Can we talk?

Can I interrupt your busy Saturday for just a minute?

Can we talk about how I just bought this?

Votivo #19.

Ahhhhhh.  The hand lotion of the Gods.

I mean….I love the way it smells.  I love the way it makes my hands silky soft.

But silky smooth and clean smelling goodness aside…

…I really bought it because of this.

So simple and yet absolute genius.

Do you know what it’s for?  The first time I saw I didn’t.  

Some brilliant fast-talking salesperson had to explain it to me.



I think my eyes glazed over when he first showed it to me.  Visions of lunches with my peeps entered my head.  Visions of pulling out my hand lotion after lunch and everyone staring and thinking to themselves, “That girl.  She always is where it’s at.”  And visions of after I put my lotion on….giving it one more tiny twist before I dropped it into my purse with an air of self-satisfaction.

But here’s why we need to talk. 

If we were BFF’s and we were at the mall and we saw this hand lotion and some fast talking salesperson started in.  And he knew (they always can pick them out from the crowd)…somehow he knew that I was a sucker for a gadget.

And he started talking faster and faster in that super persuasive way salesmen have until I just had to have it.

And then he showed us this.


Did he think my first name was Ivanka?

Twenty dollars for hand lotion?

Now….as my BFF….would you tell me to buy it?  Would you inherently know that this tiny little bit of metal genius and silky smooth hand lotion was worth every cent of that twenty dollars?  And would you know that every time I wound it up….it would make me so happy?

Or….would you grab my hand and run as fast as the wind with me out of the store and take me for yogurt.  And pour a glass of ice-cold water on me.  And remind me that there are budgets and goals and maybe an envelope system or two?

So can you tell me….as my BFF….what do you think?

PS Would it help if I told you I could use it on my toothpaste after I was done?

PSS  I took all of the pictures for this post.  Aren’t you impressed?  Did you think I got them from the Votivo site?  Nope.  Just me.  And my point and shoot.  And a few helpful tips from this incredible photography website.

edited to add:  Apparently I have been living under a rock because I have heard from several reliable sources (like my mother-in-law) that you can purchase these little winders at the dollar store.  Or I guess you could contact Anne’s dentist….he seems to have the inside track 🙂