What do you write when you can’t think of anything to say?

Does this ever happen to anyone else? 

Or just me?

You know what you want to write about.

You just don’t know what to say.

You want to post about the renovations to the master bedroom.

You even manage to dredge up some old before pictures from the vault to demonstrate your progress.

From way before.

Back in the day.

The days of red toile wallpaper and ancient grey Berber carpet.

And you start to write a post called, “To Toile or Not to Toile.”

Shakespeare.  Funny, right ?  Get it?


But then you realize that the Shakespeare thing has already been done this week….and by a much more capable writer and in a way funnier way than you ever thought about.  Where does that leave you?


That’s where.

So instead of a funny, witty repartee’….you are left with….

….here’s my fireplace in my master bedroom.

I know.  Way clever, right?

Makes you want to keep reading, huh?

If you thought that one was good…’s another….

*get ready*….

….here’s a close-up of my fireplace.

I thought for hours on what to write.

I drank water.

I checked my e-mails.

I drank some more water.

If you only knew….I am never at a loss for words.  I talk all day long.  If they handed out college degrees for talking, I would have graduated Summa Cum Laude.  With a PhD.

Not today.

Maybe it’s the Oscar’s?  I am a little upset that Viola Davis didn’t win for The Help.  I mean she went without her wig and all that and looked absolutely gorgeous and she was brilliant in the film.  I think I heard a collective gasp across America when they called Meryl Streep’s name. 

Maybe I lack inspiration today because I think this armoire should be grey.

Or maybe not.

Writer’s block.

Please tell me this has happened to you.

Please make me feel better today and tell me there was a time you sat down to write a post and….the….words….just….weren’t…..there.

I did find a little inspiration on Pinterest with this article.

Plenty of great tips and ideas for stumped Shakespeareless bloggers like me…..

                ….and I am working on getting over the whole Viola thing….

                     ….so I’m sure tomorrow will be a much better day.

thistlewood farm

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PS  I am sharing this at Kim’s and here.

PSS Just for the record, Shakespeareless isn’t in the dictionary.  But that’s how I roll.

PSSS  All of these shakespearless photos are taken by RTM Connect.

PS  I am sharing this at Kim’s and here and at the DIY Show-off.

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93 thoughts on “Shakespeareless

  1. You can always fall back on “a picture is worth a thousand words” because these photos of your home are stunning.

    I was sad that Viola didn’t win, but I was glad that Meryl did win. You understand. Don’t you?

  2. I’m still thinking of starting a blog and “what to write daily” is the only thing stopping me so far. I am VERY upset Viola Davis didn’t win. Love Meryl, but Viola is just as amazing as Meryl and not as celebrated yet. She should be! Viola REALLY deserved this win!!!!

  3. I personally think Shakespearless is a wonderful word. I’ve started a whole book of the words I’ve made up (collective eye roll from me family here) Your room is gorgeous and speaks for itself 🙂

  4. I concur…the Oscars were all over the place. I haven’t watched them in ages, but I did for personal reasons this year…

    But I was glad to see the Muppets in attendance. They are, in my opinion, highly undervalued. However, what was the deal with only two original songs? Is the composing world on a hiatus?

    Sometimes, dear Thistle, words do not suffice and oftentimes, Less is More…your wit and elegance shine through….

  5. Yep. I was one of those collective gasps when Meryl Streep won Best Actress and Viola Davis didn’t. Seriously? I guess Viola can take comfort knowing she lost to one
    of the very best actresses of our time, but dang, doesn’t she have enough? That’s way more comforting than being one of the four that lost Best Supporting Actress to
    Marisa Tomei for My Cousin Vinny. Just my opinion.

    Besides, I’m one of the stupid ones that thought The Iron Lady was a sequel to Iron Man.

    1. You see? and I thought Marisa Tomei was absolutely brilliant in that role!! It’s all so subjective, why don’t they just give Oscars to all the nominees and be done with it?!

  6. Omigosh! You feel bad? You feel bad! NO WAY! Just the pictures of your old bedroom with the toile (and most of us still love toile) wallpaper with the original dark stained fireplace compared to your now lovely, painted serene bedroom says many, many words! Honestly! How many of us would dare to paint the original fireplace? But it came out sooooo pleasingly pretty. I love it. In fact, now I wonder who would EVER have installed that dark, serious-minded one! Who else would have removed the toile wallpaper when most of us still love toile? But the plain gray (?) color is so much more serene and restful with the white furniture! I love that serene bedroom now. Red toile is pretty but not serene. Dark fireplaces may be original wood but they are not serene. I want to go sleep in your bedroom! Your pictures say a lot without a lot of words. Who needs a lot of words? Shakespeare was hard to read, after all!

  7. Your bedroom is fabulously beautiful! Now that’s probably an over use of adjectives, but whatever! I love your beautifully white enameled trim around the fireplace, so airy and lovely! You can show beautiful photos all day, who needs profound words?!? :))

  8. Thank you.
    I needed that.
    It’s a gorgeous day and I have a lot to do.
    I put a load of laundry in and I crawled into bed.
    Eating lunch hasn’t helped, yet. (I think it’s starting to help.)
    Going on my favorite doll board hasn’t helped.
    Even playing a word game hasn’t helped. That site was a mess, but I managed a very low score on Word Whiz. 😦
    I think I’m recharging – but maybe I’m just down. I don’t know.
    On Saturday, I was looking forward to Sunday afternoon and all the blog posts and other fun I was going to do and have. Something interfered and now I don’t remember what I was going to do. 😦
    I’ll jump up, right now, and get my shower!
    Oh, no I won’t. My son, who has some kind of a bug, has possession of the bathroom.
    I guess I’ll just lie here, feeling stupid.
    I wish I sucked my thumb. Wait a minute! I have a nearly new bag of Ghirardelli Intense Dark Midnight Reverie 86% cacao Chocolate squares!
    I don’t understand people who have to have coffee to get them going.
    Busted up the square through the little package. Opened the package and tucked a tiny taste into the roof of my mouth.
    If things aren’t better, they will soon seem so! 🙂
    (Hope I gave you a giggle, friend.)
    ~Blessings upon thee~

  9. You are a wonderful writer. I feel like I’m at a loss every time I write a post. Geeesh, I used to feel I was a fairly decent writer, but there are so many bloggers who write beautifully. There words flow so well, that I just want to keep reading!
    Again, I think you’re a wonderful writer and I enjoy reading your posts 🙂

    @ Creatively Living

  10. I have two questions – what’s an “activites” (from your Pinterest link) and who’s this RTM Connect who takes all your photos??

    And so far, so good for me on the lack of a writer’s block. I experience ‘creativity’ blocks, as in “what the heck am I going to create for my next blog post???” moments that sometimes go on for days until I am hit with an inspiration & have only hours to create something for my blog post… blogging is fun, yes?


    Have a great day

    1. Anne… always make me smile….I’m sure there are lots of great “activites” in addition to plenty of “activities” in that link 🙂

      PS RTM is a photographer who works for a local magazine here. He took the pictures, so I wanted to give him credit 🙂

      1. Hmmm is that like having a “pool boy”??? I would really love to have a “pool boy”, do you think it matters that I don’t have a pool?? Mind you, I do have a kiddie pool for my dog… I’ll have to start taking applications 🙂

        Hurry up Spring!!!!!!!!

  11. Your before and after photos are all the “words” you need. Doesn’t look like the same room which is the essence of a fabulous renovation! I like looking at pictures rather than reading blog posts anyway … does that make me bad??

  12. i think you should have called it “toile’s quiet on the western front”. he he.
    and i think the gray would be great on that armoire… do it. (did you notice i didn’t even use any exclamation points? and it wasn’t intentional)

  13. Holy Toile! Great space now though!! And writers block all. the. time. I’ve learned to pull over to the side of the road when I have a thought about a post, because thoughts are fleeting and sometimes don’t come when I sit down to write. 🙂

    I love the armoire, it looks great as is…and could look awesome grey…

  14. Like a breath of fresh air…
    your bedroom draws stares…

    The beauty of the space
    Speaks for itself in this case…

    Though words were hard to find…
    I didn’t really mind….

    Because with a room like this
    You could never, EVER… miss!

    Ok Karianne,
    I live with habitual writers block…. every post for me is a lesson in letting go of that little voice inside my head that say….”you can’t write…. etc” and just jumping in!
    You my dear…..
    are gifted, talented and blessed!
    have a wonderful day!
    dee dee

  15. Oh, you don’t have to say a word when you are sharing a beautiful room like yours. wow. I love it. I was mad that Viola didn’t win, too. I haven’t seen Meryl’s movie and I am sure it is good, but The Help did not get enough recognition.

  16. AMAZING bedroom makeover. The room is completely different and so light, airy and relaxing.

    All I can say is, I really, really like your style of writing. It just flows so well with the pictures you post and the style of your blog. Your Shakespearless was enjoyable to read and leaves me thinking “Why can’t I write like that?”. My writing is as exciting as watching paint dry on a wall. Seriously.

    Btw, I took the plunge on the smocked drapes. My dining room will be the first to get redecorated.

  17. (I was here earlier and was interrupted…hate that. Just wanted you to know that I had read every word.)

    Who needs words when you have such great photos? The former was heavy and now you’ve made it light and lovely. What a refuge for you at the end of a day…

  18. Good greif, Charlie Brown. That transformation confirms you are not just a skilled decorator – you are a magician. Your room is gorgeous! (With an exclamation point – or three) Thank you for sharing. I love your blog.

  19. LOL! I’m thinking there needed to at least by an exclamation point after “here’s my fireplace in the master bedroom”. 😉 Because this room requires TONS of exclamation points in my humble opinion. It is seriously gorgeous!!!!

  20. I totally needed a chuckle today ~ it’s been a doozy, complete with laptop crash and burn. Can I just escape to your toile-less oasis for a spell? Or you want to swap teens for a week or two? Mine will come with a REALLY bad attitude due to lost privileges. To sip wine, or not to sip wine… THAT is my question!!
    xo Heidi 🙂

  21. Who needs to be Shakespeare when you have fabulous pictures like these, showcasing your amazing talent?!! Words, schmurds!!! (Uh, yeah, I just made that one up!) But seriously, Oh. My. Gosh. Your master bedroom is STUNNING!!!
    And, I have to say, I am more than a little jealous of your gorgeous fireplace! Did you paint the floor yourself? What am I asking…of course you did! See? TALENT!!
    It looks beautiful. And, I’m guessing that you are one step closer to that photo home tour your are wanting to add to your blog! Have a great day!

  22. So sorry to hear about your writer’s block. Not sure if there is a pill to take for that. Your bedroom is beautiful as is the rest of your home. I personally like the white instead of the dark wood. Have a great week. Sheila

  23. wow-what a change! what a gorgeous change, at that! your room is just lovely and you didn’t ask but that cabinet would be wonderful in grey:)

  24. Wow, you weren’t kidding… that was a BIG job! I think toile is always better as an accent.. like a pillow 🙂 Love the fireplace surround painted white. You’ve given that house a new life. You may be Shakespeareless, but you got your post up anyway. Seems like you are doing just fine to me.

  25. Wow, your room looks gorgeous! I love the cream/grey/white combination, and your fireplace looks beautiful and fresh with the cream-coloured bricks! My in-laws recently painted their brick fireplace cream, and it looks so much better!

    I liked the red toile and wood decor too, but it’s much fresher now.

  26. I love your bedroom. It’s so serene and tastefully put together. I do think that armoire would look great painted grey though. You’re so lucky to have a fireplace in your bedroom! That’s a big room and you’ve made it feel very cozy.

  27. Hmmm, I think you did pretty good considering you couldn’t think of something to say! 🙂 You have such a beautiful home. Wish I had the decorating touch you have.

    PS: The armoire would look beautiful gray!

  28. Haha…so funny. I hate it when I’m at a loss for words. But, hey, your beautiful room speaks for itself! 😉

    I’m following you on linky and I just “liked” you on fb!! Looking forward to getting to know you!

  29. I just love that room. I miss our old house with all the elements we ever wanted that we put into our master bedroom/bathroom addition. It was a beautiful room. But my husband became ill, we thought we would lose him, so we downsized and now, he is better and our house is tiny, but day by day we make it work. I especially love the plates above the bed tables and the old mailbox and the floors. Wow. You didn’t need Shakespeare at all!

  30. I agree with so many of the others. With a room as beautiful as this one, who needs words. Well, except for where did you get your curtains, rug, chair, etc. 🙂 Another great job!

  31. “To be Shakespeareless or not to be Shakespeareless”…Is that the question?…But my answer is quite clear with no writer’s block at all, that your bedroom should be a backdrop in “A midsummer’s Nights Dream”…I have seen your bedroom in a prior post and it is “a dream”…..

    Spent most of my day today attending an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Class…so, in my “expert” opinion..I think your armoire would look fabulous in grey…

    Love, love reading your posts…you are positively “The Merchant of No Words Left Behind”….

  32. What a beautiful, relaxing space! Oh, to have a fireplace in the bedroom. I know exactly what you mean about writer’s block. Sometime’s I’m amazed at how many different ways I can begin a post until I hit on just the right one. Some just write themselves, others seem to take forever. Personally I love the way this post was written! Beautiful job for a beautiful room.

  33. What a lovely home you have.
    Yes, what to say is common in my house quite a bit regarding blogs. That a good time to just show pictures and comment in between. Once you get going, you just roll with it.
    Meanwhile I have had your problem for months, now and need to make a decision, soon. Ah ,life and it’s little problems. It is frustrating, though…………
    Personally, I love your whole blog !!!

  34. wowzer!!!! and that diamond patterned floor treatment…..double wowzer….NO….triple wowzer!!!!!

    If you are ever stumped again for words…..please consider a tutorial on how to do that floor treatment. I have been thinking of doing that to our front porch in a very subtle pattern but am afraid to start. Happy Wednesday kari. xo

  35. Your bedroom is gorgeous. Your whole house is gorgeous! You’re funny but I really come here for the pictures! 😉
    Thanks for sharing the source of those smocked drapes too! I don’t know about my blog, but when my house grows up I want it to look like yours.

  36. I love your bedroom! I recently did a similar look in my bedroom. I wonder though how your room would have looked, leaving the wallpaper but painting the wood. Not that I think you should have, but it would have been interesting just to see what a difference that would have made. I am new to your blog, but I’ll be back!

  37. Happens to me ALL the time, believe me you are not alone! The Pioneer Woman said to just write, even when you don’t want to. So, like you, I try. You are doing a great job. Love your blog!

  38. Do you know one of the best things I love about your blog – other than the beautiful pics, your beautiful home, your wonderful projects, etc – is the fact that you make me laugh. If no one ever tells you anything else, know that you have a gift for writing and putting words to paper that is uplifting and entertaining. Thank you. 🙂

  39. OH my. Almost EVERY TIME I POST! But I come up with something. Not as witty as yours…but something.

    I would love to join your linky party this week but with all that I have going on I will not be able to link up that day. If only I could hire someone. :0)

    There’s a blog post in of itself!

    Have a great linky party!

  40. Wow! Beautiful!! I especially love the fireplace and painted floor!! Where did you find your oval mirror above your bed? I’ve seen round but not oval. Everything is just lovely! 🙂

  41. I like to read what you have to say even when you don’t have anything 🙂 Love your fireplace. I’d like to send you a pic of my fireplace so you can give me some ideas!

  42. Amazing transformation! And yes, we’ve all been Shakespearless at some point (or many points) in our blogging careers! Thank you for sharing and making us all feel better about those times! You’ve created such a beautiful retreat with this room! I must add…the armoire would be gorgeous in grey!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  43. Oh yes, I’m there every other blog post, but you still had an A+ post. I feel like you about Viola Davis. I love Meryl, but I was surprised she won, too bad they couldn’t have had a tie. Miss Davis truly was worthy of the honor!

  44. Nope. Never have that problem. MY problem is that I have thousand dumb things to say but NO beautiful pictures to back it up. Maybe we should team up, and you can do the decorating and I’ll do the… no… I still like your writing better. Maybe I’ll just keep reading your blog a lot.

  45. What gorgeous photos and a lovely house! I reread your post from Monday and cannot believe you started in December, simply amazing! I’d put caramel on my ice cream the first time we sat down for a chat…and then get seconds 30 minutes in…

  46. LOve what you have done to your bedroom. You really don’t need words although the ones you chose were both true to heart and amusing. Come by my linky party and link this up if you would – I would love to have you!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  47. Shakespeareless is my middle name (snicker)….. I am my own worst critic so I get it. But really, you do an amazing job at posting and look at all your comments! I love the room keep up the great work.

  48. Your blog is just so darn beautiful! Seriously I love your style. I love each and every look in your master. And I LOVE seeing the before! I am house shopping right now and that makes me want to really really consider what I could do with any space!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

  49. Happens to me every month or so…or it’ll last a whole week at a time. Bleh. You did just the right thing–you wrote anyway…and it turned out beautifully. (the post and the mantel)

  50. Wow! That room is beautiful!! And your writing is totally Shakspearfull!

    And when I first saw the before the Bard line that sprang to my mind was “boil, boil, Toile and trouble” – it must have been a huge pain to remove all that but the results (says the guy who didn’t have to do it) were totally worth it. Gorgeous!
    David (continuing to catch up)

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