It’s A Cinch Inspired by Freddie Mercury



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I was in a 5K this past weekend. 

It was miserable. 

It was cold and raining and in the middle of the race there was a very steep hill.  The kind of hill that makes you fall to your knees in agony and cry and feel like your leg ends at your right knee.  I stared at that hill and it stared right back.

I braced myself, gritted my teeth and started up the hill slowly one foot at a time.

As I went on, I got slower and sl……ow…

                                                             and s….l….o….w….e….r. 

It seemed like that hill took on the proportions of Mount Everest.

I wanted to give up.

I wanted to cry.

I wanted to turn and run back down the hill.

And then….

                ….We Are the Champions started playing on my IPOD.

And the sun broke through the clouds.

I took it as a sign.

And I dug in my heels and crested that hill with my hands held high as Freddie Mercury screamed out, “We are the champions of the world.”

On that day I owned that hill.

And if Freddie can inspire me to make it to the top of faux Mount Everest without a stretcher, I know he will inspire you to link it up at our “It’s a Cinch” Party.



And we want to see your project in all of its “cinchy” glory.

Join me and these incredible bloggers:

it all started with paint

Electically vintage

The Cottage Market

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And here’s the truly Freddie Mercury champion part…..if you link up…..your link is automatically featured on all of our blogs.


That’s right champions….1 link = 5 links.

We are partying like its 1099.

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1.  Any easy project qualifies. 

2.  No linky parties, please.

3.  I also think the world will be a much better place with more “Cinchy Projects” so I am going to be posting your projects on facebook and twitter and pinterest.  I want the world to see just how talented you are.

4.  If you want to join in all this after party fun, you can follow me on facebook here or twitter here or pinterest here.

Now let’s party on.  Just grab a button and add your link below.  

And please note that all links appear on a separate page.

PS  I know Freddie would have been so proud.


Don’t Forget Your Yearbook


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I should be cleaning right now.

I know for a fact that there are way too many dustbunnies and random pieces of Captain Crunch floating around here at the farm.

But I’m not. 

Cleaning that is.


Instead I’m spending all my time over here.

At Becca’s. 


Becca is like the prom queen and president of student council all rolled into one. 

I’m actually a little in awe of her super-talented self.  If we were to schedule a blogger meeting and all the bloggers met together, I would want to sit by Becca.  You would too, but I would call first dibs and put my backpack next to hers.

And then I would ask her question after question like:

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“It’s a Cinch” Take Two


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Sometimes I am so lame.

As in L. A. M. E.

And this one took the cake (and the fork and the spoon and maybe a plate or two).

Remember the party we are having at the end of the month where every project is going to be a cinch?  Well, as part of introducing the party, we were supposed to post an “It’s a Cinch” project each week.

On Monday.

I guess this past Monday I was a little too all about myself and where I blog and if I light candles and when I put lipstick on and where I got my kitchen table.

And I forgot. Continue reading

The Pass It On Project


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There are many different types of kindness.

There’s boy scout helping the elderly lady cross the road kindness.

There’s Sir Walter Raleigh throwing a coat over a puddle for Queen Elizabeth kindness.

There’s volunteering your time and donating and collecting items for disaster relief kindness.

In this world there are so many ways that just a little kindness can make such a big difference.

When I asked my husband what he thought kindness was….

…..he said he thought kindness was wives who actually watched the March Madness games instead of sitting on the couch blogging through the entire tournament season,  all while acting like they were watching the games with their husband.


I don’t know if I’m ready for that kind of kindness yet.

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Do You Light a Candle?


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Do you ever wonder where people blog?

Do you ever wonder how they write a post?

I do.


I read your post about the easiest burlap wreath you will ever make….or the post about the nests made of chocolate and peanut butter…..or the post about what those little stickers on fruit mean….

….and it inspires me.  (Seriously.  And to think I have been peeling off those stickers for years and never looking at them).

And all these posts about stickers and nests and burlap make me curious.

Why?  When?  Where?  How?  Do you blog?

Just in case you were curious like me, here’s where I write most of my posts. 

My kitchen.

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The Perfect Ending


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I knew when I saw these for the first time.

I just knew.

They were an ABC after-school-special just waiting to happen.

Remember those after-school-specials?

Remember the one where the girl was not that cute and she was wearing glasses and frumpy clothes with not cute hair and she was super shy.  And she didn’t really have any friends.  And for some reason she was always drawing in a notebook. Continue reading

I Am So Over It



I am so going on Facebook and unfriending the plumbing in our house.  Then I’m changing my status to “disappointed in you.”

Plumbing….you are on notice….this relationship is officially over.

I just don’t think I can be friends anymore.

At this point, I am so over it.


I am so over leaking.

I am so over drain pipes and wet drywall and water where it shouldn’t be.

I am so over this. Continue reading