The Perfect Ending

I knew when I saw these for the first time. I just knew. They were an ABC after-school-special just waiting to happen. Remember those after-school-specials? Remember the one where the girl was not that cute and she was wearing glasses and frumpy clothes with not cute hair and she was super shy.  And she didn’tContinue reading “The Perfect Ending”

I Am So Over It

I am so going on Facebook and unfriending the plumbing in our house.  Then I’m changing my status to “disappointed in you.” Plumbing….you are on notice….this relationship is officially over. I just don’t think I can be friends anymore. At this point, I am so over it. Really. I am so over leaking. I am so over drain pipes and wetContinue reading “I Am So Over It”

It’s A Cinch

Do you remember the impossibilities challenge? If you do…..wasn’t it inspiring? If you don’t… here to see 361 people who set out to accomplish their Impossible                                                                ……..and did it. Recently it’s been kind of lonely around here without all those impossibles. I miss them. I mean we have told each other what we wanted ourContinue reading “It’s A Cinch”

There’s a New Arrow Maker in Town

Do you remember the arrow maker? I know there were about 2.75 of you reading the blog then, but if 2.75 of you remember, I was in awe. You see, I am a hand talker.  With me there is a lot of pointing and hand-waving and excited little swoops to punctuate a really important point wheneverContinue reading “There’s a New Arrow Maker in Town”