Easy Peasy Burlap Vase Project

What is your opinion on the word “easy peasy?”

Does it speak to you?  Is it reassuring?  Does it let you know smooth sailing is ahead?  Does the simple mention of easy peasy put your heart at ease?

Now, I have heard that there are a few bloggers who think that “easy peasy” is overrated.  They are dismissive of the word.  I think they think it’s trite.


Not me.

You see…..I like “easy peasy.”  So much so that I am going to appoint myself the “easy peasy” spokesperson for 2012. 

I am going to start an “easy peasy” blog campaign where we all post reasurringly easy projects filled with simple instructions.

I’ll go first.

Here is my first “easy peasy” project of 2012.

Easy Peasy Burlap Vase

Step 1:  Purchase some of this.  You can find burlap anywhere nowadays.  I like Wal-mart or Hobby Lobby or any fabric store.  If you can’t find any there….try your local 7-11.  I’m sure they are selling burlap by now. 

You will need 1/4 yard per vase. 

Step 2:  Find a glass vase.  I bought mine at the dollar store.  Measure the circumference of the vase and the height of your vase.  Add approximately 3/4″ to these measurements and cut out a rectangle.

Step 3:  Fold over a 3/4″ border and sew.  If you are a precise person, feel free to use pins here.  I didn’t.  I am always in too much of a hurry for pins, so I adopt the “easy peasy” method of eyeballing.  Sometimes it is more successful than others.  Above is a picture of a successful attempt.

Step 4:   Sew a strip of velcro to your finished rectangle.  Make sure you buy sew-on velcro, not iron-on velcro.  Sew it to one side.  Flip rectangle over and sew it onto the opposite side at the other end.  This way the two velcro pieces will join and hold the burlap onto your vase.

Step 5:  Determine what you want your vase to say.  Hopefully you will be much wittier than me and my simple name vase.

Step 6:  Take a sheet of this and print your image (make sure it’s reversed).  Cut out your image and following the directions, iron it on.

Step 7:  Attach to vase with velcro.  Burlap cover can be removed at any time for washing.

See, I told you…..

                                   …..easy peasy lemon breezy.

That’s my word and I’m sticking to it.

PS  I just added a linky widget to my sidebar…..all the cool kids are doing it.  I’d love it if you would follow along.

PSS  I am linking to Funky Junk Interiors and Taters Tots and Jello.

77 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Burlap Vase Project

  1. You had me at easy but then I saw some sewing involved, I went running for the hills! Since I can’t sew, I’ll have to content myself with getting a Big Gulp instead of burlap at my 7-11! Too bad – since I really want one (maybe I’ll get a Slurpee too to console myself).

  2. Love burlap. It comes in lots of colors at my local fabric store. Bought some red at Christmas time and made no-sew table runners. All you have to do is pull some strings out for fringe. No hem. Easy-peasy and cheap. (While we’re claiming words, I’d like to make a case for cheap. Or some other one-syllable word for “inexpensive,” which just sounds too high-falutin’ for what it means–which is, “cheap.”)

  3. I love the word…unless it’s NOT easy-peasy 😦

    This tutorial is great and IS EASY-PEASY!! I still don’t have my sewing machine set up yet, however stich witchery would be good for this. I LOVE this vase…the velcro is genius. Never thought of that!!!

  4. Wha …?

    What happened to all the love? You know, the made me cry love in the post just below? Just below woman!

    And now you throw me under the bus? Sending an angry mob of bloggers my way now calling for my head?

    I stand by what I said. And the words “easy” and the words “peasy” will never be used by me in tandem. No siree. In fact, they look a bit too close together up there for me …



  5. and yes…..
    I got a sweet laugh out of your bread and my soup comment last night….
    must make bread…
    must make bread…
    must make bread……….
    dee dee

  6. i’ll tell you an easy peasy way to get free burlap! Go to your local rug store. Ask if their rugs come packed in burlap. If they are nice they will give you all you want for free. 🙂 🙂

    This accidentally happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I was at this warehouse type place that sells a gazillion rugs from around the world. I saw all this fabulous burlap just laying around on the floor. And get this. It was soft and had hardly any of that burlapy smell. And it had these cool sewing threads in it. Kind of like grainsacks do. I just saw all these fabulous pillows and chair seats and ottoman covers flash before my eyes. They were more than delighted to give me all I could carry. Future blog post!

  7. You had me at “easy.” Or was it “peasy?” Anyhoo, I use this phrase all the time in my preschool class AND in my blogging — even at the dinner table, much to the chagrin of my teenage boys. It ranks right up there with cattywhompus and “sorry, Charlie” where they’re concerned. 🙂 I, however, think this burlap project absolutely qualifies for easy peasy. I’m in!
    xo Heidi

  8. How cute is this?! Forget the sales on the dust bunnies (those are a dime a dozen around here) and go with this burlap cutie for your Etsy shop.

    I’ve got some extra burlap laying around here somewhere that I just might try. Although my burlap has a funky fume to it. Does all burlap smell? Just wondering….

  9. Firstly, adore the project. Going to have to copy that one =) Secondly, my 4 year old daughter just easy peasy’d me this morning. You see, she told me she wanted to make a paper mache unicorn, stuffed with a walkie talkie (so it could speak), which will then be painted and named Glimmer Shimmer. She told me this all, and said, “Mom, it’s easy peasy”. I kid you not. Maybe I’ll send her your way, so you two can whip up said easy peasy project a la mached unicorn Glimmer Shimmer. =) If you’re involved in the project, it’s bound to turn out fabulously!

  10. I always say easy peasy. That is so cute. Yep, 7-11 probably carries burlap, but we don’t have a 7-11 around here anymore. Now we have Q-T. Maybe they have it, too!

  11. OK..I am going to date myself, again…In my day, it was “easy as pie”..but I never thought that making a pie was easy..so I ignored all the “easy as pie” projects!. However, your project is easy…so I will adopt your take on what’s REALLY easy and go with accepting “easy peasy”…Great “easy peasy” project..Maybe I will use the initials, “EP” on the vase and let people guess what it means!

  12. I love it and I love “easy peasy”! Your vase looks amazing! Thanks for a fantastic tutorial! Have a wonderful weekend! I’m following on Linky tools. Mine is also up and running. I’m excited about this option!

  13. Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing and thank you for stopping by and following on Linky.
    Looking forward to visiting your page.

  14. very nice!

    but mine was easier.

    you see, hobby lobby had a 30% sale on their burlap wrapped vases today, so i bought one for $4.00.

    now THAT’S easy peasy.

    so i hope you know that i am joking{but i really did buy the vase}, and that the satisfaction that you are experiencing due to your amazing craftiness is much greater than that which i am experiencing at the moment…

    over budget husband fright.

    say a little prayer for me!

  15. Okay, guess I’m going to have to break down and go buy some burlap! It’s simply everywhere!!! However, I’m thinking even the easy peasy iron-on transfer is too much for me – how about the burlap with some cute rick-rack trim glued along the edges??? Great project idea!

  16. I found you from your comment on my blog! I am following back for sure after reading your blog. Wow, you are great at writing and keeping one’s interest!

  17. What’s my opinion of “Easy Peasy”? -chuckle- Well, I kinda’ think it is in the eye of the one saying it. What looks “Easy Peasy” to one, may not look so, to another. To a non-crafty-Other. ,-)

    But this does look cute!

    “Nothing is so fatiguing
    as the eternal hanging on
    of an uncompleted task.”

  18. You had me at “easy peasy” 🙂
    What a fun tutorial! I really enjoyed this post, I unknowingly already have this as my motto. If its not easy peasy fast AND breezy, I don’t enjoy it. Not a lot of patience from this girly. I love, love, love burlap and especially with some sort of french script on it, this would be perfect. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Thanks for following my new linky tool, I am now following yours!


  19. I just love burlap projects the texture screams cozy. I may dust off the OLD sewing machine and give it a spin. Thanks for sharing such a adorable project. I am now a follower of your blog. Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing the blog love!

  20. I have been wondering around your blog for a bit this morning. Just beautiful and wow some awesome projects!! I love ‘easy peasy’ so that is just my style! 🙂

    I thank you for following on my new linky and I just did the same on your blog!
    I look forward to getting to know ya.

  21. I always brake for the words easy peasy. It’s all I can manage in the crafting department. And sometimes can’t even manage those. This is too cute!!

  22. That is fantabulous!!! I love “easy peasy” so, this makes me very happy. Except that I have never done the word transfer thingy, so that I need to learn something about. Number one, I have to find the sheet of paper that you have there.
    Have a super Sunday!
    Hugs, Cindy

  23. In our house the saying is “easy peasy, lemon squeezy!” (Lord knows why!) Anything that requires sewing isn’t easy peasy in my book (especially as I have no sewing machine!) but it IS easy peasy (and lemon-squeezy!) to read and enjoy tyour posts. You are one creative lady!
    I’ve also enjoyed following all the links from the Impossibility Challenge and seeing what fabulous projects all these talented girls and guys have been getting up to. Thanks to you, and your Challenge partners, I have a whole host more blogs to read! So much for my resolution to spend less time on the computer!!

  24. omg!! love easy peasy and burlap. I was sent a link by a friend to look at yr post on where all the tiny pieces of paper go…..( i had not visited yr blog before) i have now been on here for over an hour now reading, laughing and rereading 🙂 i am totally in awe of yr creativeness!
    I had been planning to make over my ensuite in muted greys and white now i am totally convinced … thanks for the inspiration.
    following you on linky 🙂

  25. I’m all for easy peasy, especially if the sewing is minimal! This looks great and I look forward to more easy peasy. Thank you for sharing this, I saw it at Delectable Home and I’m your newest Linky Follower.

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