I think it’s unanimous.

We all want to wrap ourselves in smocked burlap curtains and go out on the town.

But first a little clarification.

This is what the curtains in the dining room used to look like.

I know I am stating the obvious, but this picture was taken at Christmas.  Notice the curtains…..which used to be dropcloths. 

I had dropcloth curtains for two years.  I loved them.  I mean….how can you not truly heart a ten foot curtain panel for $9.99 from Lowe’s.  I didn’t even sew them….just clipped to some curtain rods from a discount store and draped them over stationary tie-backs.



Did I mention they were $9.99?

If you want to add dropcloth curtains to your home and you need encouragement….please e-mail me.

If you want to know more about burlap curtains….see below.

After two years of drop cloth curtains….
…..on Christmas morning, I opened these….from my mother.  Is she a rock star, or what?

She bought them here.

Then, I hung up the burlap curtains and retired my dropcloth drapes to my dining room table for my next painting project.

Here are my old curtains on my dining room table when I was painting letters for my typography project.

I truly think they were happier with paint on them.

Now my dining room looks like this.

Simply stated, I didn’t make the curtains.

I wish so much I would have thought of it.

I might have tried if I had.

Pinned Image

If you want to try….I found this great idea on Pinterest.

If you try it and works on burlap, let me know.

I do have some other curtains in this house that would thank you.

PS  I am going to Haven.  If you are going….e-mail me and let’s party!