I am so going on Facebook and unfriending the plumbing in our house.  Then I’m changing my status to “disappointed in you.”

Plumbing….you are on notice….this relationship is officially over.

I just don’t think I can be friends anymore.

At this point, I am so over it.


I am so over leaking.

I am so over drain pipes and wet drywall and water where it shouldn’t be.

I am so over this.

This is what the ceiling in my family room looks like.

Can you see it?

Here’s an arrow laden picture to truly illustrate (no pun intended) the water on my ceiling.


The plumbing and it’s Facebook status (or lack thereof) were not supposed to be the topic of the post today.

Today was the day I wanted to show you the new bathroom upstairs.

I wanted to show you this.

and this….

….and some of these…..

…and then have a cup of coffee together while we discussed how I made this.

The new bathroom is almost finished.

The tile is installed.

The sink and faucet are shiny and new.

There’s locker baskets and new white towels and polished chrome and red accents and crisply painted white trim.

Bright.  Shiny.  New.

And on the shower’s inaugural voyage….this had the nerve to show up.

And I am so over it.

But now I’m feeling better.  I’m moving on.  I don’t think I really need to be friends with the plumbing any more anyway.

You see, I’ve been kind of busy lately.  Things are really starting to look up.  And I’m moving on to greener pastures with a new friend who truly understands what I really need.

And so I’m back on Facebook again.

This time to send my new friend, the plumber, a friend request.

Hope he accepts 🙂

PS  I tweeted for the first time yesterday.  It was exciting.  If you tweet or twitter and you want to follow along with my ramblings, I added a twitter follow button on the sidebar.  I can only promise it will be random 🙂

PPS  If you are new to the blog and want a House Tour….I just added a page at the top for those of you who might have missed a room or two.  (I had a few minutes while I was waiting on the plumber).