Did you know that you signed up for the “unlimited question” plan?


It’s in the fine print.

As an official reader of this blog, you have access to the “unlimited question” feature.

You see, on the “unlimited question” plan….questions are limitless.

As in, without limit.


For example, if you happen to be reading this post about the guest bedroom and you wanted to know where I got that rug.

You simply click here.

And I’ll be all like….it came from a yard sale.  For $1.00.

What can I say? 

That’s how yard sales roll in Kentucky.

Or if you wanted to ask me a question about where I got that chair.

You simply click here.

And I’ll be all like….I got it a thrift store. 

Or the trash. 

Or whichever came first.

Or if you saw this picture of the guest bedroom. 

And you saw those tags on the baskets.

And you needed some tags just like them.

You simply click here.

And I will be all like….I got them at an ETSY shop….

        …and hope that you didn’t ask me which one because I don’t remember.

But if you did ask me which ETSY shop….I would remember that you had the “unlimited question” plan. 

And I would go and find out where I ordered them from.

Just for you.

A plan is a plan, after all.

Now, just one thing I forgot to mention.

The fine print also states that all questions regarding the previous mentioned “hot dog pot pie” are off the table.

It’s a secret family recipe.

Enough said.

PS  I am linking up at these parties to spread the word about the question plan.  here and here.