It’s A Cinch Inspired by Freddie Mercury

<img src=> I was in a 5K this past weekend.  It was miserable.  It was cold and raining and in the middle of the race there was a very steep hill.  The kind of hill that makes you fall to your knees in agony and cry and feel like your leg ends at your right knee.  I stared at thatContinue reading “It’s A Cinch Inspired by Freddie Mercury”

“It’s a Cinch” Take Two

Sometimes I am so lame. As in L. A. M. E. And this one took the cake (and the fork and the spoon and maybe a plate or two). Remember the party we are having at the end of the month where every project is going to be a cinch?  Well, as part of introducing theContinue reading ““It’s a Cinch” Take Two”