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Do you ever wonder where people blog?

Do you ever wonder how they write a post?

I do.


I read your post about the easiest burlap wreath you will ever make….or the post about the nests made of chocolate and peanut butter…..or the post about what those little stickers on fruit mean….

….and it inspires me.  (Seriously.  And to think I have been peeling off those stickers for years and never looking at them).

And all these posts about stickers and nests and burlap make me curious.

Why?  When?  Where?  How?  Do you blog?

Just in case you were curious like me, here’s where I write most of my posts. 

My kitchen.

Glamorous, I know.

No fancy office.  Just me and my $20 yard sale trestle table.

(don’t be a hater….we’ve already discussed the yard sale deals found in beautiful KY)

And sometimes if I am feeling extra fancy, like I want to blog about my house tour or something, I blog in the library. 

And I put on lipstick.

But most of the time it’s too distracting to blog here. 

I am really more of a kitchen-type-of-a girl.  It’s where I get inspired.

Not to cook, just to write.

When I sit down to post, I light a candle. 

I don’t know why.  I just write better if I can smell a little inspiration.  And if I don’t have the candle burning, I might smell burned broccoli and cheese soup.

And burned broccoli and cheese soup is definitely not on the top five list of inspirational smells.

After my candle is lit and I stare into space for a while, I have to figure out what to write about. 

I have a whole book of ideas.  Ideas that I think about when I am driving or cleaning or walking or painting or watching March Madness.

And I when I think of these ideas, I jot them down in a notebook.  Actually, sometimes I jot them on napkins or post-its or receipts or homework papers.  Then I transfer them to my notebook later.

I used to try to schedule what I wanted to write about.

And then life would happen.

And I’d read something funny or think of something that I just had to share with you.  And I would get off schedule.

Now I just blog about whatever…..whenever.

From here.

With my candle and my notebook and…..my heart.

PS  I’d love to know where you blog and how you write a post.

PPS  If you are a candle-burning, llipstick-wearing blogger                                  

                                                                    …..let’s be BFF’s forever 🙂

PPPS  I am linking this up at Home Stories and Funky Junk and Today’s Creative Blog at Kim’s.