Do You Light a Candle?

Do you ever wonder where people blog?

Do you ever wonder how they write a post?

I do.


I read your post about the easiest burlap wreath you will ever make….or the post about the nests made of chocolate and peanut butter…..or the post about what those little stickers on fruit mean….

….and it inspires me.  (Seriously.  And to think I have been peeling off those stickers for years and never looking at them).

And all these posts about stickers and nests and burlap make me curious.

Why?  When?  Where?  How?  Do you blog?

Just in case you were curious like me, here’s where I write most of my posts. 

My kitchen.

Glamorous, I know.

No fancy office.  Just me and my $20 yard sale trestle table.

(don’t be a hater….we’ve already discussed the yard sale deals found in beautiful KY)

And sometimes if I am feeling extra fancy, like I want to blog about my house tour or something, I blog in the library. 

And I put on lipstick.

But most of the time it’s too distracting to blog here. 

I am really more of a kitchen-type-of-a girl.  It’s where I get inspired.

Not to cook, just to write.

When I sit down to post, I light a candle. 

I don’t know why.  I just write better if I can smell a little inspiration.  And if I don’t have the candle burning, I might smell burned broccoli and cheese soup.

And burned broccoli and cheese soup is definitely not on the top five list of inspirational smells.

After my candle is lit and I stare into space for a while, I have to figure out what to write about. 

I have a whole book of ideas.  Ideas that I think about when I am driving or cleaning or walking or painting or watching March Madness.

And I when I think of these ideas, I jot them down in a notebook.  Actually, sometimes I jot them on napkins or post-its or receipts or homework papers.  Then I transfer them to my notebook later.

I used to try to schedule what I wanted to write about.

And then life would happen.

And I’d read something funny or think of something that I just had to share with you.  And I would get off schedule.

Now I just blog about whatever…..whenever.

From here.

With my candle and my notebook and… heart.

PS  I’d love to know where you blog and how you write a post.

PPS  If you are a candle-burning, llipstick-wearing blogger                                  

                                                                    …..let’s be BFF’s forever 🙂

PPPS  I am linking this up at Home Stories and Funky Junk and Today’s Creative Blog at Kim’s.

73 thoughts on “Do You Light a Candle?

  1. how romantic and Hemmingway! love your style and such an enlightening post. however my blogging style is not that beautiful…i blog at 3:30 – 5:30 in the am…it is the start of my day when there is quiet and only the sounds of my tv and my pups occasional jingle as they look to see what I am doing : ) no lipsticks…just jammies and a cup of black coffee ALWAYS! : ) but there is a candle…a candle in fact is a very important part of my day — it is the way it comes to a close…a candle is lit for every reason my heart can think of — in memory of all of the people and animals that are now winged…for strength…a gentle thank you to the heavens for all that is good and unfortunately sometimes not so good…it is a reflective moment that we share here each day for all too many reasons to list…it is totally symbolic — it is not done for anything but a moment of peace as the day ends and yes…it is safely tucked deep into a glass container and is allowed to burn safely…so it is the first thing I see in the morning and by the time my blog post is listed…the flame slowly ends! sending hugs my friend…

  2. Blogging in lipstick…I’m totally going to get into that! I love lipstick and have a lovely collection lined up in my bathroom!

    I blog curled up on the couch on cold days or else chilled out on my porch on warm days. I blog whenever I get time or find something amazing. I have started my blog as I have just purchased a house and its a nice way to collate all my ideas in one place as I decorate our new nest!

    I love reading blogs when i get home from a hectic day a work and plan my creative adventures!


  3. creme brulee–that’s the candle i have burning when blogging, and hazelnut coffee, can’t forget that. from now til frost, i’ll be typing posts in the garden, wearing lip gloss–does that count? great post, karianne:)

  4. I do not write blogs I just read them. I like to read when my house is settling down to go to sleep in my den with a candle burning. Funny if I did write a blog I would want to write in my kitchen area. I would sit at my kitchen table light a candle and look out my window that has a view of the Pa. Mountains. I would probably write in the morning just as my house is waking but early enough before my family is completely awake.
    I understand how you are motivated to write in your kitchen. It is beautiful. I love the overhead lights and the tall white cabinets. I also like your table. I’m sure it has lots of stories to share. Where ever you find your inspiration I’m happy you do because I enjoy reading your blog.

    Ps I read without wearing lipstick….

  5. Karianne, I write in my sun room with my laptop. I use to sit at my desktop and it was just too uncomfortable and too slow. So glad I bought a laptop last year. Usually after I am dressed I do have on lip gloss. My lips get terribly dried out and chapped if I don’t. Problem though is it is late before I am dressed and have that lip gloss on. Stay in my pajamas way too long.

  6. I used to blog on my family room sofa (talkmy about glamorous)! but i recently moved to my sunroom. The light in there is amazing!

    I pour myself a tall glass of water (u thought i would say wine didnt u)? And start pecking away.

    So far so good as i always seem to have
    Something to say.

    Ps – i am more of a gloss girl and sometimes i even light my Votivo Hpneysuckle candle – yum!


  7. I am usually blogging in my jammies in the chair beside my bed. It is quiet and relaxing here. I would have to light the candle across the room, because in my exuberance, I would probable knock it off and set the house on fire. I have one series that I post on Mondays. Other than that it is just completely random, sort of like my thoughts.

  8. Ohh, I love candles, but I have left a candle burning with nobody home way too many times. My husband says candles are banned from my house because he thinks I’ll light the house on fire by leaving the candle unattended! Boo. So, I bought a Lampe Berger! I light it, sit on my kitchen island, and write! It’s nice. My kitchen is not glamorous like yours but I dream it will be one day!

  9. I love reading blogs in the morning and evening…on the couch with my dog lying on his bed. I don’t write a blog, (it’s just written in my head) but I love love love really good ones like yours. Keep it up!

  10. I think you blog beautifully. I blog at my curvy desk with the brass mounts. Feels professional. lol However, I’m not very disciplined about how I blog. I do it whenever inspiration, or the right photos happen. Any time of day or night. I have no ritual for the way I look, either.

  11. I want that trestle table!!!!!!!!!! I’ll give you $25 for it – what a great deal! You should really take me up on that…

    Seriously, if you want to know where people blog, you need to join up with My Desert Cottage’s “Where Bloggers Create” in July (or read last July’s post or the July before that or the July before that). There are some awesome creative spaces that are soooo inspiring.

    Incidentally, I blog in my pj’s in my den with my dog and cat at my feet and a large cup of coffee that keeps going cold on me. I need a hot plate…


  12. um, if I had your kitchen I’d blog there too!!! lol. love it. I have an office (a space of my own) but sometimes I’m all over the place! My cozy couch has been the scene of some of mine!

  13. Oh be still by heart can take a somewhat simple subject/question such as “where do you blog” to the depths of an inspirational work of poetry….

    I have toured homes of writers… where they write is most interesting to me…I think the most inspirational was Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, writing about her beloved Cross Creek..among the wildlife and beautiful landscapes…where she was most comfortable..So you blog in the heart of your home, where you are most comfortable…even though the room may be empty, you still hear and feel the sights and sounds of your happy family…

    Where I blog? I sit on a on a bench that is tucked under a large curved sofa table, beside a window that overlooks my makes me happy..I look out and feel blessed and happy “that I woke up and saw the sun”….and then put lipstick on!

  14. Ahh yes, your kitchen! Why not??? It’s lovely, bright and cozy all at the same time. I do love your table, what a deal! I usually blog in our sitting room just off the kitchen. It’s my favorite room in our house. Cozy, w/ big picture windows so I can watch the birds and squirrels outside, and take in the beauty of nature while I write. I write whenever I can, whenever I get inspired. Adding a candle might be a nice touch, I will have to try that. I have weird lips, so lipstick and I don’t get along too well. I do wear it on date nights, other than that it’s Burt’s Bees for me!

  15. Karianne I blog in our sitting room, which is the hangout room for my kids but it just underwent some changes. I added a few grown up touches so I can enjoy being in here too, and now I really do!! Watch out kids mom might be kicking you out LOL! Have a great week!

  16. A woman after my own heart – I love watching March Madness! Can it get any better than four straight days of basketball from noon till midnight? 🙂

    I have two blogging spots – the sectional in the family room on the laptop, and on my computer at work (shhhhh, don’t tell!). No lipstick or candles, I rough it 😉

    Your kitchen is so beautiful, I can see why it’s your favourite blogging spot 🙂

  17. I blog from the little office (aka bedroom turned into office) in our little ranch. The problem for me is that I share the space with the hubs who is messy!. I do not light a candle but it is a great idea! Maybe if I added a candle he would keep the desk cleaner? I am sure he would ask me what is that for? Hey, that may be a good post!
    I do get to look right out the window when I I blog…on a positive and if I could figure out a way to get my own space, I would do it. I have been pondering it. Love your blog, keep up the great work.

  18. I’ve already blogged about where I blog from. I blog from the computer in my kitchen. I have a laptop that I can use, but I prefer the desktop to blog from. It is faster and can download my pictures etc. I like the idea of lighting a candle! Sounds very inspirational.

  19. Either in my kitchen, lounging on my new/old sofa by the window as the pots boil and the laundry chugs; alternatively, in my bed in my jammies watching TV.

    I too keep ideas helter-skelter on post-its, in a notebook or whatever is handy. Sometimes I go to it when I need inspiration, but most often, I write about what is on my mind at the moment.

    Perhaps that spontaneity is what makes it resonate with the readers?


  20. You just opened up a door to some serious TMI, didn’t you …?

    I think I’ll spare you mine. Though I will share that I always, always blog with a fuzzy snoozing cat-dog beagle by my side …

    … and, unfortunately, he doesn’t smell like a lemongrass candle …



  21. First, I’ve got to put KY on my list of places to hunt for treasures for my shops.
    I so enjoy seeing where people blog.
    I write blogs in my head, often when I’m falling asleep (which is why I forget them and so many go unwritten).
    I have taken over the back 2 spare bedrooms of our house for my shops and offce – we call it the “studio” but it’s not like a real art studio. This is where I blog. I can look out my window back here and see a mountain and watch the sun come up over it, I love that. The only way it could get better for me is if there were a beach and ocean out there as well but I live in Phoenix so no real chance of that.
    I suppose being closer to the kitchen would have a distinct advantage as well 🙂
    PS – I have a few candles right next to me too!

  22. Another great post, Karianne. I like knowing where you blog, and the lipstick wearing gave me a big smile which I will wear all day. Maybe I should put on some lipstick, too.

    I blog in my home office. I love my space, and it is multi-functional. I blog, scrapbook, take care of business, work on genealogy and Photoshop there. It looks out over our rose garden, and I can see the colors of sunrise and sunset out the window. It is a place where I can find quiet and peace, and a place to laugh and have fun.

    Unfortunately, even though I am a daily blogger, I am an off-the-cuff blogger. When my blog grows up (and I retire), I hope to have more time to share. My posts, even though short and uninspiring, reflect things I love – music, sports, games and friendship.

  23. My favorite time to blog and read blogs is in the morning before the kids wake up for school…so peaceful!
    My computer is by the kitchen and I cannot unplugged otherwise the battery will die right away! Yes, I’m most of the time in my kitchen like most of you ladies, but in my case not because I love to cook but because I blog!!!!

  24. You’re too cute! I like the sophisicated way you blog! I usually come home, put on sweats, light the candle on our end table, and blog away. I’m digging the lipstick though. hmmm maybe I’ll have to try that, but not in my sweats 😉

  25. My favorite time to write is during naptime. I love turning the TV off and savoring the quietness of the house. Everything is still, and the sunshine peeking through the slats of the blinds makes the room bright and helps my words flow. I write in the living room, where we spend most of our time, and for a little while I can focus just on blogging and my friendships and let the scattered toys fade from view.
    I sometimes schedule what I’m going to write about, but most of the time I just keeping a running list of inspiration and pick and choose what I feel like talking about on that given day.

  26. you always brighten my day, karianne! 🙂
    i jot down my randomness in odd places, too.
    although i’m not a lipstick girl, i usually grab myself a big cuppa joe, plop down in my humble ‘closet office’, and wait for the kids to stat pouring in, asking for food, to watch a movie, well, you get the idea. never a dull moment!
    hope you have a wonderful week!

    and your house…

  27. Love your post today. So fun to think about these things sometimes. I blog next to my faithful jar of M&M’s that I showed in my post today. I am a candy girl so that brings me comfort but I am definitely going to try the candle for focus! Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Hmmmmmmmm

    Where I blog…..
    on the couch looking out over the back yard (or “watching TV)
    on the porch looking over the back yard
    and a few days a week (like today)
    I blog from Mom’s while Grandma sitting….

    Ideas for writing….
    projects as I do them
    photos as I take them
    dreaming as it comes

    PJ’s yes whenever I can
    Candles…. not always
    Lipstick…. no (but hope you won’t hold that against me….)

    Thank you for sharing your creativity. Your posts are delightful… just like you!
    dee dee

  29. I haven’t had a proper space for my computer since we moved into the rental. So I’m usually hunched over the laptop that’s sitting on the ottoman, fending off dogs and 1 year olds while wondering what exactly it is that I’m smelling…. I need to take a page from your book and light an inspiring candle! PS – gorgeous kitchen. How could one NOT feel inspired in there?!

  30. No wonder your writing is so good, it’s the candle!

    I usually blog either sitting on my living room couch while nursing, or sitting at my kitchen counter. The other day my husband tried to encourage me to actually use my library, so that;s what I’m trying out, it makes me feel more “professional”. Plus I think using two hands to type is a major plus:)

  31. OK…think I’m now going to have to write a post about where and how I blog… it will be funny. Hysterically funny… Tina Fey on crack funny… Well, maybe I inflate the possibilities a bit.

    I’ma try that candle thing…maybe it’ll open up my senses to a higher plain…

    Please, Oh, please, wordpress…post this comment!

  32. Karianne, I love burning candles. Simpatico Honeysuckle is my favorite for now. Usually, I blog in our office, with my candle going, late at night. In the winter I have a fire. I’m a blogger project girl. In the beginning, I planned to blog about the coast, hence the name of my blog. Helping our aging parents has become a priority. I never intended to blog about our house, but have had to because I don’t get to the coast as often as I once did. Funny how things change.

  33. i love burning candles, too, and i write in my kitchen, too…. but my kitchen is hideous, but it’s still the heart of the home! and i like to sit write in the heart to spill my guts out. 🙂

  34. Oh to be so glamorous! I’m laughing b/c I just tripped over my son’s toys and nearly fell on the computer. Not very graceful. This is life happening in my little office/toy room/tv room. I long for an ipad so I can curl up in bed and blog. Is that the height of laziness or what? At least I wouldn’t have to trip over toys!

  35. I am in my jammies. I have on a Tinker Bell tee shirt and pink, Hibiscus floral boxer shorts. Hair=ponytail. Makeup=none. Just at my new belVita breakfast biscuits (yummy) and a big glass of milk. This is a typical morning. I blogged about the fruit stickers on a whim, late at night, directly after seeing that info 😉 I thought is was so interesting. I didn’t over think it, I knew it was just a quickie. If no one read it… oh well =) I would not mind. I didn’t expect much, just thought it was pretty interesting! I have a laptop, but I never use it. I always blog on my PC at my desk in the messy, very used family room. I wonder if I would write better posts upstairs, in the pretty part of the house? LOL… I somehow doubt it.

  36. I don’t care where you blog, I am just glad you do!!!! I love, love, love your blog!! First it was your photos of lovely home, then your beautiful spirit came through! In my mind you are a wonderful bff, I come and visit you everyday! Thanks for your kindness and wonderful inspiration!!! xoxo

  37. Great post as always! So serene and poetic! I will be your BFF! I also am a lipstick wearing, candle burning kitchen blogger. (On the days when I’m not makeup free and in jammies!) …I like to burn Votivo #35 Black Ginger, or #50 Vanilla Bergamot Blossom.

    P.S. I’ll trade you kitchens! I’m ready for a white kitchen.
    P.P.S. Although due to that leak we found last week, I may just get one. 😉

    Have a great week, Karianne!

  38. Lordy, where in fabulous KY are you? This is my first time here, and when I read about yardsales in KY, my heart skipped a beat. I live in Lexington, in the Hamburg area!

    My desk sits in front of the window that looks over my back yard and my favorite shade tree. Sometimes I just stare out until something comes to me. I don’t write as much as I create…I more of a hands on kind of gal. Usually in jammie pants and maybe a little burts bees chapstick 😉

    Can’t wait to cruise through your blog a bit!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  39. I do blog in my kitchen, but I’m not a lipstick wearer, or a candle lighter. I do it at night and I do it only two or three times a week. But I’d love to be your bff.
    Hugs, Cindy

  40. Hi Karianne !
    Great post lovely girl !
    I post often at the craziest time of the day. Homework is being done, dinner is on the stove cooking and the rest of the world has gone crazy and is stuck in traffic ! lol
    I find solice and peace (well sort of….) and I can tune out for a moment.
    Other times I post quietly when the kids are at school and often this is when my mind fills up with wonder and my stories arrive. xx

  41. Lovely blog – I enjoy every minute of it ! Your house is just beautiful……sigh……..Can I ask ? What is the paint color on your kitchen walls ? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for ! Thanks !!

  42. I usually grab my laptop, put my feet up in my recliner, grab a cuppa green tea – and my kitty curls up beside me! (I must say that trying to type with a big tomcat snuggled under your arm can be . . . well . . . just a wee bit of a challenge! But I wouldn’t want to blog without him snuggled up beside me! He’s my inspiration!)

  43. If I blogged in your kitchen I’d get nothing done. Not a thing. First I’d waste hours upon hours looking at space and day dream – I do that a lot. Then my kids would probably throw something into the candle…so we blog in the dark basement. Kids are scared of basements…
    Whitney @ The Rooster And The Hen

  44. I’m not a blogger….yet. It’s sort of inching it’s way onto my bucket list, though. But I am a blog reader and I sit at my computer armoire, and read all my favorites everyday. Yours is at the top of my list!
    p.s. sometimes I light a candle too

  45. Wow you have such a pretty kitchen mine is small and messy well if you asked my daughters they would say it was messy I don’t agree…………

    I do my blogging in the loungre room with the telly to my right often it is on but not always. The first think I do of a morning is check my email and since I have some blogs emailed to me like yours I read them first before I get onto my blog.

    Jessica just rang me and asked me to hurry up and leave I have to go and pick her and Leo up to take Leo to an appointment bloody kids………..

  46. Fun post! You should do a linky party where everyone shows where they blog! Except mine would be lame, because it’s a sitting-on-the-couch-feet-propped-up-eating-ice-cream situation more often than not. No fabulous $20 tables or pretty candles. Just ice cream. Sofas.

  47. I work in my study it’s a nice bright room with a view to the garden.I’ve been trying to improve my blogging skills half the day.I decided to post some photos of my kitchen and write a little story. Frustratingly I’m having trouble formatting. So I’m definately not feeling glamourous.
    Kind Regards

  48. i’d blog in the kitchen too if mine looked like yours. geez oh pete, i can’t wait to gut ours someday. usually i’m just on the cozy lounge sofa or in bed on the laptop. but but but—spring is essentially here so i should be blogging on the porch in my red rocking chair soon. i’m hoping to gussy up the porch this year. and maybe tackle an office too. what would i do with so many options?

  49. Someone above wrote “you can take a somewhat simple subject/question such as “where do you blog” to the depths of an inspirational work of poetry….” totally agree with that statement!

    I start writing at lunch while I’m at work and then send my thoughts to my home email address. When I get home, I clean it up and add photo’s. Not the best way to do ti, but I have limited time – so that’s what work for me 🙂

  50. My new candle of choice is lemon meringue~ I have tried to blog from my lap top around the house but I always end up at our desktop in the family living room….while everyone is screaming and kids flying around the house:)

  51. I just started blogging… And can I say I LOVE your kitchen table… Anyways I blog from my laptop wherever it may end up. Usually on my bed at night but sometimes at the kitchen table. But it’s not as great as yours!

  52. How very sweet and thoughtful.

    Thanks for coming by I appreciate ALL visitors and comments.

    I am now your newest follower.

  53. i usually blog during naps in the afternoon…if the weather is good, i sit out on the deck…i love to hear the creek in the background and the birds…but sometimes i sit on the couch or in the old rocking chair that needs a new seat that i got at a junk store…i dream about having time to really organize my thoughts into something that would make an encouraging book–that would so please my sweet mother…mostly i find that life is pressing and i have to take advantage of what little time i have to write (we have our middle daughter and her three little children living with us)…it is a commitment i have made to myself, and i find that my life lends itself to a particular type of writing at this point…my house is small, but it is comfortable and child-friendly–that is what i hope to see shining through every part of my life, which is why my little loves make frequent appearances in my posts :)–love your blog!

  54. I am trying my best to jump back into the blogging world after disappearing for a bit when I had my 2nd baby. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on posting and your process. I am feeling more inspired! Happy to have found your blog via Thrifty Decor Chick and Beth at A to Z! 🙂

  55. Lovely post. Your writing is so geniune. And, holy moley … I love your kitchen. I can see why you blog there.

    {my simple messterpiece}

  56. I LOVED this post! Right now it’s 10:33 a.m. and I’m at my desk in the study, drinking my coffee and eating a bagel and cream cheese in my pajamas. I just put baby down for a nap so I have about a half hour before I need to get back to the real world, but for now it’s just me and my blog. No noise, just the birds chirping outside and just cool enough to have the windows open and feel the nice breeze.

  57. I love that you blog by scented candle … I do, too. In fact, it’s rare that I don’t have a scented candle burning, any time of the year, any time of the day/night. Light and general environment are so important to how I feel and how I create. Sounds like we’re kindred spirits. : )

  58. I blog in my closet – well it’s really a closet I’ve made into an office. Which officially makes it an office the size of a closet. I don’t light a candle (or the house would burn down as all the random papers caught on fire), but I do have a cup of tea usually. You can see it here:

    I also make notes of things I want to write about, but what I do is I start a post and just enter the title or a link I want to remember and then save it so I have a whole list of post ideas in case I need them. I’ve been blogging for over 2 years now and have never been short of ideas, but then again I have a very random blog (which kind of suits me).

  59. What a beautiful and inspiring space…I blog in my guest room/office/craft storage room which is a room about the size of a shoebox. Not very inspiring…but it works, for now. I dream of a studio…someday 🙂 Thanks for the peek! Laurel

  60. Your kitchen is amazing! I too light a candle when I blog. Hazelnut Cream. Every time I’m out doing my shopping, I always pick up my candle knowing it will go on my desk that sits in a corner of my bedroom. It’s peaceful and I can lock the door.
    I love your blog, there is so much inspiration here.

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