You had me at hello.

…..wonderful valentine of mine.

You didn’t like to talk much.

I talked enough for the both of us (and a few hundred more).

You were from the country.

I was a city girl.

You were overwhelmed.

I was overwhelming.

I think a little piece of me fell in love with you on that long ago night.

Before you became my best friend.

Before you became my one and only.

Before I ever really knew the wonder that is you.

Remember the first apartment with the plastic furniture?

Remember our journey across America in a car without air-conditioning?

Remember fish tacos on the beach at midnight?

Remember how we held hands together when our tiny, premature, 2 lb. twins were born?

Remember the ice storm…

….and the flood

….and the snow?

Remember every inside joke we ever told?

Remember how we always said it was us against the world?

I do.

And I would do it all over again and again and again.

If I could do it with you.

And even now….

….after all these years.

You can look at me across the room….with a wink and a smile….

….and my heart beats a little faster.

How did a city girl get to be so blessed?

How did a girl who likes to talk so much learn to revel in the quiet moments?

How could I ever imagine the me that I am…..without you?

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I love you.

And I always will.

Forever and ever.