A Standing Ovation

If I were a wooden tray…. …..this is what I would want to be when I grew up. Nothing too fancy for me. Just paint me white….                                  ….distress me a little…. ….and when I was dry…. ….drill tiny little holes in the shape of letters…. …..then finish my make-over by weaving grey embroidery through the holesContinue reading “A Standing Ovation”

I May Have Been Too Hasty

I may have been too hasty. After my last post, the family was in an uproar. “Declare yourself the winner,” they snorted.  “Oh….no….you didn’t!” “Did you tell them?” my brother said?  “Did you tell them about acorn Mary and acorn Joseph and baby Jesus in an acorn manger?” “Did they see the acorn camel andContinue reading “I May Have Been Too Hasty”

Full Disclosure

Mirriam-Webster definition: bur * lap  noun 1:  a coarse, heavy, plain-woven fabric usually of jute or hemp used for bagging and wrapping and in furniture and linoleum manufacture 2:  a lightweight material resembling burlap used in interior decoration or for clothing Blogworld definition: bur * lap  noun 1:  fabric of the gods I actually think I understatedContinue reading “Full Disclosure”