I wanted it to work.

I mean….I’ve seen it done before.

After all….I’ve seen it on pinterest (that alone should have guaranteed success).

And after it worked, I was going to post about it.  And you would leave rave reviews and wonderful comments telling me how you always wanted to make a project just like this.

And then, you would make the project.  And we would become best project friends forever.

When I planned this spectacular project, I started by covering all my books with brown craft paper.

Next, I planned to take these labels….

….and trace them onto my newly covered books with this graphite paper.

Sounds easy.

Sounds brilliant.

Actually, it sounded easy and brilliant and classic and rave-review worthy.

But somehow….along the way….my easy, brilliant, classic, rave-review project turned into….

….something that I might have done in high school English class in my notebook when we were supposed to be copying down prepositional phrases.


I know.


My favorite part is where you can see the tracing from the graphite paper.


It’s like I was so close…..and yet so far.

So, if at first you don’t succeed, go to Hobby Lobby and purchase some of these.

Tags.  Pre-printed with numbers.

Take your pre-printed Hobby Lobby tags and print the titles of the books on them.

And glue dot them onto the books, so they look like this.

Not like this.

I know it’s not a fancy schmancy graphite project.

I know it’s printed labels on craft paper covered books.

Not exactly ground-breaking.

Not exactly what I was going for in my efforts to make us project BFF’s.

But it’s legible.

And after the prepositional phrase graphite debacle,

….legible works for me.