The Telegraph recently posted the 101 greatest questions of all time.

Aren’t you curious?

Here are five of the top twenty (in no particular order).

(1)  Where is the safest place to stand outside in a thunderstorm?

(2)  Why do I feel cold and shiver when I have a fever?

(3)  Does chewing gum really stay inside you for years?

(4)  Can germs catch germs?

and my personal favorite:

(5)  Do men have cellulite?

How did they determine these were in the top 101 questions of all time?

Did they telephone survey?

Did they take a poll online?

Did they ask 1000 inquiring minds?

No one asked me.

I mean, I have been known to have an opinion and all that.

So, just in case the Telegraph is interested,…..

…….I have a question to add to the list.

A question I think is definitely worthy to be in the top 101 questions that I have ever asked.


It has puzzled me for the last month.

It has me asking…..why?

Why did I think putting these nest things under the wire cloches on my dining room table was a good idea?


I mean, I saw them in the store.  And I thought I would be a trend-setter in the tablescape department.

I’m not really even sure what they are.  They are just wound up vine mixed with leaves mixed with tiny pieces of broken vine mixed with general shedding material.  I think you are supposed to cut them apart and use them for garland.


Not on your dining room table.

Not on burlap.

You see those pieces of vine clinging to the side.




Any minute now those vines will detach themselves from the wire cloche display and take some tiny pieces of leaves with them and party.  Party like there’s no tomorrow.  Party like it’s 2099.

All over my dining room table.

Not my best choice.

Not my finest hour.

Not exactly the incredible spring tablescape I was going for.

So Telegraph, I mean I wonder why the earth is round and why kangaroos have pockets and where do all the extra socks go to and really….why can’t we all just get along?

I’m here.  If you need more questions.

Or if you want to get your party on….

….I’ve got some vines just waiting for you 🙂

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PPPS  I am partying over at The Picket Fence and Funky Junk and Marty’s Cloche Party.

None of the questions, but all of the photos were taken by RTM Connect.