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Look what just came in the mail.

A wooden three-letter monogram.


I saw it somewhere on someone’s blog….long long ago.  

So….here’s to you….blogger with really great taste and awesome ideas with that incredible blog that I read two years ago, but can’t remember where.

You are a rock star wherever you are.

You inspired me to want my own monogram.

So I bookmarked it.

And then I forgot about it.

Until a month ago.

And I found it in an old file.  And I ordered it.

Way smart of me.

I might even go so far as to say brilliant.

I mean…..look at it.

I ordered it in unpainted wood and painted it with a little SW Intellectual Gray and a little SW Repose Gray and topped it off with a little SW Mindful Gray.

As my husband pointed out, who knew gray could be so introspective?


It makes me so happy.  Every time I open the back door, I smile to myself and I secretly pat myself on the back.  Much better design choice than the tiny bits of vine and leaves on my dining room table.

I ordered the monogram here.

In the interest of full disclosure the monogram company did not send this to me in exchange for a shout out on the blog.

They don’t even know me.

I’m sure if you asked them, they would say, “thistlewood who?”

They aren’t a sponsor.  I don’t even have sponsors.  I think I post too much on dust bunnies and overpriced hand lotion for that.

In this case, however, I might make an exception.

But only if they paid me in monograms 🙂

PS  My husband wanted to make sure he got credit for the gray joke.  You see, it’s all about starring on the blog around here.

PPS  I am partying at Kim’s and Susan’s.