Thank You


Three hundred and sixty-one “impossibles.”

I am overwhelmed and humbled.


When we started this little “impossibility” project at the beginning of January, I could not ever have envisioned the strength and heart and courage that so many of you have displayed when faced with your “impossible.”

And now….I am faced with the impossible task of selecting “impossibles” to feature.


Why don’t you just ask me to learn how to sky-dive or climb Mount Everest or learn how to make homemade lasagna?

How do you select from the hundreds of incredibly creative links?

You can’t.

So let’s just agree that everyone’s “impossible” was feature-worthy and accordingly, I will be posting “impossibles” to Facebook and Pintrest over the next few weeks.

And for the moment….let’s congratulate and applaud these individuals and their amazing “impossibles.”

Cindy from Oakview Cottage created an incredible paint transformation with her over-sized armoire.

Wait until you see the before pictures.

Amy from Buffalo Roam re-upholstered this….

….and added it to this chair for her little boys room.  Stop by and see what obstacles she faced along her “impossibility” journey.

Laura from Sweetpea Samplings finished this beautiful stocking.


Over at Shabby Story, Lynn completely transformed her guest bedroom….


….including this chair…..which she re-did… doing this.  (hint….it’s not upholstery)

Teresa at Magazine Your Home finished this incredible dressing table.

Rachel from Suits and Aprons featured this unbelievable craft room make-over.

She definitely conquered her “impossbile”…..wait until you see the before pictures.

bathroom reno 1.29.12 350x466 Bathroom Renovation

Rita and Cane from This (Sorta) Old Life worked on (and are still working on) their bathroom renovation.

serenity prayer 2 730x973 Bathroom Renovation

With the help of a few prayers and a few bumps along the way…..they have made amazing progress.  Plus….they are just so funny.

Check out Shelia’s table from Plum Doodles.  She refinished and distressed and thought she was done.  She thought her “impossibility” was conquered.  Read the rest of her harrowing story here.

And who doesn’t love a remodeled dining room?  Check out Jillian from Bella Rosa Antiques’ new dining room.

You can see her final reveal with before and after pictures here.

And finally….over at View From the Teapot….Alison started off wanting to crochet this….and ended with the tiniest adorable little hat.

I think she epitomizes what the “impossibility” challenge is all about.  She started on her journey and embraced the learning curve with open arms.

Bravo my friend.

Bravo to all of our linky party participants.

Post your button to shout to the world that you made the “impossible” “possible.”

<a border=”0″ href=”YOUR URL LINK HERE” target=”_blank”><img src=”″></a&gt;
You have succeeded.

Your journey has begun.

And now….I invite you to stop by and see what “impossibilities” are being featured over at these amazing blogs.

The Space Between


A Sort of Fairy Tale Girl


The Cottage Market


Eclectically Vintageimageit all started with paint


This has been an incredible journey.

Thank you for joining us.

31 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. thank you, karianne, and your blog friends for making this an adventure:) my guest room would still look…um, -bad, if not for this clever challenge! and, you’ve made me week by sharing my project today, thanks, again:)

  2. Love the wonderful idea. Wish I had seen this challenge earlier, but it now gives me inspiration to take on my own challenges. Thank you

    Have a God Filled Day

  3. I so enjoyed seeing all the amazing things and projects that people have accomplished..They gave inspiration to this challenged D.I.Y.’er.

  4. Some beautifuls featured here, dear Kari.
    Next time, I am going to gather all the courage I can find and enter. I was just too scared this time…to just jump into a pool of talented people is a scary thing for someone with NO talents.
    So glad it was such a success…..
    and if you set your mind to it, you could make an incredible homemade lasagna.
    You KNOW you are a super hero, don’t ‘cha ?

  5. If you really think it’s hard to make home made lasana, Karianne, email me and I’ll give you an easy recipe. Many great ideas here!

  6. This wonderful party turned out to be huge, didn’t it. I feel so honored to have been featured! Thank you, dearest Karianne, I really appreciate it.
    I will go and check my mates that were also featured.
    Hugs. Cindy

  7. Thanks for sharing! That little desk/dressing table gave me a great idea/ solution. I have no idea why I haven’t already thought of it…so simple. That’s the coolness of blogs! Yay! 😉

  8. No, thank you Kari! A fabulous idea. So many great new friends (with you on the top of that heap).

    Even though January was a blur …

    … and I still have a few xmas decorations here and there …

    … I wouldn’t have missed this ride for the world!


  9. Thank you so much for featuring my little vanity, you gave me the motivation to finally do it! Hope we have another challenge cause I have tons of stuff still to finish 🙂

  10. Thankyou so much Karianne for creating such a wonderful event that has inspired so many women to push forward and make the impossible happen. What amazing things so many women have done. Sometimes hopping off our little warm nests can bring us untold happiness, all we have to do is try. Congratulations for being a finalist too ! I think you should have won……you are such a clever girl xo

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