I Think I’m a Little Q-less

My children are always auditioning for the blog.

I think they have watched one too many episodes of “ICarly.”

I think they are under the mistaken impression that appearing on the blog will somehow catapult them to super stardom.

I think it all went to their heads after the stinky sock post and the ode to Christina Aguilera.

I kid you not.

Someone is always pointing out to me how funny they are or writing me silly notes or making wacky crafts or singing or cheering.

All in the hopes of getting “discovered” for the blog.

So it came as no surprise to me…..as I stood in the hallway….arranging my newly created wooden typography….

……that someone had an opinion.

“There’s no Q,” my oldest son stated flatly.  “I can’t get excited about a project without a Q.”


No Q?  I had painted and sanded and glued and arranged all of these letters into the greatest masterpiece thistlewood farm has seen in a great while…..and all he could say is…..

“There’s just no Q.”

And then…..after making this boldly stated pronouncement, he simply turned and walked away without further comment.

Ten minutes later he came back and handed me a note that said this:

(see what I mean about blog auditioning)

“Q is a very important letter.

You see, I have a long history with the letter Q.

When I was in elementary school, I wondered why there were so few words that started with Q.

When my family was introduced to “Words With Friends,” I wielded Q like a sword.

So, when my mom decided to do a project that involved the alphabet and did not include the letter Q, I was understandably upset.

Mom….as I said before….Q is a very important letter.

Yet, the project remains Q-less.

But I want the world to know.

This teen respects the Q.”

Would you settle for a P, my dear Q advocate?

Can’t we just compromise?

After all….

……I think it’s okay to be a little “Q-less” sometimes.  🙂

For instructions on how to make your very own “Q-less” alphabet…..click here.

Please stop by and visit the incomparable Roeshel from The DIY Show-off who is featuring this project today.

PS  I’m featuring this project here and here and here.

70 thoughts on “I Think I’m a Little Q-less

  1. Karianne! Didn’t you learn “to mind your p’s and q’s”? Be certain to heed his word. You don’t dare tempt the unification of the Qs. Beware!

    Oh, just ignore me. Duke beat Carolina last night, and all is well in my world today. I think I’ll go to work early just so I can sweetly smile at all of those Carolina fans.

  2. Because daughter #1’s married name starts with Q we’re always looking. Yes, they are hard to find – but when you find one it’s such a little victory. I applaud your son’s diligence.

  3. The apple does not fall far from the tree…your children are way too funny!!..
    Love this project!…Have a wonderful day!

  4. I really do love how unique that project turned out! I love typography and I’ve never seen something like that before. I may go check out the tutorial! It looks great, with or without the Q.

  5. Ah, he sounds like my son, Karianne! Apparently, you have traumatized him by not having a “Q”, so for God’s sakes woman, make a “Q”! : )

    I love it and I think it makes for a great display on a wall or even on top of something ~ bookcase, armoire {especially if you have those high ceilings}, console.

  6. I can just hear that sweet son saying this. He would be the one to make sure all are included. He as well as this project is awesome.

  7. I love it he is right! I have the answer for him, my maiden name starts with a “Q”. It is Quaresma. My teachers never knew how to say it and would always say it should start with aC or K? But I guess my family didn’t know that back in the Old Days! They came to this country from the Azore Islands to become American Citizens way before I was born. I must say my family Loves the letter Q and would be lost with out it. Sandy Q(now my last name starts with a P) didn’t get very far in the letter game huh?

  8. Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog yesterday. Because now I found yours and I LOVE it! And I love this project. what a great piece to display in a family room or library…
    I also understand your son’s love for the letter Q. People at our work used to call my husband “Q” after the guy on Star Trek – maybe because he’s smart and a huge geek? I don’t know. Anyway, it also helps me score big in Scrabble so go Q!
    Off to read the rest of your blog now 🙂

  9. haha! The teen has a sense of humor too? Great story, K! Thank you so much for sharing at the DIY Show Off today. I love your creativity and style! 🙂 Have a great day!

  10. is there nothing you can’t do?
    totally unfair! 😉
    i bought these letters the same day i bought my burlap covered vase from hobby lobby, but didn’t have a plan for them……until now!
    this just might be the ticket!
    thanks for sharing, sweetie.

    i wonder where your son gets his awesome sense of humor from?


  11. Hi Kerianne, I love this project, I believe your blog is helping to bring out the creative side of your children. The blog auditions are good. I agree with your son about the Q. Your alphabet is not complete : ‘ (
    After hearing your son’s plea for the letter I think he might be a chip off the ole block with his wit. A great project and it looks fabulous in the display. Are you sure you don’t have an extra O and a R or P in your scrap pile? You could take the leg off a P or a R and glue it diagonally on the bottom right side of the O. It would make the boy so happy. Have a super day! Joyous Wishes, Linda

  12. Love this, but if for no other reason than your son called it, you need to add a “Q!” Besides, “Q’s” are so artsy-looking!

  13. To “Q” or not to “Q” that is the question?
    questions are in the fine print right?
    now that’s two questions………..
    Happy day since you leave me in smiles!
    dee dee

  14. I love that. Smart A.. sons are one of the pieces of sunshine in parenting, aren’t they? I wouldn’t trade mine for anything… Cute little project, how long did this take you???

  15. -chuckle- Awwwwwwww, he is trying so hard… Auditioning, I mean. ,-)

    “If you fix on yourself and your tradition,
    believing you alone have got “It,”
    you’ve removed yourself
    form the rest of mankind.”

    ~Joseph Campbell

  16. Love the project and I have some chipboard letters lying around here! And the story – a great addition. Tell that teen age boy he’s right!

  17. Q or not I love your alphabet and I’m going to try it for myself this weekend. I probably won’t make all the letters either!
    Have a great weekend. I’m linky following you, stop by Homeroad when you get a chance!
    Susan (Susie-Q) 🙂

  18. i respect the ‘Q’ too. really, it’s one of my favorite letters. i judge a font by the Q. love your project and i’m so happy one of them made it big on your blog.

  19. Yes Q is important how could we ask a question without the letter Q or without the Q we have no queen but then I guess U is also very important as we can’t have Q without U…………………..

  20. Your son sounds a lot like you! And he does have a point, if you have a P, and an A and an F, then you absolutely must have a Q! I do see his point! What were you thinking? 😉
    What a fabulous project, I LOVE it and the story about your children auditioning.
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. I love the widget you use for your Linky Followers. How did you get this widget? I’ve been unable to find this particular widget. Thanks for the info. Love the inspiration from your blog and the witty writing.

  22. I have a beautiful niece named Quinn. She would have called you on this too! 😉 Seriously love the project, though! Keep cranking out the fabulosity mixed with witty posts! Love it!

  23. W.O.W.
    This is SO COOL.
    I will be featuring it tomorrow at Little Lucy Lu!
    Thank you for linking up to our GIANT link party!
    ~Bec @ Little Lucy Lu

  24. I can’t stop laughing … I just saw this linked up at Funky Junk and you called it “Distressed Alphabet” ….

    You are killing me. I’m just looking at that pic of the P thinking that he’s all stressed out because poor Q ended up on the cutting room floor!



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