Can We Talk?

Can we talk?

Can I interrupt your busy Saturday for just a minute?

Can we talk about how I just bought this?

Votivo #19.

Ahhhhhh.  The hand lotion of the Gods.

I mean….I love the way it smells.  I love the way it makes my hands silky soft.

But silky smooth and clean smelling goodness aside…

…I really bought it because of this.

So simple and yet absolute genius.

Do you know what it’s for?  The first time I saw I didn’t.  

Some brilliant fast-talking salesperson had to explain it to me.



I think my eyes glazed over when he first showed it to me.  Visions of lunches with my peeps entered my head.  Visions of pulling out my hand lotion after lunch and everyone staring and thinking to themselves, “That girl.  She always is where it’s at.”  And visions of after I put my lotion on….giving it one more tiny twist before I dropped it into my purse with an air of self-satisfaction.

But here’s why we need to talk. 

If we were BFF’s and we were at the mall and we saw this hand lotion and some fast talking salesperson started in.  And he knew (they always can pick them out from the crowd)…somehow he knew that I was a sucker for a gadget.

And he started talking faster and faster in that super persuasive way salesmen have until I just had to have it.

And then he showed us this.


Did he think my first name was Ivanka?

Twenty dollars for hand lotion?

Now….as my BFF….would you tell me to buy it?  Would you inherently know that this tiny little bit of metal genius and silky smooth hand lotion was worth every cent of that twenty dollars?  And would you know that every time I wound it up….it would make me so happy?

Or….would you grab my hand and run as fast as the wind with me out of the store and take me for yogurt.  And pour a glass of ice-cold water on me.  And remind me that there are budgets and goals and maybe an envelope system or two?

So can you tell me….as my BFF….what do you think?

PS Would it help if I told you I could use it on my toothpaste after I was done?

PSS  I took all of the pictures for this post.  Aren’t you impressed?  Did you think I got them from the Votivo site?  Nope.  Just me.  And my point and shoot.  And a few helpful tips from this incredible photography website.

edited to add:  Apparently I have been living under a rock because I have heard from several reliable sources (like my mother-in-law) that you can purchase these little winders at the dollar store.  Or I guess you could contact Anne’s dentist….he seems to have the inside track 🙂

47 thoughts on “Can We Talk?

  1. I think I would have to be the BFF that Told you to buyit if that’s what you really wanted. Because as your BFF you would know that I live vicariously through my friends enjoyment in their splurges. You would know that I am a penny pincher and don’t do such things for myself.

  2. Oh- I love it! I think we all deserve a splurge once in a while. I didn’t know what one of those keys was the first time I saw it either. I got it for some medical cream for my ankle. Is that not the coolest thing ever? Great job on the photos, too. I am going to check that site out because I am back to my old point and click~ xo Diana

  3. Haha. If I was your BFF I would say to go for the splurge. You’ll get lots of happiness for quite some time out of that $20. I got one of those wonderful keys a few years ago with a splurge of my own. Now I’m wondering just where I put that sweet little gadget. Enjoy your splurge.

  4. OMG KARIANNE!!! My dentist gives these away for free!!!!!!!!! lol Glad you found a new gadget that makes you happy. That’s all that matters anyway.

    Enjoy your new handcream, you’ll have your gadget forever. 🙂

      1. You are too funny for yogurt!!! btw, you really eat a lot of yogurt – it may be time for an intervention. You know, the bff thing and all…

        Thanks for the shout-out, love you to bits!!


        (oh, oh, there’s that exclamation point thing again… )

  5. I would tell you to get it if it makes you happy. I love it and think I just might have to make that splurge myself. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love Votivo and have a few of their candles! Didn’t know they make lotion but of course not only would I have encouraged you to buy it – I would have bought one too! Then we could both whip it out in unexpected places as people oogled and ogled it –oh yeah, we’d be legends in our own minds!

  7. Lotion, what lotion? All I noticed was that glitzy curler! I love those. I use a file clip on my toothepaste. I can not stand to have it not nice and tightly rolled.

    Your pictures are supreme… fabulous. You are a photo wizard 😉 Congrats on taking them.

  8. I’d talk you into it and take you out for yogurt. They do have such gadgets in plastic, but they don’t look as fine as that. And, if you tell me it’s worth every penny, I believe you. Thanks for the link. That was very cool.

  9. Well………… it is definitely much more glamorous than my Bag Balm and I bet the fragrance is much more appealing. I would have probably encouraged you to invest in this hoping that you would share when you saw me pulling out my old favorite that smells soooooooooo yucky.

  10. My husband bought two of those little doo-dads for me, sans hand lotion, a few years ago. I thought he had gone cuckoo until I, in fact, did use it on my toothpaste. As your BFF, I would have told you to google it (don’t know what it’s called, though), and that you could get two for less than the lotion. But, hey, I’ve been known to be cheap at times.

  11. Karianne – Please, never loose your sense of humor !

    I have one and think like you do, but I cannot put in down in words. Guess I should have stayed in my hometown, playing softball with the boys………

    Keep ’em coming !!

  12. Based on the number of $20 birthday gifts you’ve probably purchased for your children’s friends in the past six months I’d think it was safe to say that you can def. buy yourself a $20 present now and again. ❈ I like to twist that rationalization to suit my needs, whatever they may be. ❈ Sounds good, right? So happy you are experimenting with your photography – anyone can take amazing shots with any camera if they take the time to. Can’t wait to see more!

  13. Bahaha!!! I would probably be the BFF that dumped the cold water on your head, but seriously, do you think it would have stopped you from buying it or would you just walk soaking wet out of that mall with a shiny new shopping bag 🙂

  14. Oh;go for it Karianne, that lotion will last a long time,and the cool tube saver even longer, find a coupon for something else!

  15. As your BFF, I would tell you to go for it — you need to treat yourself once in a while and a metal gadget that can be repurposed? After all, aren’t you worth it?
    Then I would treat you to a glass of wine or a margarita, ‘cuz that’s how I do my BFFs. 🙂

  16. Those sales people scare me, so if I was your bff you probably would have never discovred your wonderful gadget, cause as soon as I see one of those sales people I start talking under my breath to whoever is with me like “don’t make eye contact ” “hurry up turn that way” “pretend you don’t hear him and keep walking”. So I’m glad I was not there to come between you and your happy little gadget .

  17. Like cheap wine..Life is too short for cheap lotion…if it makes you happy..go for it..Just think, it probably is the price of maybe 4 yogurts?…and the lotion lasts longer!!!…

    When my BFF and I would go shopping, she would hem and haw over say a $10 purchase and ask..”is it worth it”?…I would reply..”you just spent $10 on a hamburger” and it’s gone!..I rest my case…

    I will have to definitely try the Votivo…I use Philosophy’s “Hope in a Jar”…hoping that it would take my wrinkles away…but it is exactly what it says..”Hope”..not reality…

    Enjoy the little things in life…:-)

  18. If I was your BFF we wouldn’t be at the mall. We’d be at a boutique where this little gadget would have set you back $50. We would be so enamored with the beautiful hang carved ivory dish the gadgets were all displayed in that we’d be feeling a little dizzy. Not to mentioned the euphoria that overcame us as we stood underneath the glittering chandelier dancing overhead. And the animal skin throw rugs laying about the place on white washed floors with cozy throws on comfy oversized chairs. The aroma of hazelnut coffee brewing in the back at the coffee station of our quaint little shop off the beaten path would give us a sense that all was right with the world. You’d buy the lotion. You’d buy the gadget. And we would feel good about it all.


    I’d never hear from you again because your husband would forbid you to hang out with someone that was reckless and robbed you of your children’s college fund. Or something like that.


    I’d never forget that day or that experience with you.

    And neither would you.

  19. If you’re looking for a shopping savior, I not be her. I’m a sucker for gadgets myself. I have a few of the plastic toothpaste roll-up thingies, but I would still go for the bling! 🙂

  20. Sometimes you just have to splurge. AND you may have sold a coupla extra tubes for that sales guy by putting it on your blog! LOL

    I’m looking high and low for that gadget thingy at the dollar store!

  21. I wouldn’t have been able to stop you. Why? Because my hand lotion is even higher $$, and it doesn’t come with a gadget. Maybe we’re soul mates.

  22. I would have said go for it as I paid the salesman my $20 for lotion. Love the idea. My daughter is a dental hyg. (terrible I’m not sure of the spelling). I will have to ask her about the little tube saver. Have a great week!!!!! Sheila

  23. I’m right there with you under the rock, who knew these existed! Brilliant I tell you. As one of your (many) bloggy BFFs, I would advise you to buy it! It’ so pretty and smelly and shiny! But then again, I live in California where everything is so expensive it wouldn’t surprise me if toothpaste hit $20.

  24. Hey, I might be frugal in some ways, but that’s how I get to live large in other areas. …Like the perfect, most luxurious hand lotion with a beautiful key! They probably train the salespeople to hypnotize the unsuspecting members of the heard that are distracted my pretty shiny things. (Um, like us! 😉 I am right there with you!) I totally would have fallen for it too. Even though I am budget focused. Let’s face it, we all deserve a little self indulgence! You go girl! …Wish I had some of that killer lotion right now too!

  25. That good feeling you get is priceless! A good hand lotion in itself is a pleasure and I’m POSITIVE the dollar store winder thingy doesn’t look like that.

  26. I wish I could smell that moisturizer right now. I bet it smells heavenly! I love good scented creams like that. I’ve never seen those little tools to help roll a tube either. I would’ve been just like you and gotten very excited about that gadget. Who knew?!

  27. Well worth the splurge if you ask me! Thanks for the link to the incredible photography site! I was so bummed his follow button was not working, but I did book mark his site so I can find my way back again!

  28. As a BFF I would say, you deserve it. Then ask if I could try it. Then probably go buy myself one too so we could feel indulged together. And the things at the dentist to squeeze TP….. not near as cute.


  29. Oooo, tough call. On one hand (see what I did there?) it’s the supposed hand lotion of the gods. On the other, 20 smackaroos is a lot for lotion. Even if it comes with a gadget. However, I am a firm believer in spoiling yourself occassionally. So as your BFF, I say yes!

  30. Just to assuage your bruised frugality – I bought myself one of these little gadgets at Crabtree & Evelyn. And I have NEVER seen them at the dollar store – I swear!

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