As my Latin teacher used to say:




“it’s a Cinch” projects that is.

I really wanted to say “amazing” in Latin, but it didn’t translate.  I don’t think Julius Caesar was really up on the “amazing” lingo in 44 BC.

I guess he was too worried about the Ides of March.

Even if Julius Caesar didn’t say it.  I will.

This party was ah….ma….zing.

There was inspiration with every link.

There were incredible letter projects like this stamped pitcher from Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy.

And this simple but stunning Monogrammed Beverage tub from The Delectable Home.

(Can you say Sharpie Marker and Lowe’s sells tubs like these for $10.99?)

It’s like easy and cheap had a conversation and told me I needed a tub like this!

Paint Chip Eggs Banner WM

There were Easter decorations made from paint chips.

Like these eggs from Claire at A Little Something in the Meantime.

And Easter decorations made from Peeps.

Like this wreath from Doublewide In the Sky.

Or this cross from Chipping With Charm.

Pieces of old discarded junk made into something truly wonderful.


Each and every link.

If Julius had been here, I know he would have been proud.  And saluted you in Latin.

Incredibile dictu.

Or as we say here at Thistlewood,

You rock!

So grab a feature button and party on.

PS  Want to know what else is “incredibile dictu”?

Stop by my incredible co-hosts and see.

it all started with paint

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