What is Your Canvas?

Are you considered an artist if this is your canvas?


And do you get extra art points if your canvas came from the junk store?

I know Monet or Leonardo da Vinci might have turned up their collective noses at this humble tool box.  I know that probably this will never be displayed in the Guggenheim Museum.  And I know that somewhere an artist is cringing.

But this is my canvas.  

And I’m not the only one.

I truly think there is an artist inside all of us.

This wonderful world we blog in is full of beautiful works of art.

I’ve seen furniture with a message.

I’ve seen art you can wear.

I’ve seen art you can walk on.

Simply incredible.

I also know that true artists start with a primed canvas.

And then add layer upon layer of paint.

Creating depth and character.

Pausing to look and see…

….if a little more is needed here….

…..or a little more here.

Swishing and swirling and distressing and…..


Truly creating with the heart of an artist.

Until one day….the artist’s masterpiece is complete.

And on display.

For all the da Vincis of the world to see.


I mean….what’s so special about the Mona Lisa…..

               …..after you’ve seen true “toolbox art.” 🙂

What’s your canvas?

PS  I am partying at Kim’s.

PPS  Here’s link to my pinterest inspiration.

PPPS  I am partying at the Pinterest Party with Katie and Sherry and Erin and Cassie.  We are pinning it up 🙂

54 thoughts on “What is Your Canvas?

  1. LOL … love your witty posts! And, I LOVE your “toolbox art!” It looks fabulous … perfect color. Annnnnd, I KNOW that you are going to share your tutorial on how your made those precious script flowers … I’m *patiently* waiting!

  2. Lordy, if I had view like that in which to paint I would paint everything in sight!! But seriously, that tool box with book page hydrangeas (?) … love.
    My canvas? Such a great question! Somedays it’s the “compose new post” on my blog’s admin page, somedays it’s my digital camera lens, somedays it’s a thrifted piece of furniture or a room in my home, somedays it’s circle time at the preschool, and somedays it’s my own children or family. Thanks for making me think about all the ways I use my “artist” self!!

  3. Good morning and happy Thursday, Karianne. Yes, you are a true artist, and you have shared many of your creations on many types of canvas. I love each and every one, and each new one becomes my favorite.

    But, may we keep Monet, too? Mona Lisa has never been one of my favs, but Ah, Monet.♥

  4. Yes, you are an artist doing that. I need those flowers to fill up my box like that. The poor thing has sat empty since Christmas.

  5. Well, I think you are the prodigy of Georgia O’Keefe..Love the tool box, but the flowers are a masterpiece in itself…Georgia would be very proud….

    My canvas now?..Hmm..I’m painting the canvas of life..painting the town red..sometimes painting myself in a corner..but for now, I relish in the joy of accepting the “Picasso” of a little girl that calls me “Grandma” and signs it “I Love You”…

  6. I’ve seen the Mona Lisa upclose and personal……and I don’t get it all the hoopla! LOL…..always love your charming post Karianne and love your artist box. I have collected and sold many of those over the years. Funny thing though…..I don’t have a one in my home right now. I need to change that! Have a wonderful day xo

  7. Love your canvas. The flowers are beautiful. Did you make those yourself? If so, we are all waiting on tutorial. Have a great week. Sheila

  8. I love your canvas! I suppose my canvas right now is furniture- I’m loving giving it new life.Years ago, I did a lot of country style decorative painting and my dad asked why I didn’t do “real” painting. I’m sure he thinks the same thing now with the furniture projects, though probably even more horrified that I’m painting “sacred wood.” 🙂 Hubby doesn’t seem to mind, though- or at least he’s learned to keep his mouth shut- ha! 🙂

  9. A lovely post…one that will stay with me. I have so many canvases….chairs, hutch, candlesticks. Each one waiting for me to put my creative touch to. I love it!!! I am even talking like an artist.

    I am crazy about your beautiful cart of script flowers. Your art would REALLY look good in my home…hint…hint.

    Have a great day 🙂

  10. Art is all around us and who is to judge what constitutes an artist’s canvas… art is an expression of our innermost being…life put on display through paint, words, notes and movement. It is the undefinable quality that struggles to break forth from each of us regardless of our medium. Art is alive and moving and real. So, continue, my friend, to open the door to your inner-artist, because it blesses us all.

  11. I got one of those tote tool boxes before Christmas last year, Karianne! I had such fun decorating with it for Christmas and it has been holding my hearts that I made. I left mine red, but after seeing yours painted I’m wondering . . . : )

  12. So pretty! Where do you have this displayed, on your dining room table? In my mind it’s in your craft room/wrap room and you have it filled with the flowers which you attach to gifts that you have wrapped….

  13. I love your canvas! I used to paint on wood all the time and miss the smell of the freshly saw boards that my father used to cut for me. It brings back great memories. I do, however, paint on canvas now. It’s not until the brush is in my hand that the little gears in my head start to click and tell me what it is I am to paint today. Those flowers in you box are also a beautiful work of art!

  14. Karianne, A super special flower box! I too want to know how to make those flowers, please tell us you made them and how…

    It’s a rainy sunless morning here in PA. Your post has brightened my day.
    Joyous Wishes, Linda

  15. I have many times asked Cane (the art teacher) what the difference is between art and craft–I suppose I keep asking because I’m never satisfied with the answer! He says we tend to assign the label “craft” to those things that have a practical use, made from ordinary materials.

    I reject that notion, myself. I absolutely see a difference between the layers of paint on your box and what it would be if spray-painted a glossy white. I see artistry in all kinds of everyday things. In fact, I think I prefer it there than in something with no other purpose than to be hung on a wall or displayed on a shelf.

  16. I vote that we get to call ourselves what we wish to be…artists, or crafters it should be our choice, not societies.

    So go ahead, create, after all that’s so much more important then a label isn’t it?

    A lovely post, and it makes us all think, and create.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  17. Karianne, you truly are an artist!! I always love your projects and your way of writing about them!! I am trying to make my life my canvas, and finally start living all the beautiful things I have stored up in my mind! 🙂

  18. It looks fantabulous – I have 2 old toolboxes that I was just thinking could use a bit of paint to snazzy them up!

    I agree – anything can be a canvas. Wish I had pics of my Betty Boop jeans and my salamander Chuck Taylors! Oh what a sight to see I wash sashaying around in my “art”!

  19. Without a doubt you *are* an artist. You have such a keen eye and the ability take something unremarkable and make it gorgeous! (This morning I had my FB open to your page and my husband, who never notices anything, said, “Wow! Now that’s a kitchen!” Then I said I want one just like it and he stopped noticing 😉

  20. I love your canvas and your writing style! You are so right, we are artists in many ways. By your lovely definition I could be considered a needle artist, but lately I am more of a sign artist. I love painting signs on various types of wood and although they would not be considered perfect, to me they are very special. Your tool box is a beautiful piece and the view is lovely.

  21. First, you get HUGE points from me when it comes from the junk store – I junk for a living. I have a chipped old white wood box that use to be filled with flowers but they were destroyed. Did you make your flowers as well? They’re great.

    My very first post a few years ago was along these lines, about creativity and how it can be found in everyone. Fun.

    I also wanted to say THANK YOU for your very kind words about my blog. It made my heart do a little leap.

  22. I’m a believer that everyone has God-given gifts. Somewhere inside us all is a creative, inspired artist. We just need to channel inward to figure out what to do with it. Great post. Oh…I want your tool box. :o)

  23. You are definitely an artist! I love that toolbox, both before (perfectly primitive), and after (cottage cuteness)! I guess I consider my entire home my canvas, since I’m constantly changing things, and that’s where I apply my creativity. And my blog is a canvas too!

  24. What a lovely creation! You are a GIFTED artist, and writer! An entertaining and beautiful post as always! P.S. We all need to know about those flowers too!
    Have a great day, you little creative genius! xo-Lisa

  25. I have a sickness when it comes to toolboxes or carriers of any kind. I buy them thinking that I’ll resell them. are you kidding…? I cannot let them go. Never know when you’re going to need another one…or ten.

  26. Just my kind of art! And pleeeease tell me you made those flowers and will be offering a tut on how we can make some too. I adore them. Another pretty addition to your gorgeous home!!

  27. Looove your canvas and pretty flowers, Karianne!! Would have to say that my canvas varies from day to day – sometimes even from hour to hour! Often times it’s my blog, or ceramics, or yarn, or . . . it’s actually a pretty long list of “artistic-type” stuff I do!
    Sure enjoy your witty posts, too!

  28. My canvas is my classroom – I love seeing my students reach their potential and beyond. It is as inspiring as a painting or beautiful scene. Many see teenagers and all they want to do is get away – I see energy, innocence, a love of life and willingness to try so many new things- it keeps me young and brings a smile to my heart.
    Oh by the way, I have now applied to 3 HGTV shows – no word yet- but then hope springs eternal – it is after all spring and I am hoping and praying.

  29. What? Is that Momma Thistle in your comments thread? Vying to get on HGTV? We must start a campaign … we must start writing letters … we must start calling producers ….


    And love your canvas and like everyone else in your comments thread, am drooling over those paper flowers …


  30. You really made a plain jane tool box look amazing! I love those little flowers that you added. The new white palette makes it very fresh looking and not so primitive.

  31. Love the paper flowers they are really cool and have to say the finish project looks really cool, I have never tried my hand at painting so have no idea whether I would be any good at it or not……………..you however are good at it………..

  32. Karianne, how adorable, I love the toolbox with the flowers. So you ask what is my canvas? Well dont laugh because my current canvas the past few days is a Remington 22 rifle that my hubby just bought me. I am painting the stock, Of course I have to make it my own. Can’t wait to post the finished product 🙂

  33. Turning a pristine white canvas into a work of art is certainly artistry, but turning a beat-up old piece of junk into something beautiful is equally artistic. I love the script flowers. They soften the whole “picture.”

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