The Pass It On Project

There are many different types of kindness. There’s boy scout helping the elderly lady cross the road kindness. There’s Sir Walter Raleigh throwing a coat over a puddle for Queen Elizabeth kindness. There’s volunteering your time and donating and collecting items for disaster relief kindness. In this world there are so many ways that justContinue reading “The Pass It On Project”

Imperfect Perfection

I think perfection can be overwhelming. At least for me it is.  Am I the only one? Perfection in blogland is everywhere. Sometimes when I see rooms like this or this or this done with such effortless perfection, it can be overwhelming. And sitting in my kitchen with a sink full of dishes and dustContinue reading “Imperfect Perfection”

United We Stand

impossibilities    noun   pl. 1.  the quality or state of being impossible 2.  something impossible But then again, everyone has their own definition of “impossibilities.”  For example, some might consider turning this: into this…. … “Impossibility.” Others might define…. ….turning this…. …into this as an “Impossibility.” Still others might define it as…. ….turning this…..….into this. ButContinue reading “United We Stand”

Imagine the Impossibilites

Goals in 2012. They are all over the blogworld. All the goal talk started me thinking. Should I have a goal in 2012? Looking for general goal inspiration, I came across this quote by Doug Larson: “Some of the world’s greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible.” Now IContinue reading “Imagine the Impossibilites”

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Paint Color

paint color:  SW Rice Grain I have gotten several e-mails asking about paint colors in my house.  Along with the paint colors I thought I would provide unsolicited advice on the ins and outs of choosing a paint color.  I preface this advice with the disclaimer that I am not an expert.  I don’t workContinue reading “5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Paint Color”

Just Jump

Have you ever had a dream? Something that you thought was unattainable, out-of-reach, pie-in-the-sky. A dream that you put away on a shelf and take out only when life is at its most overwhelming.  A dream that you never thought in your wildest imaginings would ever come true. But sometimes when you least expect it….when youContinue reading “Just Jump”

Let’s Dish

Some people collect stamps. Some people collect insects. Some people collect 1960’s Italian glass decanters. As for me, I am an avid, undying fan of vintage silverware. I collect it all….                        ….forks, spoons, soup ladles, servers, pickle forks, sugar spoons, iced teaspoons, meat forks, ice cream spoons and on and on. Why? I think each pieceContinue reading “Let’s Dish”

Ask and You Shall Receive

So it has already been established….. I’m not the best at adding arrows to my pictures.  I can draw an imaginary arrow, but real arrows on pictures…..I leave that to the experts. Enter Andrea from A Cottage Market ….. She is a creative genius, an incredibly positive fellow blogger, and a talented writer. She can embellishContinue reading “Ask and You Shall Receive”

Merry Christmas

As I sit here in the early hours of Christmas morning thinking about the reason for the season, I could not let the sun rise without wishing each and every one of you, “Merry Christmas.” Soon my “Silent Night” will become “Joy to the World” and the wonder of Christmas will fill the rooms and rooftops here. Until then….IContinue reading “Merry Christmas”