Crunch Goes the Mantel

To the commenter who seemed uncertain whether or not four children live here.

Don’t be.

Let me assure you.

They do.

I wish these rooms were always clean and pristine.

I wish that everyone immediately put everything into its place with a cheerful smile and a skip in their step.

I wish that natural fiber apple always sat so perfectly perched atop a stack of books instead of being used as an occasional flying object.

And I really wish that everyone always ate in the kitchen.

But they don’t.

And so this little bit of extra decoration in the family room greeted me yesterday morning.


That’s right.

You saw it here first, folks.

Captain Crunch.

In all its bright crunchy yellow glory.

And do you want to know the best part?

I had to peel it off the mantel.


I know Coco Puffs and Snap Crackle and Pop will be so proud.

PS  I am answering questions over at Heidi’s blog today.  Stop by to learn about how much I love smooshed Cheerios, too 🙂

47 thoughts on “Crunch Goes the Mantel

  1. Oh I feel your pain…. I really do! This morning I had to peel (yep peel) gammy old milo cereal off a dining chair….. Double Sigh……

  2. Hey, they are just budding decorators..taking after their mom…by adding the right punch of color, or would that be “crunch” of color, to your mantel…for yellow goes so nicely with the grey tones!

    Love your mantelscape with or without the crunchy adornment!

  3. LOL! Oh the story that lone bit of crunch could tell!! I’m usually finding air soft pellets in random places, but it’s not uncommon to find a morsel that’s stuck on a top shelf or in my ficus. Just sayin’… someday they’ll have to clean their own houses. 🙂

  4. I would tell you to revel in the moment, but I know you do. And, don’t despair because even with just my mother and husband living here, I still find stray bits. The problem is the bits aren’t so endearing when they aren’t left by a child you adore.

    This was my first Captain Crunch viewing. I’ve never seen it before.

  5. Savor these moments. I thought I was done with those days. My children are 29 and 27 but now I have my precious 4 month granddaughter with me every day while Mom works. I know those days will soon return. Except this time, I don’t think they will get to me as much. Have a great week-end. Sheila

  6. One? just one? Well, i guess most of ours ends up on the floor…and that’s why I have a dog… he’s the BEST vacuum ever…

  7. This is the gospel, K. Amen.

    Nothing like the surprise of a petrified apple core under the sofa…or blowing through an entire Magic Eraser on a single handprint that stuck like epoxy. 😉

    Love the pop of yellow.

  8. My puppy would take care of that little edible treat for you. My daughter is 26 and long gone but this 5 month old puppy of mine means I wake up to a house that looks like a tornado went through it almost every day.
    I suppose it has in a way 🙂

  9. Why just yesterday I painted a little shelf in our kitchen Cap’n Crunch Yellow. I’ll think of you every time I look at it.


    I can bet that my house is WAY messier than yours. Way.



  10. Is that all? Is that the worst of it? One little piece of cereal…Do you wonder? How did it get on the mantel and who was the culprit? You make me smile and I’m so glad to hear your children are not confined to one room. Enjoy! Hugs, Linda

  11. I don’t know why food tastes so much better in another room but apparently it does. It’s a losing battle around here too. I love your baskets and the way you have them filled!

  12. Thank you for sharing.I have been in awe of your house. Perhaps if I rope off a section of my home it will (might) remain clean for a photo shoot. I will dream.

  13. Yep, sounds and looks familiar! Life with kids, AHHH! Wouldn’t trade it for a second and I know you wouldn’t either! Have a great weekend.

  14. I swear Gorilla Glue is really nothing more than cherrios and milk mixed together. They were always stuck like no tomorrow when I found them on the floor.


  15. lol! I agree with Rita@thissortaoldlife, if you can identify what it is, you’re in good shape. I have three boys, and half the time I don’t even know what it is or how it got that high up there. The other half of the time it’s not just one piece of cereal, it’s pretty much a whole bowls worth stuck to the chair… So I feel ya!

  16. I’ve always said when the kids grow up and leave home, and I missing them, I’m going to throw cereal on the floor and step on to remind me of them! You can scatter yours around the room 😉

  17. You always manage to make me smile! Just check with hubby before blaming the kids. He may have seen it on the floor and picked it up to “help out.” At least, that’s the way mine thinks… 🙂

  18. One Captain Crunch – that’s nothing! Just shove that thing under the rug or couch or pretend you don’t notice it. Hopefully, after a few days of pretending it’s not really there (although it’s neon yellow and difficult to miss) someone (your kids, the hubs?) will scoop that thing into the trash, put the fiber apple back on the neatly stacked books and cook dinner (ok, maybe that is too much to ask)!

  19. I’m laughing because I have a cheerio on my nightstand that i refuse to throw away. I never eat in bed but one night, I brought some dried cheerios to bed. k-ster made all sorts of comments about eating in bed and how I might be a hypocrite, etc. Somehow, one cheerio was left uneaten. and so it sits there. and every so often, i offer it to k-ster. ahhh the little things that entertain me. found you at finding the funny.

  20. My darling daughters would leave bowls of near empty ceral laying under their beds and wondered why I would get annoyed when I would go in and find the bowls and have to soak them……………..children can be so frustrating but we love them…………

  21. You have no idea how that little Cap’n Crunch makes me feel better now. I’ve got the same thing, only mine is dried spaghetti, pasta sauce, and occasionally a meatball. A 2-year old’s dream…


  22. You are to funny! Capn’ Crunch?? I thought you were going to say that you took it off the mantle and ate it! Ha ha … You’re making me have a craving for some Capn’ Crunch and I haven’t had any in years! Also, loved your post about the eggs. Cute idea!

  23. If that’s the only sign of your four children, you are never invited to my house, where there is one child who wreaks at least four times the havoc of your kiddos. If there is no cereal on my floor, I don’t feel home.

  24. I found (well, a guest found) and entire bowl of cereal (no milk just dry cereal) on the bathroom counter. She was sweet enough to NOT say anythng, but when I went in after her I saw it for myself. So I just said “We don’t always keep cereal in the bathroom, only when guest are coming…you know…incase you get hungry while doing your business”. She’s come back every weekend since…Not so sure if it is for the free bathroom snacks or because she is daiting my son but cocoa crispies didn’t scare her off….got anyother ideas?

  25. OH I have to admit your blog is just what the doctor ordered today! It has just been one of THOSE mornings! I mean why is there a glass on the floor next to the front door, the youngests shoes sitting in front of said open front door (he has already left for school with his older brothers), clothing hung off the back of dining room chairs, and a comb stuck out of the back cushions of the couch? And no they aren’t toddlers…. 12 to 18 year old guys. Ah the magic word…. GUYS! Now I understand, or do I?

    Have a wonderful day!

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