My children are always auditioning for the blog.

I think they have watched one too many episodes of “ICarly.”

I think they are under the mistaken impression that appearing on the blog will somehow catapult them to super stardom.

I think it all went to their heads after the stinky sock post and the ode to Christina Aguilera.

I kid you not.

Someone is always pointing out to me how funny they are or writing me silly notes or making wacky crafts or singing or cheering.

All in the hopes of getting “discovered” for the blog.

So it came as no surprise to me… I stood in the hallway….arranging my newly created wooden typography….

……that someone had an opinion.

“There’s no Q,” my oldest son stated flatly.  “I can’t get excited about a project without a Q.”


No Q?  I had painted and sanded and glued and arranged all of these letters into the greatest masterpiece thistlewood farm has seen in a great while…..and all he could say is…..

“There’s just no Q.”

And then…..after making this boldly stated pronouncement, he simply turned and walked away without further comment.

Ten minutes later he came back and handed me a note that said this:

(see what I mean about blog auditioning)

“Q is a very important letter.

You see, I have a long history with the letter Q.

When I was in elementary school, I wondered why there were so few words that started with Q.

When my family was introduced to “Words With Friends,” I wielded Q like a sword.

So, when my mom decided to do a project that involved the alphabet and did not include the letter Q, I was understandably upset.

Mom….as I said before….Q is a very important letter.

Yet, the project remains Q-less.

But I want the world to know.

This teen respects the Q.”

Would you settle for a P, my dear Q advocate?

Can’t we just compromise?

After all….

……I think it’s okay to be a little “Q-less” sometimes.  🙂

For instructions on how to make your very own “Q-less” alphabet… here.

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