Out of Sight and Out of Smell

According to a recent survey of 2000 people, the stinkiest smell in the universe was the smell of wet dog.

Hmmmm.  Wet dog.  Stinkiest smell ever.


Have they ever smelled the socks of a teenage boy and an almost teenage boy?

I think not.

Because if they had…..trust me….wet dog would never even have topped the list.

When we re-did the upstairs for the boys.

When I spent hours ripping out blue shag carpet….

….when I tediously stripped wallpaper with a bottle of vinegar and tiny scraper…..

…when I patched and sanded and painted until I could paint no more…..

It was all done with the understanding that stinky socks were not to grace this freshly sanded and painted grey wooden floor.

T-shirts, legos, video games, cards, ball caps, books, papers, train tracks…..

                      ….even a stray remote or two.

All these were on the acceptable list.

But socks?

No way.

No how.

We do have standards here at thistlewood farm.

So far we are all on the same page.

So far the inhabitants of the second floor of thistlewood farm are keeping their socks out of sight and out of smell.

But if the day comes….

              …..when the stinky socks of the world take over the playroom.

It’s over.

And I promise you this….

                         ….. that blue shag carpet may rear its ugly head again.

PS  Don’t forget about our impossibility challenge.  We would love for you to join us.  Please note that while I do paint and sand and sew…..baking overwhelms me.  See my attempts at homemade bread with all the other “impossibles” at our linky party on January 31.

PSS  I am linking this project here.

85 thoughts on “Out of Sight and Out of Smell

  1. fabulous post — wonderful rooms and…wet dog?????? really!!!! i will give you socks but i am going to trump you with a high school auditorium being used for graduation because of rain where 300 teenagers and their families and their friends sat in NO AIR CONDITIONING in 90 degree weather — you know the expression SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT…well NO ONE should ever experience that particular smell — wet dogs smell like freshly baked sugar cookies compared to that one!!!! lol!!!! but sock — male socks of the teenage persuasion — well you have said a mouth full…pee yew 🙂 LOVE your posts and they always give me a smile! : )

  2. Yes…..teenage boys socks….I raised 4 of them..boys not socks :-). I have another smell, but it probably is related to teenage boys sock…Ever smell a gym mat?

  3. really???? I am with you….I don’t think so! Ever smelled a decaying varmint or shrimp shells in the bottom of the trash that someone should not have put there…..ahem….that was last night…….ewwwwwwwww.

    Those are those lucky young guys to have a space like that! Awesome!

  4. i love how boyish that room is! it looks amazing.
    and personally i think my dogs both have breath that stinks worse than anything i have ever smelled.

  5. I love this room! Your house is so incredibly well-done! As for the vote for the stinkiest smell…right now I have a two-year old that WILL NOT use the toilet yet and #2 diapers are the worst. Last one to get out of diapers…I can’t wait!


  6. I know all about those too! I am the mother of a 10 yr old boy and an 18 yr old teenage boy. My laundry room has no shortage of socks to be washed! Ha! Love how you decorated their room. It’s very cute. I love those wooden chairs with the little cubbies on the back too! I’ve never seen those before.

  7. Since I abhor wet dog smell, I’ll take your word that teen boy socks are worse – however, both my 12 year old girls’ socks could probably give them a run for their money!
    I LOVE their room – the chalkboard, pennants, desk chairs, red armoire, cape cod box … everything!

  8. OMG, could this be any cuter! Love the way you have accessorized this space. Perfect in every way. That red armoire is fantastic. Did you paint it? Love the leather chairs and the vintage chairs at the desk are super!

  9. I agree! I have three daughters and one son and the smell that comes from his room… ugh! He gathers his socks when he runs out of them. We had guests a few years back, and they were staying in his room. We aired it out for a week before they came. How did you get them to stop leaving their smelly socks around?


  10. Oh honey…I teach 8th grade and they come to me AFTER they have had physical education. And they have a copius amount of AXE in that locker room. We will NEVER get the stank out of Room 226!

  11. First, I had this very same conversation with some lovely moms in my neighborhood over at the local pub last evening …

    My teen son had his 4 teen friends over last weekend … and they played Kinect. Not the bowling game. Track & Field. And I was reminded of why we always kept my brother’s room door closed at all times.

    And when they all left, I flung open the windows and doors in the middle of winter in Chicago …

  12. Sorry, but I can’t stand the smell of wet dog or stinky teean-age boy socks! And I have smelt both! I do LOVE your family room, though!!! It’s gorgeous! You have impeccable taste, lady and you do beautiful work. If I could do all that I wouldn’t worry about baking bread, it’s nothing compared to what you are capable of achieving.
    Have a great day, Cindy

  13. I love your post! I agree with you on the socks. My oldest son when he was a teenager, used to wear his “Top siders” without socks. Smelled like poop when he took his shoes off. It was gross!!!!

  14. You are so right! The only thing worse that I’ve found is dirty soccer socks and cloths after a game or practice in 90 degree weather with hummidity the same!
    Your boys room is fabulous, love every thing about it, that red cabinet to die for and those pennants, wonderful! My 22 yr old son (Air Force Boy) has a small collection and loves them.

  15. 3 boys in a car on a hot day on the way home from school would definately beat the smell of socks. Boys are such stinky creatures aren’t they ! lol

    I adore your boys room Karianne, Those gorgeous leather arm chairs look like a comfy place to curl up in and read a good book x

  16. Such a fun post! I don’t know what was more entertaining, the beautifully decorated room – or story of the stinky socks vs the stinky dog. Good job all around!

  17. You make me laugh. I enjoy reading your posts and I love your rooms. Now I can hardly believe children use that space and it looks like it does in your photos. Please tell us it does not look that that every day. I love the chairs with the book-rack backs. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  18. I notice that you are a fan of the Southwest Conference but don’t see a pennant from A&M!! (notices this class of ’80 College Station-livin’ Texas gal ;>)) Other than that..hehehe…LOVE your blog that I just found last week!! And your entry on “jump” has me finally taking some little steps I have been needing to make. I check back in every day!

  19. `I am the only girl in the house of all boys! And there socks stink,,,bad. I will give my eight year old a clean pair of socks and after he leaves for school they are still sitting there..gross! Another “WOW” room your amazing.

  20. Ok, so the whole room looks great and HUGE! But I love the desk / table and cool chairs the best. I don’t know if the oys will ever know how lucky they are to have a parent with such a great eye for design! LOVE IT! – Susan

  21. Oh girl, you just amaze me! I could look at your rooms all day long. Love your boys’ room! Awesome!
    I have a teenage boy too so I can relate. His room never looks this neat though.

  22. I need you to come decorate my house. Seriously. You have such a knack. A KNACK. Love the boys room! Even if it had a stinky sock in it.

    I think.

  23. LOL, so much humour, my son is 21 and when he comes home from school his stinking socks along with everything else ‘stinky’ is always thrown around…Good Luck!

  24. This is an awesome space, I love looking at “big boy” rooms since one day my little boy will be one :). And I will add that dirty diapers should be on top of the smelliest of smells list – I’m just about over diapers.

  25. a. your home and style is gorgeous…no stunning. i want it.
    b. who needs to go out on a date night with hubby{yes, i was sulking} when we can sit up together and laugh hysterically at your awesome blog and wit?

    you made my night. for real.

    ps. i need those storage chairs, stat. 🙂

  26. Oh, my gosh, you are speaking my Mom-language! I’ve banned my boys from using the afghans in our family room, because the foot stink seems to migrate into them!! Love the space– beautiful job and hilarious post. When all else fails, change their passwords on their FB accounts. 🙂

    PS– new to Thistlewood Farm and delighted I found you. 🙂

  27. tiny boy feet smell worse than tiny girl feet somehow. love the red armoire and gray floors. and holy wow—congrats on your savvy southern style feature. ya-hoo!

  28. Your home is AMAZING….even if those smelly socks one day appear! Found you from Kim’s at Savvy Southern Style! My hubby said he wants to move into a farmhouse. I’m thinking “really…no way”. However, after seeing your homes transformation I say go for it!

    I’ve enjoyed your posts.

  29. I’ve just read your entire blog and I love it. Your home is awe inspiring! I’m also learning about photography.One year ago I had no clue what aperture and shutter speed was let alone ISO. Its really funny how one thing leads to another. Blogging leads to learning about photography …who knew? As far as stinky socks go, I have girls so no boy socks here. However I did have two brothers and all I have to do is think about their bedroom and the sock smell comes rushing back lol. It could burn the hair out of your nose lol. I’m sure the boys will honor that beautiful room you’ve created and those socks wont make a comeback. Good luck and I’m thrilled to have found your blog.

  30. Setting the scene: I read Kim’s blog this am who leads me to your blog. I start to pour over your blog photos, love your writing, and then sense some recognition. That pantry, I know it. That delightful style of writing, I have read it before. Could it be that a blog that I’ve obsessed over, and that I read every.single.post. and referred to regularly could be the same person who is writing this new blog? Is this Kari of Kari and Kijsa, or am I mistaken? Either way, your blog is wonderful, and I plan to obsess over it as well. If it is Kari of the infamous duo, then I have awaited, with your original blog on my sidebar for 2 years, hoping for a new post. One came recently, but then disaster: private readers only. VERY excited to see you’re back! ps if I’m totally wrong, then I apologize, and please ignore above silliness =)

  31. Hi Karianne..
    just popped by from Kim’s..
    appetite was whetted with both the beautiful photos..
    as well as your writing style..
    am on my way out to visit my new Grand..
    photos of course!!
    a must!!
    but am now following you..
    will catch up when I return this afternoon..
    warmest hugs..

  32. I’ve popped over from Kim’s blog. What a lovely blog you have!
    Bad smells…..have you ever opened a teen aged boy’s hockey bag after it has been frozen in the trunk of the car, thawed, worn, frozen and thawed again? It defies description!

  33. LOL, that was funny! I’m still in the toddler years (they can be stinky too) so I just can imagine what I’m going to deal with!!!
    Love the decor in the room.

  34. Referred from Kim’s blog and I’m delighted to see your lovely home and to hear about your family. I look forward to following and reading your articles. Great job!

  35. oh yes, i can tell you about stinky boy rooms! **chuckle**

    i so love your style of decorating!!! and i will be back to read more about your
    farmhouse. i came by your blog via the lovely kim. so glad she introduced you to all of us. i dream of having a farmhouse someday. may i ask where yours is?

    love that your cat found a sunny spot on the braided rug. precious.


  36. Okay, so … thanks to Kim at Savvy Southern, I’ve just spent the last hour neglecting my family while I drool over your home, which is absolutely gorgeous! Your transformations are amazing … love the paint colors, too! And, kudos to you for just “jumping” … I could just jump into your home, too, and linger! I look forward to following along!

  37. Love your blog! You really have a gift for decorating and pulling things together! I have to admit though, it is a close tie between wet dog smell and dirty teenage boy socks…..they both are putrid and make your eyes water!

  38. You have such a heartwarming way of writing…your home is beautiful and I commend you on “Jumping” It takes a lot of courage to make such a big change in your life, but you certainly took a “leap of faith” and jumped in. Looking forward to your storybook from the heart.

  39. Hi there!
    I just the room, would love to know where you bought your rug,, its stunning and my favourite colour! just found your site, and love it! congratsx
    Lyndsay from somethingblueliving

  40. You are so right! My husband and I joke that we will know when our boys start being interested in girls because they will start changing their stinky socks without us asking! Love your redo – those chairs with the book racks are awesome!! And I like the red armoire too. Thanks for linking up.

  41. Oh I LOVE the room!!! That floor is to die for!! hahaha your comments about the stinky socks were cracking me up- my son is 6 and already when he comes home from school and pulls his shoes off the smell wants to kill me. I can’t imagine it getting any worse! Boys. {sigh}

  42. Too true, too true! As a mother to 3 (THREE) teenage boys I can wholeheartedly attest to this one…. and when you add the wet stinky dog to the mix (who snuck in and curled up middlest’s bed) it is a recipe for disaster! But I must say I am in LOVE with your boys’ room!

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