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I am a little in awe of the artistic photograph.

You know what I’m talking about….the photographs taken from incredible visual angles with tight shots and wide shots and close-ups.  Photographs taken on tractors and horses and beaches and lakes and sandboxes and gardens and fields.

This is not one of those photographs.

Correction.  This wanted to be one of those photographs, but just like Martina Navratilova in Dancing With the Stars, it didn’t put its best foot forward.

No pun intended.

I love it when a photograph tells a story.

I love it when there is depth and visual beauty and uniqueness.

Unfortunately, the only story this photograph seems to be telling is, “Why did you have your husband drive you and your yard sale table to the back field just to take a picture?”

Because I wanted to be artistic.

Because I had just painted this table with an incredible finish using Elmer’s Glue.

And because I thought the perfect setting for this new table and this new finish would be to photograph it against the backdrop of the beauty of Mother Nature.

What was I thinking?


And then I decided to add an armillary.  Because I am going for artistic, remember? 

But the picture fell a little short in the artistic department. 

It looked like a picture of a yard sale table painted with Elmer’s Glue plopped in the middle of a field full of turtles.

Even the armillary couldn’t save it.

And as I stood there in the middle of the field, staring (well, actually squinting) at the table….willing it to morph into something more than it was or could ever hope to be, I turned to my husband for sympathy.

Maybe he would have words of encouragement.

Maybe he would have some inspiration.

Maybe he would drive back to the house and get another table.  The kind of table that would look good in a turtle-filled back pasture.

No such luck.

He didn’t have time for inspirational words because he was too busy.

Too busy eating FRIED CHICKEN!


Who brings fried chicken to an artistic photo shoot?

I hope he didn’t get any crumbs on the armillary 🙂

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