What Do You Want Your Blog to Be When It Grows Up?”

Can I be cheesy for just one second? Please? See….today is about our journey, our vision, our goals. The road less-traveled and all that. Which can’t help but bring to mind these visionary Miley Cyrus lyrics: “There’s always gonna to be another mountain. I’m always gonna want to make it move. Always gonna be anContinue reading “What Do You Want Your Blog to Be When It Grows Up?””

What is Your Canvas?

Are you considered an artist if this is your canvas? Really? And do you get extra art points if your canvas came from the junk store? I know Monet or Leonardo da Vinci might have turned up their collective noses at this humble tool box.  I know that probably this will never be displayed in the Guggenheim Museum.  AndContinue reading “What is Your Canvas?”