What do you think of the exclamation point?

Can we all agree there are a lot of “!!!!” in blogland?

Do you think it’s trite?


A worn out and tired piece of punctuation?

I must speak up here in defense of the lowly exclamation point.

For in my humble opinion, there is nothing that says it better than a little  “!”  So much so, that I think I am forming a support group called “Exclamation Points R Us.”  (catchy title, huh)

A group where punctuation is celebrated and where exclamation points can run rampant and wild and free.


Can you imagine the world without any excitable punctuation.  What would you do if you wanted to show off your new burlap curtains….

….and you were excited.  Really excited.  Almost like when you gave birth or got married or got straight ‘A’s” or painted the world’s most comment-worthy dresser or finally took all your Christmas decorations down.

Almost as excited as that….but not quite.

Still, even a little excitement needs an exclamation point.

“I have new burlap curtains.”


A simple statement.  Lukewarm at best.  From someone who has ordinary, run-of-the-mill curtains.

But what if the curtains used to be dropcloths?

What if they were smocked?

What if they were long and beautiful and the perfect shade of burlapness and you had a secret crush on them?

Don’t you think that long, beautiful, smocked, used to-be-dropcloth curtains deserve an exclamation point?

Or two!!

Two may be too many, though.  I’m not sure that’s approved.

I have to run it by the board of “Exclamation Points R Us.”

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PSS  All photographs in this post were taken by RTM Connect.

PSSS  I’m showing off my new burlap curtains, exclamation points and all over at Kim’s and over here and here and here and Vanessa and Heather’s.