I Think I’m Going to Be Rich

I think I am going to open an ETSY shop.

And get rich selling these.

Dust bunnies.

You see….I have this feeling……they are going to be the pet rock of 2012.


I mean….I do have children that would like to go to college one day.

And that bread making could get expensive.

You laugh, but I think this is my ticket to the big leagues.

I have them everywhere, which means overhead will be minimal.

And they seem to reproduce at a rapid rate, so keeping them in stock won’t be a problem.

Shipping and handling should be next to nothing.

This dust bunny thing is going to be big.

I just know it.

Forget ETSY. 

I’m going to take this all the way.

So don’t be surprised if one day you see…

    ….me and Joan Rivers hawking dust bunnies on QVC. 🙂

55 thoughts on “I Think I’m Going to Be Rich

  1. Oh, girl. You made me laugh so hard that my sides ache.

    I believe I have some I could sell you at a wholesale rate, and then you can retail them.

  2. LMAO!!!! And the chocolate lab dust bunnies cracked me up tooooooooooo. You could get suppliers from all walks of life; “Just listed, this organic and green dust bunny from the home of a brain surgeon living on a farm in the midwest”…..


  3. Ohhhhh, so that’s what dust bunnies look like! I’ve heard about them, never see them in moi la maison. :))

    File for the patent before someone else does —>GO!


  4. acoslejicurwalnthpoue;nkhfipd …

    Yeah, that’s all I could type because I’m cracking up.

    See, what did I tell you. Period on end equals a dud of a comment.

    Now CRACKING UP!!!! That’s a statement with personality. And hand waving. A flat ironed big hair.

    🙂 and :%


  5. Well, you know your words to live by: “Just Jump”…just jump into that pile of dust bunnies and go for it…So when you are rich and famous, making billions when you go public, the IPO thing..we are all going to say, “dang, why didn’t we think of that”..

    You are hilarious!..but we won’t be laughing when you strike it rich!

  6. Maybe we can be partners? You do the dust bunnies, I’ll do dryer lint. Wait–I know! We’ll make cunning little beds out of the dryer lint. For the dust bunnies to sleep on. Oh, the ways you inspire me… 🙂

  7. Maybe we could mate our dust bunnies to come up with a super breed – we’d make millions!

    So funny because when I was cleaning yesterday, I thought it would be funny to do a post on my dust bunnies!!! Glad I’m not the only one with those cute little critters.


  8. Oh I wish I had thought of that first! Now you’re going to take all the credit. I could’ve gotten rich off all my dust bunnies too. Ha! Dust bunnies really know how to mulitply ( just like real bunnies) too!

  9. LOL! Oh my gosh, Karianne! You crack me up, girl!!! I’d be glad to donate to your “cause” and send you some “kitty bunnies” and “poochie bunnies”, if you’re interested. Let me know when your debut is with Joan. I wanna watch….

    xoxo laurie

  10. Karianne, I’m sad to be the one to tell you that the market for these bunnies is not what you think. You see my dear, everyone has some. You could get an awesome swap going I bet. Aw gee, now you have me thinking about the herd of bunnies under the bed! See ya later.

    Joyous Wishes, Linda

  11. I love your sense of humor, girl! If you ever run low on them, I could ship you a truck load. Every time I look under my bed, there they are, they’ve reproduced again like crazy. I clean under there and throw them in the garbage, but the next week, there they are again.
    I hope you do get rich!
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. And if you run out, I have lots of dust bunnies I would so gladly donate to your etsy shoppe. ~smile~ and they will continue to multiply too, so the supply is limitless. !
    Thank you for sharing this fun read.
    Enjoy your week,

  13. Well, if you need another source, we’ve got a yellow lab and a black lab here. They produce enough to make a litter every few weeks. Put them together with the chocolate lab from Elizabeth @ Blue Clear Sky and you’ve got a good inventory. Oh wait! Maybe someone has a golden lab…..perfection!

  14. Oh, Kari, out here in West Texas, there is no such thing as “dust bunnies”. No sir ree…this is the home of the “dust bunnies” mamas and poppas. (heh heh)

  15. Don’t quit your day job, problem with these is there is not enough demand. We all have too many, I think there is a glut in the market.

  16. You are just too funny! If you need more I will contribute to the cause. Some how and Thank God my two kids are through with College. I guess I could help get yours through it. Have a great day and keep up the funny stuff. Sheila

  17. My dust bunnies have been joined by white cat fur, so my production might just out-pace yours…..LOL! Let me know if that takes off, I’m in if it does!

  18. if you need any stud bunnies — i have a few corners i can check for you! love this post and it is nice to know that just about everyone has the same breed of pet in their homes — makes you feel all warm and cozy! : ) hugs…

  19. I completely believe you. People will buy anything on etsy, just not the stuff I want to sell. Come see my recent post about “vintage” underwear people are selling, I kid you not,$60 a pair!! They’re made of wool! And they are recycled!! All I want is to sell my $10 ponytail hats and people are like “eh no thanks” but dust bunnies???? They’ ll pay like $40 each for those!

  20. oh, honey, you have no idea what i’m going to do with the lint from the dryer. nooooooo idea.

    but, since we’ll both be rolling in the dough, let’s plan a little trip together, kay? you invite 20 of your best bloggy buddies and i’ll invite 20 of mine. we’ll call it “dustdom”.

    see you at the bank!

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