Are you considered an artist if this is your canvas?


And do you get extra art points if your canvas came from the junk store?

I know Monet or Leonardo da Vinci might have turned up their collective noses at this humble tool box.  I know that probably this will never be displayed in the Guggenheim Museum.  And I know that somewhere an artist is cringing.

But this is my canvas.  

And I’m not the only one.

I truly think there is an artist inside all of us.

This wonderful world we blog in is full of beautiful works of art.

I’ve seen furniture with a message.

I’ve seen art you can wear.

I’ve seen art you can walk on.

Simply incredible.

I also know that true artists start with a primed canvas.

And then add layer upon layer of paint.

Creating depth and character.

Pausing to look and see…

….if a little more is needed here….

…..or a little more here.

Swishing and swirling and distressing and…..


Truly creating with the heart of an artist.

Until one day….the artist’s masterpiece is complete.

And on display.

For all the da Vincis of the world to see.


I mean….what’s so special about the Mona Lisa…..

               …..after you’ve seen true “toolbox art.” 🙂

What’s your canvas?

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