I think perfection can be overwhelming.

At least for me it is.  Am I the only one?

Perfection in blogland is everywhere.

Sometimes when I see rooms like this or this or this done with such effortless perfection, it can be overwhelming.

And sitting in my kitchen with a sink full of dishes and dust bunnies on the floor and stacks of laundry on the couch, it is easy for self-doubt to creep in.  Blog after blog after blog featuring incredible creativity and marble countertops and perfectly distressed cabinets and magazine feature-worthy photographs.

It makes you feel like you’re back in high school when everyone had perfectly styled wings in their hair….held in place with Aqua Net Hairspray and they looked like Christy Brinkley and your hair was curly and you looked like Nellie Olsen from Little House On the Prairie.


And you look at all your imperfections and *sigh*.

And wonder why did you forget to put a tree skirt under your tree at Christmas?

And wonder why were there pumpkins in your nativity scene?

And wonder why were your Christmas decorations still up when February rolled around?


Straight up.  There is a definite dearth of perfection around here.

But is perfection all it’s cracked up to be?  Is it really what we should all aspire to?  Should perfection really be our ideal?

Perfection seems to me like those beautiful new bedroom sets they advertise at the Columbus Day Sale where five pieces come perfectly coordinated.  A room in a box for one low, low price.


And matching.

And a little boring.

Imperfection is a lot like this iron piece.  My brother created it from scrap wood and rusty iron he found at a yard sale.  He created something wonderful by emphasizing its imperfections.  It’s worn and old and scraped and distressed by life.

And this worn, rusted, piece of iron and wood tells a story.  And it’s story is beautiful.

Imperfect perfection.

I want imperfect perfection to be my story.

I want it to be my voice.

So today, I want to celebrate my imperfections.  I want to celebrate who I am.  And be happy in my heart with my imperfect self….

….and then figure out a way to incorporate those Christmas decorations into my Fourth of July celebration 🙂

Do you have any imperfections you want to celebrate?

Please join me and 100,000 imperfect people over at the Nester’s party:

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