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There are many different types of kindness.

There’s boy scout helping the elderly lady cross the road kindness.

There’s Sir Walter Raleigh throwing a coat over a puddle for Queen Elizabeth kindness.

There’s volunteering your time and donating and collecting items for disaster relief kindness.

In this world there are so many ways that just a little kindness can make such a big difference.

When I asked my husband what he thought kindness was….

…..he said he thought kindness was wives who actually watched the March Madness games instead of sitting on the couch blogging through the entire tournament season,  all while acting like they were watching the games with their husband.


I don’t know if I’m ready for that kind of kindness yet.

But my favorite kindness of all is completely random.

No reason.

Just because.

Because you want to brighten someone’s day when they least expect it.

Because the universe has blessed you extraordinarily and you want to pay it forward. 

To someone else. 

Expecting nothing in return.

That’s the premise behind the Pass It On Project.

it all started with paint

It’s all karah’s idea, you see.

And we are joining kelly and linda and andrea.

The goal is simply this, to leave the world a little kinder than when we found it.

So I have been painting and creating and stickering and wrapping some tiny little bits of kindness to wing their way out into blogland.

And I am sending two of these projects to these wonderful, incredible, inspiring bloggers who have blessed me immeasurably in ways they may never know.

Shirley from Housepitality Designs

Betsy from Coastal Colors

Amy from Buffalo Roam

Andrea from Willow Wisp Cottage

Beverly from How Sweet the Sound

Heidi from Decor and More

Each package contains two canvases.

All I ask is that you keep one for yourself and pass the other to someone who truly needs it.  Someone who is facing a challenge or obstacle or for whom life is a little overwhelming right now.

You don’t need to tell them about me or this silly blog. 

Just tell them it’s from a friend.

Kindness.  It’s so 2012.

Pass it on.

PS  If you have a random act of kindness story, I would love to hear it.

PPS  If you want to start your own Pass It On Project, you can e-mail me.