn’t exist (loser hiding behind a false name)! Yes, it bugged me for a bit but I got over it – quickly!!

    I can truly appreciate dark woodwork but couldn’t live with it either. I would have painted it too! I love what you did but more importantly it’s what you think that matters. After all, you’re the one sitting in that bathroom (literally) every day! As a jersey girl might say, fuh ged bout it!

  41. Oh well, I guess this just goes to prove the old saying “Different strokes for different folks”.

    As for my stroke, I am stroking with you, Karianne. I love your bathroom, I love your house, I love your attitude and most of all I love your soul.♥♥♥

    Take it and let it roll off your back.

  42. I absolutely LOVE the bathroom after you gave it a life, I guess before would have been fine if you like Dark and Dreary. Thumbs up from me:) You are awesome!

  43. You go on! You see that the majority of the people love what you did in your bathroom. You realize that some people have nothing better to do or are jealous that they can’t do a makeover like this in their own home {for various reasons}. You look at and live with it and if you love it, who cares. You realize that not everyone has the same tastes as you, and that not everyone has the good taste to just move on if they have nothing nice to say.

    Personally, I think you did a fabulous job. You took a dark room and brightened it up and made it a place that you enjoy seeing first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

  44. I happen to have fallen in love with your blog due to that bathroom make over! And your kitchen! There are lots and lots of what we call “haters” in this world.
    Women in general at times, forgive me for saying this can pick each other apart.
    It’s awful. When makeovers are shared on sites, they are shared in the sense of “show and tell” not “show and critique” this is not design school. It’s inspiration. I find folks are quite brave when they can type the words and not say them face to face. It’s become the way of the world, the tweets, facebooking comments etc.
    I think you’ve got mad talent, but there are some folks who take their crap out on everyone online. They need to get a life. This happened to another blogger when her makeover was shared on Houze. It robbed her of the joy and honor of having been chose for such a popular site. Don’t let it do that to you. I think your home should be in a magazine and I’m certainly not the only one. Hugs, tami

  45. I loved all of it, every bit. I am not saying that to make you feel better. Paint colors, beautiful, the use of white in the room. Love it

  46. PS…I bet if this bathroom had belonged to one of those ‘BIG’ bloggers, everyone would falling all over themselves leaving wonderful comments! That’s the one thing about blogging I have noticed…we can be such blog Idol worshipers ;-<.

    I have been guilty of that myself (trying hard to correct that behavior and simply follow those I truly enjoy)

    Janet xox

  47. Just found your blog…and I am not just saying this to make you feel better…your bathroom is quite lovely and fresh. Ignore those negative comments. Can’t wait to check out more of your home.

  48. As my Mom used to say if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all. It is your home and your choice to do as you please. You don’t need anyone’s permission to decorate. If it makes you happy then go for it. Personally, I think it is really pretty. If everyone in the world had the same taste in things this would be a dull and boring place to live. Don’t let if bother you.

  49. I’m so sorry 😦 You have to remember that you cannot please everyone and your tastes are not the same as everyone elses.
    Here is one way to look at it…Do you like the blog that your bathroom was featured on? My guess is that you most certainly do and love her style, so if she featured you she must think what you did is pretty spectacular too!
    I am waiting for the day someone criticizes me because I know it is not if it is when. I can be super insecure blogging and nervous to post something already because I compare myself to others and then if I had someone say they didn’t like it I would just want to crawl in a hole…but I will just pull myself up and keep going and doing what I love. If you like it great, if you don’t oh well! P.S. I love you bathroom and after I saw yours I was embarrassed of my most recent bathroom makeover because it didn’t compare ha ha!!

  50. i love your blog…i love your house…i love your bathroom…i am sitting in my kitchen while my 4 surly teenagers bicker in the living room over who is sitting where…if i can’t escape here to your blog i might as well throw in the towel. don’t stop!!! mothers of surly teenagers everywhere need what you have!!!!! ps. the post about ignoramoses was hilarious!! word of the day!!

  51. Yup….blogging comments can bruise our hearts and our egos sometimes….but NEVER enough to stop our creativity and sharing spirits!! You keep on going. You don’t stop. You continue to create a loving, beautiful, one-of-a-kind home that YOU and your family loves. That’s all that’s important, you know. ♥ Peace within that came from inspiration within. If someone out in blogland can’t appreciate it….well….it stinks to be them, I guess. And if they honestly thought that your bathroom looked better before…..???? Well….just consider the source. Certainly wouldn’t want to be living in their house. lololol! Hugs!!!

    xoxo laurie

  52. Unhappy people think they need to share their misery with others to make them feel better. Good news is we can shake off their unhappiness…they can’t. Enough time spent on these folks.

  53. I’m not a blogger but I happily follow many and just started following yours. Like you, I love my home and am always looking for ways to make it more me. One of the reasons I began to follow yours was because of what you’ve done to your home and most recently, the bathroom, I think your bathroom is warm, inviting, calming and beautiful; it also looks clean and fresh, and isn’t that what most people want in a bathroom – especially with that dreamy tub?

    I’m very sorry about those terrible comments, but don’t be discouraged. I can’t imagine that anyone who would have the nerve to make such mean comments have a very nice life, so in fact, I feel sorry for them. So, keep up the great work and I can hardly wait to see what you do next!

  54. Hey you… I would not go back to the drawing board!! I would let it go through one ear and right out the other. The thing about decorating ad design is that everyone has their own taste. I am not a big white girl (partly due to the 65 pounds of love and dirt my greyhound brings in the house after a few laps in the back yard) but what I do look at is the design of it. I love how you used balance and texture and how the wood floor really becomes the star since you painted the walls. If you would have left the wainscoting the original wood I do not think you would have even noticed the floor. Now if there was any talk about that Ky pillow you know I love I would go over there and have your back girl!!!

  55. I don’t like dark wood. Maybe you don’t either? To each his own, right? And I wish that the internet didn’t brew unkindness – but the nameless faceless seem to be quite brave, don’t they?!

  56. I just counted 58 pins of your bathroom!! And the comments….”Amazing,” “Restful,” “Dreamy,”……I could go on and on. Your home is all over Pinterest!

    It would cost at least $25,000 to get this look in my bathroom!! I would have to rip everything out! We just moved here 4 months ago AND we don’t have that kind of money!!

    Please, please don’t let the hurtful words of a few discourage you!!! Where do these hurtful people come from? Are they so jealous that they have to be mean. I want to see THEIR bathroom…..Really….I do.

    I remember when you posted this bathroom….I was drooling….I pinned almost every picture….I commented on it. Funny, I went to bed that night thinking how I could incorporate what you had done into my “builders” bathroom.

    I, too, read Young House Love’s post about criticism. A person wouldn’t be human not to let it get to them. However, you really have to look at the person doing the criticism!!

    You have so many fans….please, please forget and forgive those who hurt.

    Hugs, Jan

  57. Oh Karianne…. Welcome to the world of trolls. It’s happened to all of us. It’s difficult but eventually you learn to take it with a grain of salt. Truly there are some people who genuinely prefer a darker wood to a painted out version and they might find a polite way to say that’s not their thing. But there are others who make a game of seeing how long of a nasty comment they can create, simply for sport. I don’t know if it helps to know we’ve all been there before and we’ll all be there again at some point… I try to teach my children a “Thank you for sharing that with me.” (sarcastic of course) attitude – in times like these I find it helps to consider the source. Some people were just not taught any manners… you can say you don’t care for something a multitude of polite ways…

    I remember once when we were moving into a newly purchased house at the same time the owners were moving out. They had painted all of their walls mauve and pink and purple… all of them. We thought it was awful but of course didn’t say anything to them. When they saw us moving all of our antiques into the house, we heard them exclaiming in the other room how ugly they thought that was going to look with their designer pain colors. HA! To each his own… everybody has a different style ❈

    Luckily your blog is also a haven… people who love your style are your readers. We come back day after day because we adore your bathroom and your kitchen and every other room in your house. We dream about your white paint (which by the way looks classic and serene and lovely and perfect.). ❈

    Can’t wait to see what you blog about next, thank you for all of the inspiration!

  58. This is a great question, one that I think can’t be answered by our particular reactions to your bathroom (or the blog as a whole). It’s one that all writers encounter eventually, if they are fortunate. (And I view you as the writer not only of your blog, but of your house. Your bathroom is a “text” as much as your blog is.)

    One thing I had to learn long ago as a writer is that my writing is not me–even when it is a highly personal reflection of me. Your bathroom reflects you, but you can be a lovely person and have a not-lovely bathroom. Really understanding and internalizing this key distinction makes it easier to look objectively at feedback that hurts. (Because I’m not denying the reality of the sting. Sometimes it stings really hard!)

    Another thing is to try to look through the language of the message to the essence of it. Hard to do, but often helpful. Those comments sting because they writers have used loaded negative language (crap, waste, ho-hum). That’s really unfortunate, because the essential question is a valid one: Should we paint over something that has historical value or “character”? That’s something great to think about. Seeing a whole blog on that question (Pam Keuber’s Retro Renovation) has really influenced my approach to renovating my house. I’m making some choices now I might not have before I heard the question. I don’t think I have the answer to this question all figured out, but I’m glad I encountered it. The responses raise other questions to me: What is chic, anyway? Does chic matter? Is safe bad? Why? Is everything in home design just a matter of taste, or are there other things we should be looking at/thinking about? All of these take me deeper into thinking about what I want my home to be–which I think will help me create a home that provides more pleasure and shelter.

    Last thing is to consider the source of the feedback. As others mentioned, some live to bring others down. They aren’t providing feedback to help you, but for their own reasons. Find some readers who will ask you hard questions about your work from a caring place, and listen to them. Let the anonymous, cheap-shot critics go (after considering whether or not there are useful kernels to cull from what they’ve thrown at you).

    I really enjoy your blog, and I hope you keep writing, and I hope you take great encouragement from the success that this type of feedback is. You’re putting it out there, and getting a response, and that right there puts you in a place that others aren’t. Take care–

  59. Geez, people are so rude! It actually surprises me thar the “big blog” allows such comments to be published – criticism is fine, nastiness is not! Well, you just gotta laugh at their ignorance, right? AND move on! Your bathroom is super lovely, don’t you forget it!! You gotta just create a home that you love and who cares what the rest have to say. You are a very talented lady, my friend and I adore ya!!

  60. When the picture first popped up on my iPad I immediately fell in love with your ‘new look’ bathroom. Then, I read the ouchy comments. Obviously, these people are stuck in the ’80’s. You took a dark, cave-like bathroom and made it light and airy and adorable. It is too cute!

  61. I love your blog and decor sense! I love getting my email and opening it up to look at your pretty pictures. I love the bathroom and now wonder if I saw the before pics, I can’t remember. can you email and let me know the other blog where you were featured so I can see the entire post? I want to say (hope) that the only reason people wrote their opinions on another blog is that they were truly not thinking you would read them…. I am trying to understand why they would write that… maybe they thought you would never see it?

  62. My husband and I bought a tiny 105 year old cottage for my inlaws last year. Every time we went to look at the cottage our relator kept upselling the knotty pine paneling covering almost every square inch of the place. While it was beautiful in it’s own way, unless it was sitting in a cabin in the woods (the cottage sits on a street in a small town) there would be no way I could live with the dark walls and ceilings, not to mention my mother-in-law who is proned to depression. The minute we bought the place we spent a month, priming and painting it white! The neighbors thought we were crazy and we never told our relator we did that. The cottage is now bright, white and airy and my inlaws are enjoying every 700 sq feet the place has to offer.
    It is great to see others like yourself who takes brave steps to make something livable and might I add in the case of your bathroom beautiful! You love it, your family loves it and all 45 commentors before me love it. Mean hearted opinions should have no place here!!!!!! Way to do this for yourself!
    It is something I try and keep in mind daily as i have been blogging for years and only have 138 followers. I keep reminding myself it’s not the quanity, it is the quality of relationships, blogger friendships that I’ve made over these past years that count.
    It’s meeting up with a blogger friend from another state at Epcot while we were both there visiting on vacation, it having friends in PA or WA that while we have never met I consider family, It walking thru the death of a very special blogging friend who died on Christmas day a year ago, it a way to connect with my sister-in-law and aunt who also have blogs. And like you said, most importantly it’s for me. It’s a place to be creative, gain inspirational ideas, become a community.
    Keep going, your home is very inspiring (I’ve found myself pinning many of your photos. Your little craft house has me dreaming…. your porch wow!
    Thank you for sharing and for allowing me to share back!
    Dee Dee

  63. O Karianne I have had the same thing happen to me. I was just wanting help with the layout of the furniture in one of my rooms and it was put on a bigger blog for all to see. My home is very old-and so it is more bed and breakfast look. I don’t have money to go but all craftsman or Victorian style furniture and use what I have been given or found inexpensively. It was quite an eye opener to have everything criticized but little help on the layout. I took what little tidbits I could from the comments. One of my friends told me once that criticism is like eating chicken. Eat the meat and toss out the bones!

    You pretty bathroom is your bathroom and you love it and that is what counts! If you would like you could put a picture up of my pink and black 50’s bathroom that has paint peeling off the wall as someone painted over glossy paint with flat!

    bee blessed and keep creating!

  64. Chic or Chic-ken? That is the question. Oh Kari-Ann…..we have all been hit with this. Personal choice is just that…personal choice. You do what makes you happy, not some stranger. These particular commenters, however, were totally wrong. If you don’t like something….fine but use your gracious manners that your Momma should have taught you. As I was always told, “if you can’t say something nice….then don’t say it at all”. Your “new” bath is fabulous and I am not sure what frou frou girly they are talking about. If flowers in a room is girly than I am about as girly as it gets! 🙂 xoxo Lynn P.S. My house is full of “rare old wood paneling” (as the commenter uses) and I painted it all before I ever moved in and have never ever regretted it!

  65. Hi, We’ve all heard the saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Well I guess when we put ourselves out there we are opening the door to opinions of all kinds. I love your blog posts your wit cheers me up. I remember seeing the photos of your bath re-do. I don’t remember you asking for any opinions about what you did to the room. lol You were just sharing an idea. People need to go back to being kind or at least be polite to one another. Hugs, Linda

  66. Right on girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What does the song say? I gotta be me or something like that. There are plenty of other blogs they can watch if they want to. Let it go and be happy.

  67. Don’t let the “haters” get to you! Your blog is amazing, and your home is lovely and fresh! Just as you said, it is YOUR home, and you should do whatever makes you happy. The bad thing about showing the world what you do is that you leave yourself open to the “haters” who will sucker punch you in the gut, all from behind the safety and anonymity of their computer screens.
    I think as creative people, those of us in the blogging world (I am a newbie) really want people to like what we do, and because it is so intertwined with who we are, it feels very personal if we get anything other than praise. We pour so much energy, thought, and love into making our houses feel like home.
    Don’t lose another wink of sleep over it! So many people clearly adore your home and blog!!
    You are an inspiration! Chin up! xoxoxo

  68. Oh my goodness!! I had to respond immediately when I read this! I ADORED the new bathroom!!! The colors are sooo soothing. I think the anonymity of the internet gives people an outlet to vent all their own shortcomings and frustrations with the world unfortunately. I’m sure given the chance they would have never said such hurtful things to your face. Obviously NO MANNERS! Hold your head high and let it roll right off! I love your new space!


  69. Is there someone that is having fun saying bad things to hurt people. Young House Love also had a bad commenter. I think they are going all over the blog sphere and upsetting people. CONSIDER THE SOURCE and be happy. You have too many people that love your blog. Keep going.

  70. Just wanted to march right over here and tell you how much it bothered me too just to read those mean spirited comments about your bathroom. I just knew I would be in good company and I was right. Look how many of us there are that absolutely adore your style! ~Lili

  71. Ouch! is right! You have the right attitude my blog friend. Moving on. You create wonderful things, and are a wonderful person. You are doing what inspires you and sharing it along the way. And you’re doing it for you. I can’t wait to hear all about your bread making adventure.

  72. I love your bathroom. It is very serene.

    Why is it we give so much weight to the awful comments, and not the encouraging ones? If you love it, it doesn’t matter what others think, though it can be hurtful.

    Go with the 99% approving … ignore the 1% mean. They don’t have to come back to visit.

  73. Personally I love the new look! And I like your attitude, too! I would say it’s your blog, and your home – you’re the one who lives there (not the critics!) so do everything the way that makes you happiest! Life is too short to pay attention to them anyway – You GO, girl!!

  74. I just have to add my two cents! I love the new remodel! it’s a beautiful bathroom and I think you have great taste! I agree that when we blog we open ourselves up to comments we may not like… but what I love is all of the good comments and positive feedback! I have created so much more since I started my blog, because I want to please my blogging friends and I want all of that good feedback! Just ignore the meanies out there! from all of the comments here the meanies are idiots anyway! :O)

  75. You go ahead and be you honey. Those critics don’t live in your house and you can fix-paint-change it anyway you want to. I love itI

  76. Wow! This is very interesting to me. I’m a non-degreed interior designer and painter who has a blog, of sorts. (it’s fizzled a bit what with homeschooling two young sons). However, it exists and so do I, in this world of over-abundant creativeness with others like or not like myself and you, who make and then blog.

    Just the other day I was perusing the hundreds of blogs looking at ideas and something hit me in the face: Everything is starting to look the same!! NO!!! Where did the creativeness go???

    While these comments that you listed above were not on my blog (so I can say this without the sting that it surely must have caused…even a little sting) in their defense WHITE is now EVERYWHERE. I adore white. I drink it in in every photo! I drool over the purity and clearness that it gives to a space. I myself have added so much more to our home whilst daydreaming of the ALLWHITE everywhere look! I would NOT have used some of the adjectives in those above comments, nor would I have even commented in that way….while having this new awakening about the designs and blogs out there. But in those comments folks may be feeling or seeing the same thing I did! It’s everywhere! It is all starting to look the same! Now, in defense of just about everyone loving the whiteness…WE DO! In photos it is absolutely like spring eternal!!!! When I looked at your before photo I thought, WOW! That is a rich looking bathroom! Then I scrolled back up to the re-do and I could breathe!!! It’s clean and clear and fresh and calling my name!!!

    My kitchen cupboards are dark wood. For years the subject of painting them white literally caused marital discord for me and my hubby. So. I pushed out the middles and added glass to open up our small galley kitchen. Then, my husband said one day – “If you want to paint them white, go ahead. I think it would really look great in here!” Epiphany??? You’d think. But I live in this space all the time and I kinda like the brown wood. It’s warm. And I’m kinda scared to paint them. So they stay as is.

    We live in our spaces, our rooms. They are not photographs edited and altered. They are real time life organisms that effect us, our moods, our emotions and living.

    The dark bathroom would get me personally depressed. I would NEVER feel clean there. I know, kinda weird, but I know what WHITE can do to a life, to a family!

    So. Why is this all being said? We do what we love. We do it the best we know how. And WE live in our homes. The commenters, nor our fellow bloggers dwell there.

    And we also affect each other. Your WHITE somehow put darkness into a few! And since we are not apples, a couple of rotten ones DO NOT SPOIL THE WHOLE BUNCH!

    Your bathroom is LOVELY! Just my opinion, of course! But what impresses me MORE is that YOU DID IT!!!!!!! So impressed with that hard work and creative energy!!!! And your braveness for posting this post! Thanks!

  77. I am glad that you prefaced all this by saying these comments were somewhere else because when one “knows” a blogger, one doesn’t always say what first pops into the head. One takes the time to give a considerate response as one would do with a friend seated across the table sipping tea. I’m glad that you’re not going to allow anything to stop you because you know what you and your family enjoy. You are the arbiter of all things lovely in your own home. And opinions are a dime a dozen…pffftttt…let them keep that dark wood in their homes if they love it so. (I have some of both myself.)

  78. When I opened yout post today I thought, “Wow pretty awesome designer bath!” I looked at the before and yes, dark, nice wood dark. But, my opinion. I don’t use your bath. Two ways to look at it-some are just mean and some are entitled to their taste. Well three-some should just shut up. To personally attack a fellow bloggers style when the very blogger has access to the site to me is pretty crappy on behalf of the one who posted it. Now if you were not mentioned by name or linked back to photo and you never knew nor the readers who read never knew who owned it, but the blogger who posted didn’t help the situation. I understand your distressed and deserve to be, but I had a situation far more upsetting-a personal attack onme that went on for almost a year! I think had it been my home I would have been able to shrug it off. However this blogger was evil beyond words, everytime i thought it ended she reappeared. To be personally attacked is far more cruel, afteral it is our blog, free country and …….. Oh before I forget, “girly frou-frou” is wonderful and CHIC!!!!!! Bless your sweet heart for being such a genuine and creative person! Lori

  79. Well, hmmph! I love the bathroom. I love that you love it. And, dog gone it, I love that you put yourself out there!
    So, there. Keep on keepin’ on.
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  80. Well, you ignore them!! I think your bath is just lovely–and better then the before–and I love the painted wood and trim. Anyone who is that rude should just be forgotten–don’t pay any attention to them. Our homes should be a reflection of us and our families and not cookie cutter copies. If we love it and feel happy with our homes and decor–we have accomplished all we need to…..

  81. Your white bathroom looks great!! People can be so rude and mean! The dark wood was nice, but DARK! Like you said “my bathroom is me” and that’s what counts!!! As the saying goes “you can’t please all of the people all of the time” so go with what makes YOU happy, just like you did!!

  82. Looks like you’ve gotten alot of feedback from others about this already, so I’ll be brief. First off, I like the “after” more than the “before”. I think it’s rude to leave a negative comment on someone’s blog. If I don’t like something that much, I would just refrain from commenting at all. I have learned, over the last several years, that you can’t please all of the people all of the time, only some of the people some of the time and what matters most is that you’re pleasing yourself (when it comes to decorating your home). Just because one person doesn’t like it, doesn’t make them right and you wrong. I would just chalk it up to that is just their opinion and move on. Different strokes for different folks, I guess! If we all did things the same way as everyone else, wouldn’t the world be a boring place. I personally ADORE your style, and nothing will change that…..and yes, that is just MY opinion.

  83. I like you and your style, too. I’d move right in and not change a thing. And I like changing things! Your attitude is a good one. People who say unkind things in blogs should remember, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.” I only offer “advice” – or my 2c worth if someone asks, and it’s something I have experience with or an opinion on, and I try to say it in a positive way. Sometimes even then, I feel a little pushy. Bottom line, YOU rock. We all can’t like the same things – and that’s a good thing. Otherwise, we wouldn’t find such amazing things in thrift stores!

  84. Too funny! I have never really thought what it would be like for complete strangers to comment and say negative things, I agree, “Ouch!” But , I also have to say the after is way better than the before. You go girl , I love your blog!

  85. Ay-Men, Sistah! Actually, I don’t have this problem because I only know four or five famous bloggers, and they would be foolhardy to put any stuff of mine on their blogs. BUT…if more than twelve people saw one of my rooms and said something mean, I’d say something like “Hey! It’s my bathroom. You don’t have to come here and poop in it if you don’t want.”
    I think it’s darling. And I paint stuff all the time, INCLUDING the pine paneling we have in our small bathroom. Wood, schmood. Highly overrated.

  86. I just found your blog and wanted to let you know that I think you have beautiful taste! You are also REALLY funny! I tell my kids all the time that when someone says a cruel comment it is because of 1 reason…Their jealous!!! Those people wish they could have a bathroom like yours. Keep up the wonderful creations!

  87. Your bathroom makeover is gorgeous. I guess everyone is entitled to an opinion, although don’t you wish they would keep it to themselves? You go girl and pay no attention to those comments!

  88. I am a firm believer that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. I first saw your bathroom on pinterest and thought it was lovely. After I looked at your whole blog, I was in love. I don’t know why some folks think they have to be so mean. It is hard to turn a deaf ear to all the negativity in the world these days – but in your case – please don’t listen to the nay sayers. Please don’t stop posting on your blog – you’ve got talent girl!

  89. I actually have this very picture saved under my “dream bathroom” folder. I think it is classic & beautiful! Keep up the great work!

  90. Hi. Just bouncing over from savvysouthernstyle. Where did you post your pictures that they received such abusive comments? I just don’t want to go there! I think that if you are happy with the new bath, then it is perfect for you! Chin up and keep going!

    Enjoyed your photos at Christmas. I am your newest follower!

  91. Sometimes when people are typing from the safety of their computers, and don’t have to see the reaction they cause, they forget that there are real people with real feelings that are impacted by their words. These people seem to forget whatever upbringing they’ve had when hidden behind the anonymity of a avatar and a username.

    I liked your bathroom before, but I can understand why you’d want to make the change to something lighter and brighter, and in the end your home needs to suit you and your family. Some people hold “original wood” as sacrosant. It’s not. It’s just wood and if you ever decide that you’re tired of the white, nothing has been done that can’t be undone. I applaud the bravery that it took to paint over your woodwork. I think it’s lovely and I really love the changes that you made.

    Please don’t let a few people who suffer from poor manners detract the joy that you get from making your house an expression of your tastes. I just found your blog yesterday, and have been enjoying my journey through your past. You have a wonderful sense of humor, and unfortunately sometimes we need a strong dose of that to get through dealing with other people.

  92. Not much to add here, just adding my voice to affirm your choices. It’s your home, you can do whatever you like.

    Carry on with your style, your design, your whimsy.

  93. Too bad some people never heard, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything.” Wise words from my grandmother & I’m sure plenty of other moms and grandmas. Those were really hurtful comments. When I hear things like that, I just think that person is so jealous of what you’ve done, that they can’t even be civil. I love your attitude!

  94. You just can’t please everyone all of the time! It simply boils down to taste and not everyone has the same likes! It’s too bad though that people don’t think about how hurtfull their comments can be!! If that is the way YOU want to live with YOUR bathroom then, that’s the way it has to be! I would have done the same thing you did, because i’m trying to get away from dark colors myself!! Bright and Happy!! Stay Strong my freind!!

  95. First off it looks freakin’ awesome. Secondly, we all have different likes and dislikes that is what makes the world amazing. We can like it, we can hate it, we can become inspired by it, we can be opened up to something totally new to us. But we can all be courteous in how we deliver our opinions. We don’t have to love everyone else’s style but we should respect it.
    I am honestly speaking here- you have amazing style and don’t go changing for me or anyone else. BE YOU..

  96. I too found your blog due to the feature of your bathroom. I love your writing style and enjoy your blog very much. I would probably decorate it differently, but I’m with you on getting rid of the dark wood!

  97. (visiting from the salvage collection )
    Here’s the thing: Opinions are like a**holes. Everyone’s got one, and some of them stink! I think your bathroom is beautiful, looks nicely updated and clean. If you like it, who cares what everyone else thinks, you are the one using it. Carry on, just like nothing happened!!

  98. Man, they should adopt what my mamma told me when I was a wee tot…. if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. And just where is something girly frou frou? I don’t see it. I think it looks lovely after, and the wainscoting is equally as lovely before. I also understand when people live with something they want a change. Apparently the nay -sayers don’t know that you can also STRIP painted wood if you were so inclined to change it back. So in THEIR house when THEIR wainscoting get’s painted, THEY can strip it down and restore it! Then when they are tired of looking at wood they can PAINT IT! Guess they thought it was their job to critic it to their liking. Let’s see their bathrooms!!!!

  99. That’s shocking and sad and just mean in spirit. I follow the blog Young House Love, and their Friday post was so well written and about this very thing. The main thing to remember is it’s your blog, your house, your choice. I am glad you share, and I love your beautiful home.

  100. Oh my – sorry this person invaded your space. Remember the three C’s. You did not cause her attitute, you can not change it and you sure can’t cure it. This person has a lot of negative energy and is unable or affraid to address the real issues bothering her so she played tag and you were it. Sorry

  101. What are they talking about?? Your bathroom is BEAUTIFUL! They are probably jealous, that’s it!
    Yes, you have to go on because all you do is inspiring and if it is something that makes you happy than go for it!

  102. I thought this bathroom was beautiful, inviting and very well done. I would be proud to have put the work and creativity into it that you must have. And I can imagine how wonderful it would be to have a long soak in that fabulous tub!!

    It’s incredible how rude, judgemental and insulting people can be when they are able to hide behind the anonymity of their computers. They are probably those people that are “experts” at everything, like armchair quarterbacks, always there with an opinion but never a part of the doing.

    I think there are more of us who like your style and appreciate the work that went into this project. Thank you for your inspiration 🙂

  103. So hard to believe some people choose to take that path and comment in that fashion. I have heard only 1 other blogger share that some one has left sad and ugly comments on her blog too. I hope it is not a sign of the times and our current economy. Your design is lovely and I appreciate the invitation into your home. Thank you for being brave enough to share this with us.

  104. O, Kari….I can’t even start to believe that those people were so rude. Don’t they know that we are no longer messing around at RATE MY SPACE….that’s where all the meanies like to hang out. Over here in Blogland, NICE is the word.
    So, if someone doesn’t like something I do, I ask that they kindly move on to another blog…that if they say something ,MEAN, it is going to make me squall and bawl….now, on the other hand…if they don’t agree with what I like, that’s fine with me. Just don’t be rude about it. i DON’T like everything i see other people doing, but when I do, if I can’t find something nice to comment about, I just don’t comment.
    In other words, I would rather all my hair fall out before hurting someone’s feelings….ON PURPOSE. Not a cool thing to do, folks.

  105. Dimwits………………………I love the after yes the before was nice too but it is your bathroom and you are the one who has to look at it every day so have it however you want to and yes I am tipsy I wonder if it shows in my comments I don’t think I am making typos but lets see when I am not so tipsy…………..lol

  106. i love the way you updated your bathroom. If some people don’t like it , so what? You probably wouldn’t like their style either. We don’t have to like everyone’s styles. We are individuals after all.

  107. Bingo! Your right. Our homes should reflect who we are! Be true to youself:) that’s the only way to be really, I believe.everone is entitled to their opinion and they don’t have to do their bath like yours. That would make it theirs. Keep on doing what makes you happy . I for one love to see what others are creating. To be inspired by other bloggers. and for the record, your bathroom came out great:) !!! – Debra xxx capers of the vintage vixens

  108. You know what? We all have different tastes. That’s fine. But evidently *some* of us out there have forgotten our manners. What a shame.

    Me personally? I’d only change ONE thing, and that would be to pick up that pretty white rug, but only because my wheelchair doesn’t like rugs. 🙂 Otherwise, it’s perfect and I’d dearly love something just like it in my own home!

  109. I am not a blogger…I just look at what other people create and gain inspiration from them.I appreciate all the time and hard work that goes into all the projects that I see.
    There are some projects that are not my taste or some crafts I am not interested in. But I would NEVER leave that kind of feedback….it was uncalled for and mean spirited. You continue to do what you love and were called to do. I just want all bloggers to know how much I appreciate everything you do.Deb

  110. Hi Kari
    I love blog land.
    I love that there’s plenty of people out there sharing there homes.
    Yes I see things that I personally don’t like but who am I in the scheme of things.
    I prefer the white of your bathroom (I’m not an all white girl) Until you stand in a space and live with it everyday I don’t really think you can decide what should be done. I painted the timber ceiling and brick walls of my family room Boy what it was liberating.Right now I’m wanting that fabulous black cupboard you posted next to the chair with the angel cushion on it. I’m a bit to far away for you to send it to me.
    Kind Regards
    I like you too.

  111. Karianne — My grandfather used to say that opinions are like a certain not-to-be-repeated obscenity for an anatomical part, everyone has one. (And that word would also pretty much sum up what I think about those hater types. haha!) But just look at all these supportive entries — you are touching so many households and giving hope to those of us who are decoratively challenged!

    Most importantly, you are focused on all the right stuff — making a comfortable home for your family, sharing experiences that are totally relatable and helpful to others, and re-purposing and re-using for a greener planet (which this crunchy girl especially digs).

    I particularly appreciate the fact that you did not gut that bathroom — you took the greener approach and worked with what was already there. You have inspired me to figure out a way to love my kitchen cabinets and not replace them! Are you available for a kitchen consult anytime soon? 🙂

  112. Listen, i am not a user of ur colors, but i am a fan because u make those colors and style so lovely that i had to add u to my blog list. U have great ideas and i like to look at your pictures. Rate my space people on Hgtv.com can be pretty mean too. Specially the anonomous commentors. I do my home for me. Not everyone likes it but i tried to go with different ways , but they were’nt me. You keep doing what u love!

  113. I am always amazed at the hateful comments some people leave. Really? You can’t say anything nice? Are you a design expert?

    Somehow, the internet seems to give permission to be rude to some people. And you will always encounter that sort of thing in real vs. virtual life as well. I bet if you tally up the positive comments and the negative, the positive will far outweigh the negative.

    Consider the source. Move on – it is YOUR home. And it’s lovely.


  114. Well…. Good for you. You very clearly stated your reason for blogging and I love it! For those who criticize…. yeah…. whatever.
    I understand that not everyone has the same taste… and that is just fine. What I don’t understand is why some folks find it necessary to verbalize their opinions in a way that is hurtful. Why? What is the point?
    You have a beautiful home. It is your home. It is your place of comfort and peace. Please do not allow negativity any space in your brain. I know it is hard not to. I have allowed negative comments to nag at me for days…. it just isn’t worth it.
    For what it’s worth, I LOVE your bathroom and would have painted the woodwork too. It is bright and clean and happy!
    Keep sharing your beautiful home. I am inspired by you!
    Thank you!

  115. It is YOUR house, YOUR blog, and you have every right to do and say exactly what you want with both!

    I think you can see from the support that most of us feel this way. I got my feelings hurt several times when I first started blogging, and even quit a couple of times. Once when I tried to have a giveaway, not one person entered!

    It is extremely rude to criticize the creative efforts of others, but when we put it all out there, we ARE showing the world a very private side of ourselves, no matter how guarded or open we may be about it. My mother always taught me that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. When I blog over on my opinion blog, I feel pretty free to write whatever I like, and those I might call to task over certain issues are either public figures who by that very definition means that I can do it, or they are anonymous strangers who won’t know about it anyway.

    I just don’t say anything if I see something I don’t like on a blog or I think is bad design. I have had formal design training and years of experience, so it is not fair for me or anyone else to judge another blogger by those standards. Just look, and then move on if you think they screwed up or you think it is awful. Come back again later to that same page, and you might see something you love! Then RAVE about that. I have made mistakes just like everyone else, but mean comments on those mistakes from someone I don’t know from Adam’s house cat are really uncalled for.

    Keep doing what you are doing — I love your house and your blog!


  116. First of all I just found your blog and thoroughly enjoy perusing it each day. It is beyond me why someone needs to post negative comments about what you so lovingly share. If it is not to someone’s taste, so be it. But to leave the comments you posted above is not kind or classy. I hope you will continue to share with us. Ignore those who don’t agree and embrace those who do. :o)

  117. Hi! Like everyone else, I love your new bathroom. When I read your original post, I looked at your “before” photo, and thought “I like that. I like the dark wood” but I know that a dark bathroom can be depressing (come and see ours!!!) And I do prefer your after.
    It’s light, bright and, I think, says a lot about you and your spirit.

    People can be mean behind anonymity – or maybe they’re just crass and not good at expressing themselves. But I hope you can feel the love, and appreciation, of all your readers here. We’re not so anonymous and we love what you’re doing! Keep your chin up, girl!!!

  118. I love the bathroom remodel! Yours is one blog I have found and keep returning too because of all the lovely changes you make. You have to have tough skin to blog sometimes. People use the anonymity of the internet to say mean and vile things instead of knowing how to keep their mouth shut if they have nothing nice to say. Keep on keeping on!!

  119. Who cares what others think, as long as you love it. I personally, love the your bathroom, it awesome. Yes, criticism like that can hurt, but really it’s a lovely bathroom, and I think you should just forget what they said.

  120. One of the reasons I’m so thrilled to have discovered the world of blogland is that I get to see so many different points of view. I get ideas constantly, both of what I’d like to do and what I’d like not to do. Unless someone specifically asks what others think, my policy is to keep my opinion to myself. I’m a teacher, so I’m used to people criticizing me and my methods, particularly when they have know knowledge or experience to offer themselves, just an a*****e, I mean opinion!
    p.s. I have stained wood trim unless you live in an historic home…love the white paint on the wainscotting.

    1. that should read “I hate stained wood trim” not have! Teachers are the worst at proofreading, even though we preach it constantly!

  121. Hi Karianne ~ I saw this yesterday on my phone. but didn’t have a second to respond. That darn Challenge. and all. I read through a bunch of the comments before starting this one. So you don’t need to hear it all again!!! I just wanted to say that you have such a beautiful way with your WORDS and sometimes you express things in such a way that it’s like you are speaking for me. I’m sure others feel this when they read your posts. Your room is beautiful and so are your words. Keep doing what makes you happy and we will be happy to follow along on your journey. We love seeing others achieve!!! It inspires.
    I blog because it gives me wings. It challenges me to attempt things that I wouldn’t have even thought of otherwise. I feel creativity flowing more freely now. Everything won’t turn out just like the magazines. There will be people that won’t like it. And, If I had money to do everything the way I desire…I’m guessing my rooms and projects would look a little bit different. And if I lived in another location that was bright and sunny all of the time, my rooms would have a different feel too. These challenges affect what I do, and that is OK!
    I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us. I look forward to getting little tidbits of you and your life in your posts. It is inspiring….no matter if you painted that darn wood paneling white!

  122. Your bathroom is beautiful, fresh, updated, I would have totally done the same thing. In fact I have the same wainscotting in mine with all the fresh and white as well. I love your brush/floss sign. Just ignore the negative, people should only comment nice things are not say anything at all. Probably they have “envy fever”! Your home is beautiful and your ideas are great. Just brush it off as no biggie and have a great day!!

  123. I’ll be honest and say that I am one of those people who still likes wood during this time when paint is really “in” and I don’t like seeing lovely antique wood pieces painted over. BUT, I do like the way you redid your bathroom, and more importantly, I believe in respecting the choices of the person who owns the project! So, while I can see both sides, I think comments like that should be left to posts where someone asks for others opinions, like this one. And I’m only saying it in the hopes that you understand, we’re all going to have different opinions, but those opinions should be respectful of others feelings, and that I hope you can get past this and continue to love doing projects exactly the way YOU do them and love them. 🙂

  124. Wow. That does hurt. Why would someone leave those comments? What is the point? Personally, I think it is jealousy.

    I wouldn’t waste another moment on it. Your house look fabulous. If you love it then who cares what anyone else thinks!

    Okay, now that I’ve said that I’m sharing my big reveal tonight! 🙂

  125. OMG, Kari — you’re new bath is beyond perfextion!! Pay no mind to those arrogant, vicious (and, very likely, jealous) people making ugly comments…they are crazy and don’t have as much style, creativity and talent as you have in your pinky 😉

  126. Ouch is right! They were mean spirited and nasty to leave comments like that. After all if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t leave a comment.

    I like what you have done, it’s certainly not a matter of if “I” like old wood or painted wood. There are boundaries…they stepped over them.

    Don’t lose sleep over this, and good for you for being brave enough to speak up about the tackiness of other bloggers who are hiding behind the anonymity of the web.

    Makes me think twice about sharing anything on my blog about our new house now…

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  127. Well I have to say congratulations to you! They say you’re not a REAL blogger until you get the unsolicited mean comments, so welcome to the big leagues, my friend! It’s especially huge if the commenters are mistaken (okay, WRONG) like they are in this case. That bathroom belongs in a magazine!

  128. Girl, that is so harsh! Yowsa! I’ve really only known the bloggy world to be a loving place, so I feel your pain! My Mom always told me that if people are acting strangely, it’s usually due to jealousy. Brush it off – your stuff is great! – Lori

  129. Sometimes I think when people comment they forget that there are people on the other side.

    For what its worth, I think dark wainscoting is beautiful in a livingroom, den or library. It just makes the space too dark in a bath.

  130. I think you’re bathroom is very cute & simple. I really like the brush & floss signs.

    I’m in the process of lightening up my decorating sense. I’ve always leaned toward earthy colors and am now ready for something lighter~so carry on!

  131. I’m sorry you have had to deal with this, Karianne! Your bathroom is beautiful…and it is YOURS and you use it. It should be what YOU and your family want, and unless you asked for their opinion who needs it? I know I have done projects where people really liked my “BEFORE”, but I was really tired of it and wanted a change…and so long as my family likes it…that’s what matters! Sending a big XO…

  132. Be true to yourself Karianne. My motto is “If it makes your heart sing then do it !”
    This is your creative space and you may use it to express yourself however you want. Your home is beautiful, so keep moving forward and don’t look back at those with unkindness in their hearts xo

  133. I guess I’m not big enough to have faced this yet. Maybe you should consider it a badge of honor. 😉

    I can’t believe people would take the time to trash someone’s project. My mom really instilled in me the “If you can’t say anything nice…” thing. If someone asks an opinion while they’re planning, that’s one thing… Critique away. But after the project is done, what or whom does it serve to be negative?

    How would I react? I’d be upset. I’d chew on it and think of retorts for a few days. I might even decide that I didn’t need blogging if that’s what it meant. Then I’d calm down and let it fade into the background and go on. If you love your bathroom, and you know probably hundreds of others do, too, that’s what counts.

  134. Really? I am shocked. I live by “if you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything.” Where are people’s manners? I think it looks amazing!

  135. I think it’s lovely, bright, fresh and beautiful. It’s your home, do what makes you happy. I believe in the old saying, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

  136. Wow, where did that come from????? I would die if I got a reaction like that. Well done for not curling up in the corner and forgetting all about blogging. Hang in there! PS I love the new look bathroom.

  137. I just love that you said “I like me”. That says so much! I am really sorry that people felt so free to say what they did.

  138. People can be so heartless. But I’m glad you picked yourself back up and were able to look at the bright side…it is in fact YOUR home and as long as you love it, then it’s perfect! I love your blog and sense of taste, so keep rockin on! You’re doing fabulous!

  139. Psh! You ignore them, that’s what you do! Do you like your bathroom? Then who cares? I love reading your blog, and think you have fabulous taste and the neatest ideas! I would venture to say all those nay-sayers are just jealous. Keep your chin up!

  140. You have the right attitude, my sweet friend, it’s your bathroom and if that is what you like, then it is PERFECT!!! Honestly, those comments must have come from old men who have their heads stuck in their dusty old magazines in a rest home somewhere, definitely NOT from home lovin’, DIY lovin’, beauty lovin’ creative women.
    Enough said. I love your attitude and PLEASE do not stop creating or blogging.
    Hugs, Cindy

  141. Love your bathroom and your attitude. If we all created the same room’s exactly the same way…. that would be ho-hum boring. We all have differing taste. Love your taste. You went from dark to darling and bright. Keep creating!

  142. am i really the 164th comment? i’d say that means you have plenty screaming your praises too. so anyway, i love your attitude. i blog for me too. i lose followers because i post too much about my kids and “not enough” crafts or design. that’s okay with me. it’s my blog and i can only do so much.

  143. I just had to comment on this post after all of the negative ones you showed us. When I say the “after” photo I couldn’t believe it was your bathroom. It~is~amazing! Simply gorgeous! I love the baskets with flowers and the chippy white frames above. I love the wire basket. The painted wainscoting is SO MUCH BETTER! I love it all! Perfection!


  144. For what it’s worth I love the after image. Yes, some people might have left the wood as it was but if that wasn’t your vision then it wasn’t your vision. I bet you wanted something light, bright, and fresh and there was no way you were getting it with dark stained wood. To each their own!

    Move past the critical remarks. I’m sure they stung but when I read things like “generic, boring, bland, safe, martha stewart crap” what I really hear is “I’m putting someone else down so that I can made myself feel more important”.

    Design is subjective, there are lots of things that people think are cutting edge and brilliant that I think are crap or have no lasting power. Classic looks are timeless and as long as you are happy that’s what counts!

    : )

  145. Seriously?!?!?!? you know what they say….opinions are like…..and they all stink! I get it. I was recently hate pinned. HOWEVER!!! THAT feature….is how I found you. And I’m happy I did because I love you and think you’re amazing! Funny….not everyone in bloggie land had a great mother to teach them; “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all”….perhaps they didn’t let them watch Bambi either…pretty sure it was one of my favorite parts of the movie!

  146. Just so you know, I would have painted the wood too, in the same fresh white. I love your new bathroom. Be brave hold your head high and know that your bathroom is for you and no-one else.

  147. My mother always said, “If you don’t have anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”
    Apparently, their mother didn’t teach them this very important saying that can damage a lot of souls!!!

    I LOVE your bathroom :-). Glad to see you keeping your chin up. You go girl!!!


  148. I would say just move on. I can’t get anyone to comment since I started up blogging again. I took a hiatus for personal reasons. It’s like cricketts over at my blog. I am getting a decent daily amount of visiters too. It makes me wonder why they would stop by and not just leave a comment.

    Before I stopped blogging last spring I had the same issue mean comments and it all began to feel rather cliquey. It feels as cliquey as ever and like you need the popular blogs approval for the rest of the bloggers to accept you. This is not the fault of the popular blogs either. Its just the way it is.

  149. I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I love your home!!! I too came here from a photo on another blog, and it was the beautiful photo that drew me here, but it was your beautiful spirit and personality that pours out of your blog that keeps me reading!! There are lots of beautiful photos in blogland, and not nearly as many lovely personalities!! Keep your head up, and please don’t change!!!!!!!

  150. NEVER try to please anyone else, ALWAYS please yourself first – sounds harsh & cold, but people are fickle and what pleases them in this moment will change and they will want something else in the next. You could stand on your head in 5000 different ways and still you wouldn’t please them all. Do what makes your heart sing because you are the one who has to live with your choices and what they have to say about it doesn’t matter a hill of beans in the end.

    ps I love your bathroom and since I just ripped all the old t&g wood paneling out of mine I’m thinking I’m going to need an ally… lol! (no worries, I forgot to take before shots 🙂 )

  151. OUCH!, is right!

    Wow. I got what I *think* was my first harsh criticism recently – about our kitchen redo. I say “I think” because the comment was sort of random. I think it was a criticism. Shrug. I decided just to pretend i didn’t understand, which obviously, wasn’t too difficult – lol, and responded as if it were a compliment.

    (I’ve watched other bloggers do with with grace and style. Not sure if I managed that part.)

    Now, when people are down right mean, saying it’s a waste of paint, calling it cookie cutter, etc. Well, didn’t their Momma’s tell them, “If they can’t say anything nice…”

    Taste is personal.

    Since I’m a fan of vintage, I almost cry when I see 1920’s or even 1950’s tile, light fixtures, cabinets, etc. torn out. But, here’s the thing. It’s not my house!

    I also love rustic. I would live in a cabin, if I could. I like bright and airy for kitchens but dark, warm, and the cabin feel for living rooms. Most people would HATE to live in a cabin. And, they would likely HATE my “Living Room” Pinterest board.

    When I see something I like, I comment.
    And, I pin. And, I FB it, sometimes.

    When I see something I don’t like…
    I keep my opinion to myself.
    Just like Momma said. 😉

    ~ Dana

  152. I remember seeing this very bathroom and thinking it was absolutely beautiful! It took my breath away and I thought how nice it was painting it and doing something other than restoring something back to it’s original look…why do that if your heart isn’t in it? You do what you love and keep on keeping on. I love painting anything and everything I can get my hands on and I know some cringe that “love” wood. But I don’t…but I can see the beauty in it. I am a shabby chic girl, but I can also see how a modern room has beauty. People need to think how’d they feel if someone treated them like that. As the good book says…”do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If we all did that, it sure would be a much nicer world. I love your home if that means anything, lol!

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