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Do you remember the impossibilities challenge?

If you do…..wasn’t it inspiring?

If you don’t…..click here to see 361 people who set out to accomplish their Impossible

                                                               ……..and did it.

Recently it’s been kind of lonely around here without all those impossibles.

I miss them.

I mean we have told each other what we wanted our blogs to be when they grew up and we wrapped ourselves in smocked burlap and hit the town and wondered what life would be like without the letter Q.

But even so…..it just wasn’t the same.

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Until now.

Introducing a years’ worth of Mission: Possible.

Are you as excited as I am?

We are.

We….as in…

Kelly from Eclectically Vintage

Andrea from The Cottage Market

Linda from it all started with paint

Karah from the space between

<img src=https://thistlewoodfarm.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/littlefolder2.png?w=200>

We are partying this year like it’s 2099.

And we are kicking it all off in March with “It’s a Cinch.”

From the overwhelming “impossible” to the “easy peasy.  The 20 minute project.  No long tutorials.  No complicated directions.  No 24-hour drying time.


That’s how we roll.

I’ll start.

Actually, I started with pinterest.

Seriously, why re-invent the wheel when you have pinterest?  If you haven’t noticed, pinterest is full of cinchy projects.  I pinned an entire board of them.

Here’s the super cinchy project that was my inspiration.


4 x 4 Blank White Canvas from craft store

lowercase metal alphabet letters from craft store

grey paint (in many introspective shades from other projects) 🙂


(1)  Take the blank canvas and sketch a pencil line in the shape of part of a heart.

(2)  Decide on your quote.  I chose, “Life is a series of moments called now.”

That’s 31 letters.

Then take those 31 letters and stick them on to your canvas following your pencil line.

(3)  Keep sticking the letters…..following the pencil line of the half-formed heart until it looks like this.  Don’t worry if you can see the pencil line.  You’ll paint over it after the next step.

(4)  Then take out your introspective grey paint and paint the canvas.

I painted one coat of grey and then invented a cinchy finish that involved dipping the brush in different greys and pouncing the brush onto the canvas.  If you are not up for pouncing with your brush.  Leave it plain grey.  We are going for cinchy….remember.

(5)  Seal the entire canvas with water-based polyurethane.

That’s it.

The entire project took 17.25 minutes (and that included taking the plastic off the canvas).

So if you can find an extra 17.25 minutes, I would love to see your project.

On March 27.

Link it up.

Show it off.

Let’s party.

I’ll be the one eating coconut M & M’s 🙂

PS  I am partying at the Pinterest Party with Katie and Sherry and Erin and Cassie

PPS  I am also pinning it up here:

DIY Show Off Pinterest PinFest