I wish we could go for yogurt.

I wish you lived right around the corner and I could just call you up for a little soft- serve and conversation.

And of course, I would order chocolate/vanilla swirl with reese’s and when I got to know you better….I might even top it off with hot fudge.

And you would order your favorite flavor and we would sit and talk and talk and talk for hours.

About our lives.

About our imperfections.

About our latest projects.

But most of all, we would talk about our dreams and hopes and plans that we have for our blogs.

And even if you don’t live around the corner and we can’t go for yogurt (a fact that does make me truly sad)….can we still talk?  Can we still discuss our blog dreams?

You see, I have a little blog (you may have noticed).  A blog I started in December.  But I really want to grow my blog.  And to grow, you need to know where you want to go.  Goals are a big part of that.  And to be successful, they should be specific and purposeful and attainable.

So put down your yogurt and listen. 

Here my top five things “I Want My Blog to Be When It Grows Up.”

(1)  I want my blog to be pretty.  I mean, my blog is fine looking and all….for right now.  It’s clean and simple and (hopefully) easy to understand.  But I want to streamline it like this or this or this.  These blogs are definitely still in the running for America’s Next Top Model.

(2)  I want to join Twitter.  I see the tweets and the re-tweets and I want in.  I want to be part of the action.  The only hurdle I can foresee is that I know absolutely nothing about Twitter.  Really.  Tweets are about the extent of the Twitter knowledge I have gleaned from watching the E Entertainment Channel. 

(3)  I want to set up a house tour page.  A truly wonderful blogger who knows far more about these things than I do, suggested it.  It’s a briliant idea.  I wish I could take credit for it.  I probably should have pinned this idea under my “Why Didn’t I Think of That” Pinterest board. 

Actually, if you came to visit, I would give you the “yard sale” house tour.  Trash to treasure tours are my favorite.  So instead, maybe my goal should be to create a Yard Sale House Tour page. 🙂

(4)  I want to improve my photography.  This is a big one.  Sometimes, I feel this goal is almost insurmountable.  But there are so many photography tutorials in blogland right now…..like these great tips from Centsational Girl or this incredible photo series from My 3 Boybarians.  Photography is an art and I am in awe of photography artists like this or this

*sigh*….maybe one day….

(5)  I want to be authentic.  Someone once told me.  “Your blog is exactly like you….except written down.”  What an incredible compliment.  I think authenticity is the most important goal to me.  I want to tell you about….

….my favorite things and

….my projects that didn’t exactly turn out and

….my dustbunnies and tarnished silver and bingo cards and burlap and all about my extremely imperfect self.

But enough about me….what about you?

What are your dreams?

thistlewood farm

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…..and let me know if the yogurt thing works for you 🙂

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PSS  All photos of my imperfect book labels were taken by RTM Connect. (Now can you see why I need Goal #4)