PS I Found You

I love writing this blog.


I think some days I love it more than a hot fudge sundae with whipped cream and sprinkles on top.

More than walking along the beach with sand between my toes and finding the perfect piece of sea glass.

Some days I love it more than finding a yard sale where they are about to close-up shop and it’s hot and the husband is watching the sale because his wife went inside to make lemonade and he doesn’t really care what everything sells for so you score a set of old croquet mallets for $1.00 and he throws in a vintage stool for free because he doesn’t want to haul it to Goodwill.Continue reading “PS I Found You”

The Twirly Whirly Skirt

One of the twins had to have a twirly whirly skirt.  I guess twirly whirly skirts are alll the rage if you are nine and Hannah Montana is your fashion icon.

I saw her outside one day. 

Arms lifted to the sky.

Blonde hair floating in the wind.

With a smile on her face.

And her twirly whirly skirt was whirling.  Whirling ike it could whirl until today turned into tomorrow.

And my heart skipped a beat and filled with overflowing emotion and awe.


Awe at the joy and the abandon with which she twirled.Continue reading “The Twirly Whirly Skirt”

There’s a New Arrow Maker in Town

Do you remember the arrow maker?

I know there were about 2.75 of you reading the blog then, but if 2.75 of you remember, I was in awe.

You see, I am a hand talker.  With me there is a lot of pointing and hand-waving and excited little swoops to punctuate a really important point whenever I tell a story.  It has been hard for me to adjust to telling a story with simply pictures and words.

Without pointing.

Without hand-waving.

Without an extra swoop now and then.

So when I wanted to post on my painted bedroom floors.  I was in a quandary.Continue reading “There’s a New Arrow Maker in Town”

What Do You Want Your Blog to Be When It Grows Up?”

thistlewood farm

Can I be cheesy for just one second?


See….today is about our journey, our vision, our goals. The road less-traveled and all that.

Which can’t help but bring to mind these visionary Miley Cyrus lyrics:

“There’s always gonna to be another mountain.

I’m always gonna want to make it move.

Always gonna be an uphill battle

And sometimes I’m gonna have to lose.

It ain’t about how fast I get there,

Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side….

…’s the climb.”
Now I would never pretend that Miley was this generation’s Aristotle or Plato, but she does have a point.
Actually, kind of the point of the linky party today.
Blogging is a journey for all of us.
There are mountains to move and uphill battles to face. But there is great joy in the journey….great joy in the climb.
And this is the day to share what your “climb” is all about.
thistlewood farm
This is the day to tell us what you “Want Your Blog to Be When It Grows Up?”
And I’m not the only one who want to see your goals, dreams and aspirations.
When you link up here, you will be simultaneously linking up at all of these co-hosts.
Cool, huh?
  Party Hostesses
So please join us and link up below.
1. Please link to your goal post, not the URL of your blog. It makes it so much easier for everyone to follow along.
2. PLease do not link up your linky party.
3. Please show the love and visit a few other attendees. You never know what kind of inspiration you may find for your own blog.
4. So grab a button and let’s party on dudes. Please note that because I am a WordPress blog….the links show up on a separate page.


PS  I am Overwhelmed….Overjoyed…Over the moon with the incredible posts that each of you are linking up. 


I think Miley would be proud 🙂

PSS  If you haven’t linked enough and you want to get your linky on a little more….check out the Rooster and Hen’s first Linky Party.

What is Your Canvas?

Are you considered an artist if this is your canvas?


And do you get extra art points if your canvas came from the junk store?

I know Monet or Leonardo da Vinci might have turned up their collective noses at this humble tool box.  I know that probably this will never be displayed in the Guggenheim Museum.  And I know that somewhere an artist is cringing.Continue reading “What is Your Canvas?”


What do you write when you can’t think of anything to say?

Does this ever happen to anyone else? 

Or just me?

You know what you want to write about.

You just don’t know what to say.

You want to post about the renovations to the master bedroom.

You even manage to dredge up some old before pictures from the vault to demonstrate your progress.Continue reading “Shakespeareless”