Julius Caesar Would Have Been Proud

As my Latin teacher used to say:




“it’s a Cinch” projects that is.

I really wanted to say “amazing” in Latin, but it didn’t translate.  I don’t think Julius Caesar was really up on the “amazing” lingo in 44 BC.

I guess he was too worried about the Ides of March.

Even if Julius Caesar didn’t say it.  I will.

This party was ah….ma….zing.

There was inspiration with every link.

There were incredible letter projects like this stamped pitcher from Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy.

And this simple but stunning Monogrammed Beverage tub from The Delectable Home.

(Can you say Sharpie Marker and Lowe’s sells tubs like these for $10.99?)

It’s like easy and cheap had a conversation and told me I needed a tub like this!

Paint Chip Eggs Banner WM

There were Easter decorations made from paint chips.

Like these eggs from Claire at A Little Something in the Meantime.

And Easter decorations made from Peeps.

Like this wreath from Doublewide In the Sky.

Or this cross from Chipping With Charm.

Pieces of old discarded junk made into something truly wonderful.


Each and every link.

If Julius had been here, I know he would have been proud.  And saluted you in Latin.

Incredibile dictu.

Or as we say here at Thistlewood,

You rock!

So grab a feature button and party on.

PS  Want to know what else is “incredibile dictu”?

Stop by my incredible co-hosts and see.

it all started with paint

Ecletically Vintage

The Cottage Market

the space between

24 thoughts on “Julius Caesar Would Have Been Proud

  1. Yes! I was blown away and humbled by the talent and the imagination! How fun for you to be the host. Thanks for sharing it all with us BTW!

  2. This party was such a great idea! I love all the projects and especially how easy they are to put together. Fantablulous!!!

    Happy Easter Karianne!

  3. ps I’m still trying to get over the Latin lesson… really? Latin?? I thought they stopped teaching that in the mid-twentieth century… HOW OLD ARE YOU?? do you have a picture in some room that’s aging instead of you?? sigh, have I told you how much I love your picture???

  4. Thank you… thank you… thank you for featuring my peeps project!
    And the other projects in this party have been SO wonderful! There is just so much creativity and talent out there… I have been having a grand o’ time at this party.

    Thanks again for hosting! And all the time and work that entails… it is appreciated by MANY!


  5. oh my friend…i hear Sister Leonella in the back of my head at the moment…speaking of course in LATIN!!!! : ) LOL!!!! it is always fun co-hosting with you — you are a ray of sunshine and CONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGRATS to KENTUCKY!!! whohooooooooooooooooooooo bet your household was jumping last night!!! hugs…

  6. Good ole JC was right – and so are you. All of these ideas are awesome – and amazing, too.

    I may just have to nab the beverage tub idea. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !!!

  7. All wonderful and oozing with so much creativity – love that!
    I also love that beverage tub and it’s been put on my list of things I must have for my next party.
    My favorite thing in this post was ” easy and cheap had a conversation and told me I needed a tub like this” GREAT LINE – CRACKED ME UP 🙂

  8. These all look so good! I can’t decide what’s my favorite. I love the cross and the white pitcher.

  9. So many great projects…. my to-do list is now significantly longer than it was before the “It’s a Cinch” party! Thanks to you and the other ladies for coming up with the wonderful party idea 🙂

  10. Morning Karianne~Thanks for hosting =) Always enjoy playing with you.
    I didn’t notice that mono’ed tub during the party. It’s great! That is why I love feature day. The hostess always points out something I missed 😉 Have a fab day!!

  11. Love all of these. Thanks for the Latin brushup. I had to take it in high school and my eyes glazed over. Speaking of rocking. How about our C-A-T-S.

  12. Wow some wonderful pieces of work here liked them all my the Easter ones crap me a little more maybe it’s because we are coming up to Easter…………………

  13. Thank you so much for featuring my paint chip eggs! I love reading your posts – like Karah said, you’re a great storyteller.

    So glad I found your link party because it was so much fun!

    All the best,

    Claire @ alittlesomethinginthemeantime.blogspot.com

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