Happiness is a Monogram

Look what just came in the mail.

A wooden three-letter monogram.


I saw it somewhere on someone’s blog….long long ago.  

So….here’s to you….blogger with really great taste and awesome ideas with that incredible blog that I read two years ago, but can’t remember where.

You are a rock star wherever you are.

You inspired me to want my own monogram.

So I bookmarked it.

And then I forgot about it.

Until a month ago.

And I found it in an old file.  And I ordered it.

Way smart of me.

I might even go so far as to say brilliant.

I mean…..look at it.

I ordered it in unpainted wood and painted it with a little SW Intellectual Gray and a little SW Repose Gray and topped it off with a little SW Mindful Gray.

As my husband pointed out, who knew gray could be so introspective?


It makes me so happy.  Every time I open the back door, I smile to myself and I secretly pat myself on the back.  Much better design choice than the tiny bits of vine and leaves on my dining room table.

I ordered the monogram here.

In the interest of full disclosure the monogram company did not send this to me in exchange for a shout out on the blog.

They don’t even know me.

I’m sure if you asked them, they would say, “thistlewood who?”

They aren’t a sponsor.  I don’t even have sponsors.  I think I post too much on dust bunnies and overpriced hand lotion for that.

In this case, however, I might make an exception.

But only if they paid me in monograms 🙂

PS  My husband wanted to make sure he got credit for the gray joke.  You see, it’s all about starring on the blog around here.

PPS  I am partying at Kim’s and Susan’s.

59 thoughts on “Happiness is a Monogram

  1. Hahahaha, thanks for the Saturday laugh. I love all of the auditioning going on over there. My household reaction is the exact opposite…blog, what blog? 🙂

    LOVE the monogram and the beautiful wreath hung from a ribbon from the knocker…genius.

  2. And I was thinking what a star thing to say…Brilliant doesn’t even begin to describe how awesome-hot-fudge-sauce that is.

    Dy-no-mite. {in three very long drawn out syllables}

  3. Love that! I’ve seen that on Holly Mathis’s blog. I bet that’s where you got it from. She did a post about it and did get one for free for talking about it. Lucky her! I love how you added the wreath to it for your front door. I didn’t know you could buy them unfinished. That’s a good idea.

  4. Okay, l-o-v-e. But I’ll have to bookmark the site for later (and I can do that now because i have my laptop back — can you hear me singing???) because I gave up spending $$ for lent. You know, on fun stuff. And this definitely qualifies as “fun stuff”… though I could make the argument that our front door NEEDS this? Hmmm.

    Anyhoo — what color is your front door painted?? random question, but it looks like a deep purple on my computer and if it is you are officially my hero. You’re my hero anyway, but that would make it shout-out official. 🙂

  5. I love it! In fact, I may need to order one up! Waaaay back, I too was inspired by a certain bloggers monogrammed wreath. I created one for myself, trying to duplicate it’s fabulousness. You can see it here (although looking back, it really is nothing compared to your monogrammed beaut) http://willowispandrea.blogspot.com/2010/09/customizing-wreath.html
    I even linked back to my inspiration. A certain blog called Ask Kari and Kijsa. Loved that blog =)) ps I also ‘copied’ their black door idea by painting the interior of my front door black (in our previous home). It was gorgeous.

  6. Hey girl, your monogram is gorgeous, especially in all of those fancy named gray colors.
    It looks really pretty sitting inside the lovely wreath, too.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. I have that monogram pinned on one of my boards! It is on the list of things to get!! It looks fantastic in your door wreath, and looks so sophisticated in it’s shades of gray! Thanks for reminding me about the monogram! I heart them BIG time also!
    P.S. Love the spheres you have over your plants by the door. Cool idea!
    Have a fun weekend.

  8. Alright. That’s your BACK door. Back DOOR. The one in the BACK of the house? Behind all the good stuff, the showy stuff, the FRONT stuff? That’s the behind the scenes where WE ALL put our recycling bins and collected sticks from our walks in the hills, mud trodden boots, and poopy sneakers that “by mistake” stepped in the dogs’ doo. That’s where the REST of us HIDE things. Oh I see. That’s where YOU hang YOUR initials. The back door. And “every time you go out that door you smile secretly”. Yeah. That door.

    I think you are a computer generated human being.

    That’s all I got from the FRONT.


  9. You need to have an official audition for your family!

    Props, lighting … the whole shebang!

    I see stand up comedy, monologues, maybe even some miming! And of course, you standing down stage with a giant hook!

    Love the monogram and your giant orbs (the ones in the pots – what were you thinking I meant)!

  10. I love monograms and yours looks wonderful on your door. What size did you order because I’m about to order one for my house. I also love the orbs in the pots. Was that a DIY project? Thanks for sharing.

  11. Ok I thought I had read wrong but you said something about your back door that can’t be your back door can it such a cool looking and inviting back door unless you house is like my parents place and everyone goes to the back door more then the front door……………..either way wow I love the monogram I want one I am going over to check them out oh and those orbs bloody lovely I want them too…………

  12. Karianne your monogram is fabulous and the centre of your wreath is the perfect place to stage it ! I love it !
    It will look so pretty in Winter against the snowy exterior x

  13. I love this!!!!! Your back door looks much better than my front door. I have to order one of the monograms. Just have a (crazy, maybe not so crazy) question. Do you order only your initials or do you put your husbands on one side and yours on the other side? If I just put mine I’m afraid my husband might think that I have evicted him. My dad left his GMC Envoy when he passed and it is in my husbands name but I put my monogram on the back window. My daughter calls it my Mimi mobile. Have a great week-end. Sheila

  14. You decorate your back door so beautifully well, because you are of the mindset that backdoor friends are the best friends?…and you want your “best friends” to have such a warm and friendly welcome…Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous…that’s 3 gorgeouses for the 3 letters..

    You’re the best and BTW..tell hubby, “good one”…very funny!!

  15. Love your monogram, just gorgeous! Can’t believe your BACK door area is so pretty. Ours has nothing. Nothing at all. Well, except a rusty, stainless-steel-not-supposed-to-rust grill. By the way, I love your table thingies, even if they are messy. 🙂

  16. Thanks so much for sharing the monogram – and your husband’s comment!
    Like several other posters, I was wondering what initials you put on the monogram. It is beautiful and can’t wait to order my own. I think you should get free monogram for all the orders the site will now receive!!

  17. Hey! You certainly deserve a pat on the back…doesn’t have to be done secretly. LOL

    You did a great job with that monogram. It looks awesome! 🙂


  18. It looks great, Karianne! I love it in your wreath! That’s a nice way to get a unique wreath. My husband must be the exception. He just helped me do a project and I told him I’d give him full credit on my blog. He didn’t look honored or excited.

  19. Very pretty wreath on the door…I know you are featuring the monogram and it is very nice but I really like the wreath and the color of your door. Is it blue? Joyous Wishes, Linda

  20. Karianne,
    My mom ordered me one for Valentine’s Day and I had posted about it in February.
    I love mine! Your’s looks great on your front door!
    dee dee

  21. Totally adore the monogram, Kerianne. I think I have the same one pinned somewhere, too. I have double entry doors and don’t know if I’d want to spring for two, or it may look like overkill. Your darling husband sounds a bit introspective, himself.

  22. I love these monograms! I’m like you I’ve saved it somewhere and had forgotten about it. I would love to order one of these myself. Gorgeous! Looks great on your door. Oh, and I loved the gray joke.

  23. Beautiful. In a previous lifetime, I use to paint aisle runners for weddings, so monograms were pretty much a daily obsession. I also ADORE your metal sphere thingys (for lack of a better term). Your shades of gray are smarter than I am!

  24. I love your wreath. I have a beautiful “D” that’s waiting to go on a wreath. I keep thinking I need to paint it or something though. I’m definitely pinning yours. It’s perfection.

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