To the commenter who seemed uncertain whether or not four children live here.

Don’t be.

Let me assure you.

They do.

I wish these rooms were always clean and pristine.

I wish that everyone immediately put everything into its place with a cheerful smile and a skip in their step.

I wish that natural fiber apple always sat so perfectly perched atop a stack of books instead of being used as an occasional flying object.

And I really wish that everyone always ate in the kitchen.

But they don’t.

And so this little bit of extra decoration in the family room greeted me yesterday morning.


That’s right.

You saw it here first, folks.

Captain Crunch.

In all its bright crunchy yellow glory.

And do you want to know the best part?

I had to peel it off the mantel.


I know Coco Puffs and Snap Crackle and Pop will be so proud.

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