Do You Light a Candle?

Do you ever wonder where people blog? Do you ever wonder how they write a post? I do. All……the…..time. I read your post about the easiest burlap wreath you will ever make….or the post about the nests made of chocolate and peanut butter…..or the post about what those little stickers on fruit mean…. ….and itContinue reading “Do You Light a Candle?”

It’s Only a Phase

There are days I think I am in the running for the “Mom of the Year.” I am quite impressed with myself sometimes. So much so that on really good days I imagine….                                              ….as I leisurely stroll through the aisles of Wal-mart dressed to the nines, with my obedient, well-behaved, neat-as-a-pin children skipping and (of course)Continue reading “It’s Only a Phase”

Out of Sight and Out of Smell

According to a recent survey of 2000 people, the stinkiest smell in the universe was the smell of wet dog. Hmmmm.  Wet dog.  Stinkiest smell ever. Really. Have they ever smelled the socks of a teenage boy and an almost teenage boy? I think not. Because if they had… me….wet dog would never even have toppedContinue reading “Out of Sight and Out of Smell”

It’s About Time

ATTENTION ALL BOOK CLUB MEMBERS I apologize profusely…. …..that this greeted you when you stopped by. I know it’s January 18. I know December has come and gone. I know Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. I know the neighbors are talking. Seriously. I know. I also know you were thinking….. “What is the statute ofContinue reading “It’s About Time”

You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

I wish I knew how to draw an arrow on a picture. If I could draw an arrow, I would add an arrow to this picture of the kitchen to show you where the butler’s pantry is. Can you imagine an arrow?  Look at the picture of the kitchen and then (with your mind, of courseContinue reading “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby”