I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

I never promised you a rose garden.

But I did promise you a sign tutorial.  Did you think I forgot?


And I was going to write one….but why?

Why would I even attempt to show my definitely amateur sign-making tutorial when Kristen from The Simple Things has written a truly professional step-by-step tutorial on how to make a sign. 

And she shows you how to white wash.

And she uses fence posts for the sign……how brilliant is that?

And she sent it to me…..to show all of you.

You’d think it was my birthday week or something 🙂

Take it away Kristen.Continue reading “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden”

Dear Book Club

Dear Book Club,

I’m sorry I was late.

I know you weren’t surprised.

I was going to be there.  Really. 

I had my schedule cleared.  I had finished the book.  I had my cute book club outfit on.  I was even leaving my house early.  Truly, I had my keys and I was walking out the door…. 


….and I on my way, I passed by the dining room and noticed that the hutch was….well….how can I put this….Continue reading “Dear Book Club”

Imperfect Perfection

I think perfection can be overwhelming.

At least for me it is.  Am I the only one?

Perfection in blogland is everywhere.

Sometimes when I see rooms like this or this or this done with such effortless perfection, it can be overwhelming.

And sitting in my kitchen with a sink full of dishes and dust bunnies on the floor and stacks of laundry on the couch, it is easy for self-doubt to creep in.  Blog after blog after blog featuring incredible creativity and marble countertops and perfectly distressed cabinets and magazine feature-worthy photographs.Continue reading “Imperfect Perfection”

Not Wordless Wednesday

Who doesn’t love a good “Wordless Wednesday” post?

Well, this isn’t one.

Because it’s Thursday.

And I am not, nor ever have been, wordless.

But I had to share a picture that is worth at least 10,000 words.

cookie monster cupcakesource

Please tell me you have seen this.

Please tell me that you laughed out loud.

Please tell me I’m not the only one.


I could not let the sun set on Thursday without sharing.

And I know it’s wrong…..

                            …..but it does make me feel so much better about yesterday?  🙂

The Project That Almost Was

I wanted it to work.

I mean….I’ve seen it done before.

After all….I’ve seen it on pinterest (that alone should have guaranteed success).

And after it worked, I was going to post about it.  And you would leave rave reviews and wonderful comments telling me how you always wanted to make a project just like this.

And then, you would make the project.  And we would become best project friends forever.Continue reading “The Project That Almost Was”

I Think I’m a Little Q-less

My children are always auditioning for the blog.

I think they have watched one too many episodes of “ICarly.”

I think they are under the mistaken impression that appearing on the blog will somehow catapult them to super stardom.

I think it all went to their heads after the stinky sock post and the ode to Christina Aguilera.Continue reading “I Think I’m a Little Q-less”