I Am So Over It

I am so going on Facebook and unfriending the plumbing in our house.  Then I’m changing my status to “disappointed in you.”

Plumbing….you are on notice….this relationship is officially over.

I just don’t think I can be friends anymore.

At this point, I am so over it.


I am so over leaking.

I am so over drain pipes and wet drywall and water where it shouldn’t be.

I am so over this.

This is what the ceiling in my family room looks like.

Can you see it?

Here’s an arrow laden picture to truly illustrate (no pun intended) the water on my ceiling.


The plumbing and it’s Facebook status (or lack thereof) were not supposed to be the topic of the post today.

Today was the day I wanted to show you the new bathroom upstairs.

I wanted to show you this.

and this….

….and some of these…..

…and then have a cup of coffee together while we discussed how I made this.

The new bathroom is almost finished.

The tile is installed.

The sink and faucet are shiny and new.

There’s locker baskets and new white towels and polished chrome and red accents and crisply painted white trim.

Bright.  Shiny.  New.

And on the shower’s inaugural voyage….this had the nerve to show up.

And I am so over it.

But now I’m feeling better.  I’m moving on.  I don’t think I really need to be friends with the plumbing any more anyway.

You see, I’ve been kind of busy lately.  Things are really starting to look up.  And I’m moving on to greener pastures with a new friend who truly understands what I really need.

And so I’m back on Facebook again.

This time to send my new friend, the plumber, a friend request.

Hope he accepts 🙂

PS  I tweeted for the first time yesterday.  It was exciting.  If you tweet or twitter and you want to follow along with my ramblings, I added a twitter follow button on the sidebar.  I can only promise it will be random 🙂

PPS  If you are new to the blog and want a House Tour….I just added a page at the top for those of you who might have missed a room or two.  (I had a few minutes while I was waiting on the plumber).

35 thoughts on “I Am So Over It

  1. Uh oh … I hope you and your plumbing make up, and that it’s a tiny fix … not a big, yucky one! On the positive side … I love the teases of the new bath and look forward to seeing the reveal!

  2. Ouch! That just makes me want to cry. I’ve seen that on my ceiling before, and ugh, ugh, ugh. Wet ceiling are definitely not a smile bringer.

    New bathrooms? Yes. Smile bringer. I can wait.

  3. There is this thing about plumbing. It always betrays you at the most inconvenient times. Just when you think your relationship is going along smoothly, it throws a wrench into the works (Oh wait a minute maybe that was the plumber doing his thing).
    There is one thing I want to mention about your relationship with the plumber. Be sure not to look at his backside when he is leaning over to fix your relationship with your plumbing. I personally have never been too fond of seeing the moon during the daytime.

  4. No sir ree Bob…..you don’t want to see our plumbing problems from last Spring and Summer. Our whole house was totally torn up (just before the wedding). It was a nightmare but the saving grace and sunshine in the whole sordid affair, was it led to the family room makeover and all kinds of other fun changes. Can’t wait to see your new bath. xoxo

  5. Bummer. I know how excited you are about the bathroom redo. 😦

    And good luck figuring out how to unfriend that plumber of yours on FB. It’s almost as difficult to figure out as trying to cancel an online paid subscription or email delivery service ….



  6. KariAnne, only you can take a frustrating situation and turn it into a comedic monologue!..

    I am happy that your are “tweeting” just in time for spring. I am sure that your flock is very happy to hear you “sing”…

  7. Plumbing is the worst! Well, that’s not true. I’d be pretty unhappy if I didn’t have any plumbing at all…but why can’t it keep it’s head in the game and behave like a nice little person at all times?

    I’m happy you’re on Twitter! I followed you as soon as I got the notification that you’d followed me. 🙂

    Also, I would like to know where you got those locker baskets because I LIKE THEM!

  8. Leaks in the ceiling are always so 5 minutes ago! That is California valley girl talk for “how awful”. Always good to be best friends with the plumber! On the other hand, the bathroom -what you showed of it- looks awesome!

  9. I know what a huge disappointment that must’ve been to start seeing water damage like that. Hope everything gets fixed and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Looking forward to seeing this now famous bathroom! Ha!

  10. Ugh! We had a similar situation in our newly remodeled kitchen…my husband was SO bummed after he had just plastered the ceiling and painted it all crisp white!

    Hope your plumbing woes go away for a long time!

    I”ll bet the bathroom looks fabulous!

  11. What a cute writing style you have. It always makes me smile, even when you are writing about the yucky stuff of life…thank you. I cannot wait to see your bathroom when the leaky stuff is dry and all good.

  12. So live there…. No soon than we had the dry wall up and finished in the great room ceiling…. I came in on my birthday to find a huge puddle in the middle of our newly laid wood floor. Three holes and extra money to the drywaller later… we fixed that leak. Only to find another leak a week after we moved in, in the kitchen! We are still dealing with fixing that one! So I get you! so sorry that you have had to live this reality too. A good plumber (and roofer in our case) is a friend indeed!
    Can’t wait to see your new bath!
    dee dee

  13. Is it fair to say that I just came in from playing around the pool and pond and golf course this morning…and am happy to be here and not dealing with the leakage? Maybe not fair, but I’m sure we’ll be on other sides of this fence one day and I hope you feel the same.

    Can’t wait to see the new bathroom!

  14. oh my friend!!!! the woes of the plumbing…i will send you a little plumbing fairy from my thoughts and hope she wipes away the stains and the aggravation!!!! your poor thing! sending hugs and coconut m&m’s which i am eating NOW — if i gain any weight…i hold you responsible missy!!! : )

  15. Well, fresh water plumbing issues are always better then the alternative… if that makes you feel any better? I know plumbing problems are so super sucky! One of the worst 😦 Hope it’s not too serious and the fix is fairly simple. Crossing my fingers for you. Seriously, we had plumbing nightmares, so I really, really feel for you!! The bathroom peeks were pretty and we will all wait patiently for the reveal =) Hugs to ya!!

  16. Busy day for you, wet ceilings, a bathroom waiting for it’s reveal, and tweeting. I know a good drywall guy…I’m looking forward to seeing the mysterious sign in your bathroom, and I haven’t figured out FB yet so I don’t think I better move on to tweet.


  17. I am so sorry to hear of your plumbing problems, I know your bathroom must be gorgeous, I can say that the details are lovely.
    I hope the day gets better for you.
    Hugs, Cindy

  18. haha!
    i’m not laughing at the water on you ceiling, but oh my goodness, you are funny! 🙂
    and if you think your ceiling looks bad, you should come and check out our living room. apparently, before we lived here, there was a GAPING hole in the roof or something that no one seemed to care about. there are HUGE patches of drywall mud where the damage ‘used’ to be. not sure if it looked worse then or now?!
    and that’s all on top of 60’s popcorn ceiling.
    yes, i said popcorn ceiling. *gags a little*

  19. I’ve broken up with electricity a couple times, plumbing just once, but the mop and I are officially finished. I’ve had enough. I’ve moved on to a new mop now and we are very happy together. Sometimes, change is good 😉
    Good luck with your plumbing!

  20. Don’t even talk to me about leaks right now! I’m dealing with some on my ceiling. Praying the insurance is going to give us a new roof!
    The joys of home ownership!

  21. It’s always one thing or another, and when it rains it pours! Sorry I had to:) I have those in our family room that I still not painted over…i must get to that.
    Happy Friday.

  22. I have water on the ceiling every time Leo has a bath……………lol Sorry I know you should not have water on the ceiling it is wrong and needs to be seen too but it could be worse the roof could collapse under the water that happened to my daughter Kathy she found water in her laundry and when she looked around found it coming from the ceiling and a bit later the ceiling ended up on the floor due to the weight of the water…………………..now doesn’t that make you feel better………..or not maybe I have just gived you more to worry about…………….I leaving now as I am not helping bye bye but I will be back it is not that easy to get rid of me……………..lol

  23. I understand what you’re going through, I had problems for almost a year straight. I finally got everything straightened out earlier this year. Major headache. Hope things work well for your. Good Luck!

  24. I am catching up on my blog reading. We’re on a three-week bicycle trip, and last week I didn’t have computer access. (We were in Mississippi). Anyway, be glad you don’t live in England. Although I LOVE that country, their plumbing is the worst in the world. I’m not trying to trivialize your problem. I know you hate those spots and all, and I love that you are defriending your plumbing. Your writing is so clever. I guess it’s that candle you light that does it. I think I’ll head over to Yankee candle and buy some inspiration!!!

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