My house slept in this morning.

It was all my fault.

Normally I wake it up first thing.


And yes, you read that correctly.

Not my family…..my house.

Some people talk to their plants.  Some people talk to their pets.

I talk to my house.

And first thing in the morning, when all the house is silent….

….before four children need lunch money or hair bows tied or permission slips signed or family fun night forms filled out or great discussions on why Abraham Lincoln was such a great president or that president is spelled  p_r_e_s_i_d_e_n_t   not   p_r_e_c_e_d_e_n_t.

Before chaos reigns.

When all is still.

And it’s just me and the house.

I wake it up.

I tiptoe quietly from room to room….

…..and turn on one lamp, then another.

I karate chop a pillow here or there (sorry Kolein).

Maybe even pick up a backpack or homework or tiny piece of paper or cheerio or a toothbrush or….

……a stinky sock or two.

Sometimes if the house and I are feeling extra adventurous, I open the french doors and let the morning right in.

And say, “Welcome to the world little house.”

But that’s only on special days.

That’s only when we are feeling really crazy.

My house and I.

And after the pillows are fluffed and the lights are on.

And the stinky socks are picked up and another morning begins.

It’s a new day.

I can feel the house smile.

But this morning I was late.

Time was short.

I only had time to gulp down a cup of coffee and give a cursory wave to the house in passing.

Tomorrow there will be more time.

Time to savor the morning and wake up the house properly.

Time for salutations and conversation.

I’m looking forward to it.

After all, I really need to know why…oh…why last night Bachelor Ben ever picked Courtney?

And I’m sure the house has a big opinion 🙂

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PPS  All house waking up pictures were taken by RTM Connect.