What is Your Canvas?

Are you considered an artist if this is your canvas? Really? And do you get extra art points if your canvas came from the junk store? I know Monet or Leonardo da Vinci might have turned up their collective noses at this humble tool box.  I know that probably this will never be displayed in the Guggenheim Museum.  AndContinue reading “What is Your Canvas?”

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

I never promised you a rose garden. But I did promise you a sign tutorial.  Did you think I forgot? Never. And I was going to write one….but why? Why would I even attempt to show my definitely amateur sign-making tutorial when Kristen from The Simple Things has written a truly professional step-by-step tutorial on how toContinue reading “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden”

The Project That Almost Was

I wanted it to work. I mean….I’ve seen it done before. After all….I’ve seen it on pinterest (that alone should have guaranteed success). And after it worked, I was going to post about it.  And you would leave rave reviews and wonderful comments telling me how you always wanted to make a project just like this. AndContinue reading “The Project That Almost Was”

Thank You

361. Three hundred and sixty-one “impossibles.” I am overwhelmed and humbled. Seriously. When we started this little “impossibility” project at the beginning of January, I could not ever have envisioned the strength and heart and courage that so many of you have displayed when faced with your “impossible.” And now….I am faced with the impossible taskContinue reading “Thank You”

It’s In the Fine Print

Did you know that you signed up for the “unlimited question” plan? Yep. It’s in the fine print. As an official reader of this blog, you have access to the “unlimited question” feature. You see, on the “unlimited question” plan….questions are limitless. As in, without limit. Never-ending. For example, if you happen to be readingContinue reading “It’s In the Fine Print”