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Am I the last one to the party?

Am I the last one to know?

And I would still be sitting by the phone waiting, if it weren’t for Shannon and Kelly.

The question here is how?


How have I lived and breathed and taken tables out to turtle-filled fields without knowing about Pic Monkey?

I think Pic Monkey is to photography what the DVR is to television.

Remember the first time you watched TV with a DVR and your best friend called and you really wanted to talk to her about the new sale Target was having and you were about to tell her that you would call her back during the commercials because you didn’t want to miss your show and all of a sudden you realized…..

           …..you could pause live TV.

And that realization was so overwhelming and such a general paradigm shift to your television watching routine that you had to stop and catch your breath.

Pic Monkey is just like that.

There are borders and effects and shading and tones and brightness and teeth whitening and wrinkle reducing and cropping and arrows in great abundance.

And it’s FREE!

How does it work?

Here’s the picture from my artistic turtle-filled fried chicken expedition.

It’s fine.

And I’m not really a big fan of fine.

Here’s the same photo with the Posturize effect.

Kind of looks like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Hmmmm….not quite right.

Here’s the same photo with the Orton Effect.



Much more artistic looking.

Maybe just a little too bright and sunny.

Here’s the same picture with the Infrared Effect.

Like an old photograph.

I like old and I like photographs, but not really what I was going for.

Here’s the same photo with the HDR Effect.


But maybe just a little too paint-by-numbers.

So I tweaked and brightened and reproduced green grass where there was none and retouched the turtle holes and the mud and cropped the table and I found a little artistic did exist in the back pasture after all.

One more time.

Here is the before.

And here is the after.

I bet those turtles are smiling now.

PS  If you were already attending the Pic Monkey party, I would love to hear your tips 🙂

PPS  You still have just a few more days to like up to our “It’s a Cinch” party.