It’s A Cinch Inspired by Freddie Mercury

<img src=> I was in a 5K this past weekend.  It was miserable.  It was cold and raining and in the middle of the race there was a very steep hill.  The kind of hill that makes you fall to your knees in agony and cry and feel like your leg ends at your right knee.  I stared at thatContinue reading “It’s A Cinch Inspired by Freddie Mercury”

“It’s a Cinch” Take Two

Sometimes I am so lame. As in L. A. M. E. And this one took the cake (and the fork and the spoon and maybe a plate or two). Remember the party we are having at the end of the month where every project is going to be a cinch?  Well, as part of introducing theContinue reading ““It’s a Cinch” Take Two”

It’s A Cinch

Do you remember the impossibilities challenge? If you do…..wasn’t it inspiring? If you don’t… here to see 361 people who set out to accomplish their Impossible                                                                ……..and did it. Recently it’s been kind of lonely around here without all those impossibles. I miss them. I mean we have told each other what we wanted ourContinue reading “It’s A Cinch”